Why is a Russian, new to rural Shasta County, California, involved in local 'Militia Campaigns' conspiring to overthrow local, state and national government via propaganda, events and TV advertising paid for and prepared out of area?

Odd how he embedded himself in the scene.
"Not a damn thing you can do to stop me … You say something enough times, and it sticks in peoples minds.” – Vladislav Davidzon, 'Red, White and Blueprint' group of rural Shasta County, California

via anewscafe.com/2021/08/23/red… Image
Vladislav gets around, from 'one of his bases' in North Hollywood, California to Berkeley to Shasta County.

Here's his website ginning up dissent against Berkeley, California government. Image
Another 'Vladislav Davidzon' website 'Davidzon dot Com' (of North Hollywood, California et al locations) is 'co-hosted' on the same IP with 3 more domains, shown here.

What's his story? Image
Vladislav Davidzon:

A Russian 'Founder' of 'LIBERTY INCUBATOR' in a Rural Redneck County, militia and anti-government pro-Trump anti-vax activist?

Where did this Russian come from and who gave him marching orders? Image
Local 'New Rural Russian' linked to 'Sean Feucht', right-wing political evangelical Christian activist, worship leader at Bethel Church, who just held a 9/11 Rally on the National Mall

Via: anewscafe.com/2021/03/31/red…
Donald Trump joins Sean Feucht at 9/11 Rally on National Mall.

Feucht, linked to a Redding, California RUSSIAN, the founder of 'LIBERTY INCUBATOR' and an activist in local and state RECALL movements and milita. Image

Vladislav Davidzon's 'Liberty Incubator' on Facebook, a group hellbent of recalling local government and fomenting anti-government and anti-democratic hate Image
Vladislav Davidzon: Berkeley, North Hollywood and Shasta County, California Activist

Pounding the table about his 'Constitutional Rights' while involved in Recalls of government officials Image
Vladislav Davidzon:

Making accusations against Board of Supervisors and County Staff, as recorded in The Minutes Image

Coast-to-Coast Militant Evangelicals, a Militia and a newly embedded Russian Activist, working together on common goals.

Dude sells his Tampa Bay Strip Club, sets up an operation in Rural California and collborates with a Russian, local Militia and Militant Christian Image

6,350 YouTube Subscribers

Slick Propaganda Videos, running a TV Ad to Recall California Governor, created, paid for by out-of-state pro's.

Macho Man falsely claiming Combat Experience Charged with Battering Local Gay Chef Image

Candidate for Portland Mayor
H/T @HiblerDana Image
Portland Peace and Justice Center
via Netzkraft Movement
H/T @HiblerDana Image
@threadreaderapp unroll the Shasta County Fascist Movement

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11 Sep
We seriously need a new DoD branch:

Department of Disinformation
5 years of digging uncovering #DisInformation websites and I can't see any end. Image
DISINFORMATION is a subset of PROPAGANDA and is false information that is SPREAD DELIBERATELY to DECEIVE. It is also known as black propaganda. Image
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9 Sep
Did you know Jim Watkins of 8chan / 8kun / QAnon notoriety also narrated audio books?

See TGW (The Goldwater) at 'Books dot Audio' on that and AMAZON. Listed as AJ Watkins/Jim Watkins for Sexy Filipina and Mystical Trash Image
'SHADOW LOVE', narrated by Jim Watkins aka AJ Watkins, pig farmer, greaseball and ne'er-do-well. Image
Tagalog Down and Dirty at 'Books Audio', an N.T. Technology domain.

"Sex, drugs, alcohol, insults, obscenities, dirty talk... Best of all, words for lovers and would-be lovers." Image
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8 Sep
'Loved Ones' aren't the only casualties of 'QAnon' yet that's generally how it's portrayed. Global security is the ultimate casualty. Our inability to accurately portray it is rooted in human psychology.

Denialism: avoiding a psychologically uncomfortable truth. Credit success. QANON CASUALTIES: CBS THIS ...
DENIALISM and Historical Negationism
"Denialism is an essentially irrational action that withholds the validation of a historical experience or event, when a person refuses to accept an empirically verifiable reality" Image
"... empirically verifiable reality"

Here's one: The QAnon phenomenon threatens global security.

Here's another: observable responses to the threat fail to reflect the severity of the threat.
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6 Sep
I actually started out my day running down a Burrow on einnuB aka Bunnie aka VorpalBunnie...

"Bunnie", an IBM Watson alum and onetime partner of Edward Snowden

"einnuB" is "Bunnie", reverse-engineered

Bunnie🐇, long in my archives awaiting a deeper-dive down la madriguera. Image
"einnuB" is "Bunnie", reverse-engineered...

... by a reverse-engineer'r

Andrew Huang, aka "Bunnie the Hacker" Image
HOSTNAME: BunnieStudios

See also: 'Singapore', Pennsylvania Image
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6 Sep
I'm interested in a thoughtful and critical review by lawyers versed in #RICO, for a novel legal argument applicable to 'Hosts' of disinformation websites.

Why novel? Have 'ISP's' or the 'World-Wide-Web' already been accepted as, 'Legitimate Enterprises'.

Any takers? Image
Hosting and defending websites against cyber-threats belonging to persons promoting or allowing illegal content, including: fraudulent claims about vaccines during a global pandemic, threats to harm government officials, etc.
"perpetrators of the protection racket may offer these services to protect vulnerable targets... or may simply offer to refrain from themselves carrying out threats on the targets..."

E.g., 'Providing or denying hosting services including DDoS protection, etc., for websites'
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1 Sep
If someone asked me, "What is the one trait you believe to be most applicable to your greatest successes in life?", clearly, it has been, 'Perseverance'.

"...continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition" Image
When you believe in your heart and soul that you have something of value to contribute for the greater-good but find repeated rejection, disinterest and derision yet soldier on until you accomplish your goal, your reward is personal, deep and everlasting.
The part between 'Vision and Achievement' is 'a Process'.

The process is the hardest part between vision and success and may require modifications after failures.

I've made countless mistakes, experienced many failures and felt humiliated between visions and successes.
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