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Twitter is actively censoring medical data and countering with falsehoods. This stops the public from having informed consent. Imo, it is collusion between Twitter, Big Pharma and government. #FedTwitter Community Noted tweets like this should be preserved as evidence. #RICO
Community Note is wrong.
As one of the most respected virologists in the world explains, EBV is reactivated after COVID/ COVID 💉, in LC patients.

EBV triggers MS.

Why is Twitter misinforming the public about a grave risk from spike protein exposure?
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💉 Here's Where the Story Ends ~ snoRNAs 💉

Small nucleolar RNAs (snoRNAs) are small bits of RNA which direct gene expression. They are involved in transcription, and translation of proteins which cause cancer. snoRNAs are biomarkers for tumerogenesis. >
N1-methyl-pseudouridine (m1Ψ) is a snoRNA product.

N1-methyl-pseudouridine is also an ingredient in the COVID mRNA 💉.

It's used to insure strong lasting translation of the spike protein in the body. > Image
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Yay! Yay! 🙏 After 3 years of constant tags: #ClassAction #RICO #Time2Sue it's finally happening!
Now we need a charity to raise funds for pro bono autopsies of #DeathByVaxx.

As the pathology of Dr. Arne Burkhardt and @drcole12 found, 💉 spike protein in EVERY ORGAN causing massive lymphocyte infiltration and cell necrosis.
#Evidence #Nuremberg2
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🧵👇 👀
1/ #Disney files Federal Lawsuit in Northern District of Florida against DeSantis and others alleging a pattern government retaliation ***minutes*** after DeSantis' #ReedyCreek board invalidated their development covenants.

#Wokened Image
2/ "Just think, the possibilities are endless..." -Ron DeSantis

Read full filing here:

3/ But let's start at the beginning.

In 2018, Disney spent 20 million dollars helping to pass Amendment 3 which took the ability to expand casino gambling in FL away from the legislature and placed it with the voters.…
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I am LIVE tweeting the entire @GOPoversight committee right now & documenting all the perjury committed by the criminal Twitter executives who are testifying in Congress today!

My lawyers & I are documenting all of this perjury by Twitter execs!! #RICO

Vijaya Gadde already perjured herself in her opening statement. Her role in keeping my 2020 Congressional campaign deplatformed is proof of this. She said she played a role in all key legal issues as Chief Counsel for Twitter.

She is a disgusting liar.
Yoel Roth just perjured himself when he said Twitter doesn’t allow for Terrorist accounts or terrorist activity. My RICO case against Twitter documents all of their active support and amplification of Islamic terrorist accounts on Twitter!

They banned Trump, but kept the Taliban
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Venue question for former federal prosecutors. Assuming that @GregAbbott_TX and @GovRonDeSantis conspired to prevent the refugees from appearing at their immigration hearings that is a violation of 18 USC 1512(b)(2)(D) could venue be set in the district of Massachusetts?
2. We need to start putting together the evidence. Do we have photos of the kidnappings? Did the perpetrators have visible fire arms? Anyone in law enforcement uniform? We need the names of everyone who was involved including the owners and operators of the plane and the crews.
3. Where did the planning of the kidnappings occur? Who was in the room when any discussion of blocking them from appearing in federal immigration court was discussed? Names of any attorneys who were involved. These crimes are RICO predicate and even if the USA drops the ball
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🚨BREAKING: Prosecutors informed 16 Trump supporters who formed an FAKE slate of 2020 electors from #Georgia that they may face CRIMINAL charges, underscoring the risk of criminal charges that Trump and his cronies may face.……
The target letters—signaling imminent CRIMINAL charges of Trump’s cronies—were sent by #Georgia’s Fulton County DA @FaniWillisForDA.

And she’s not done yet.😎

🔥“This is a sign of a dramatic acceleration of her work,” as prosecutors typically work their way “up the food chain, so usually the first wave of target letters is not the last.” ~@NormOrnstein special counsel to the @HouseJudiciary Committee during the 1st Trump #impeachment.
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4 RICO not suave
#JPMorgan traders
go on trial today🧵


US DoJ claims PM mkts 'were' criminal
JPMorgan still dominates US precious metals derivative mkt share

This topic is way deeper than mere greed

- -
2 Bloomberg reporters tagged below Image
💣former London gold trader
precious metals mkt makers increasingly use unsecured derivatives to subvert mkt forces, now decades running:…
"Once investors swallowed this stupefying pill it was easy to sell them gold that simply didn’t exist." Image
paid a paltry $920 million fine
for the US Department of Justice's 8 yr RICO precious metals rigging indictment 2008-2016

US Office of the Comptroller of the fiat Currency
often known by the acronym OCC just acknowledged Q1 22 that +90% of PM derivatives = JPMorgan/Citi Image
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Four takeaways from the sixth day of Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot hearings
@Reuters #Trump @moirawarburton…
-@RepLizCheney: General Flynn, do you believe in the peaceful transition of power in the United States of America?
-#MichaelFlynn: The Fifth
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.@laurenboebert must’ve consulted with Proud Boys on “1776 Returns” 🤔 #maddow ImageImage
no not *that* 3-hour tour #maddow
Capitol Police said “nothing to see here” on Loudermilk and Secret Service maybe wanted to cram Pence in trunk of their unmarked car

and they ain’t the only agencies compromised either #maddow
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Falsifying public records(lying/ omitting/ inserting) = Forgery 1: ORS 165.013

You can't change what you've done/ said that's already recorded and in violation of #DomesticTerrorism and #ORICO/#RICO laws.

Intentional/negligent/reckless unlawful charges after "notice" = Forgery. Image
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Thread 🧵 1/

The FBI is going to be investigating the violence and threats being directed at school board members over mask mandates. It's coming from many of the same places as the #January6thInsurrection, and there's a money trail.

#HoldThemAccountable ImageImage
2/ But let's start at the top. Back in 2020 Erik Prince's sister, Betsy DeVos made it clear:

"When asked this past week if she was using the crisis to push private school vouchers, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos replied, "Absolutely."…
3/ Right before that, in May 2020, Governor DeSantis had folded like a cheap shirt when the Florida Chamber of Commerce suggested ignoring the CDC guidelines in favor of prematurely reopening the state. (Scroll to bottom of article)
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I'm interested in a thoughtful and critical review by lawyers versed in #RICO, for a novel legal argument applicable to 'Hosts' of disinformation websites.

Why novel? Have 'ISP's' or the 'World-Wide-Web' already been accepted as, 'Legitimate Enterprises'.

Any takers? Image
Hosting and defending websites against cyber-threats belonging to persons promoting or allowing illegal content, including: fraudulent claims about vaccines during a global pandemic, threats to harm government officials, etc.…
"perpetrators of the protection racket may offer these services to protect vulnerable targets... or may simply offer to refrain from themselves carrying out threats on the targets..."

E.g., 'Providing or denying hosting services including DDoS protection, etc., for websites'
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‼️Trump’s lies that the vote was “rigged” sparked a campaign to terrorize election officials—especially @GOP in #Georgia who refuted Trump’s lies—with threats of hanging, firing squads, torture and bomb blasts.


Tricia Raffensperger—wife of @GaSecofState Brad Raffensperger—received multiple threatening texts:

“You and your family will be killed very slowly.”
“We plan for the death of you and your family every day.”
“Somebody in your family is going to have a very unfortunate incident.”
In November, the Raffenspergers went into hiding for nearly a week after intruders broke into the home of their widowed daughter-in-law. That night, Oath Keepers—a RW terrorist group that supports Trump’s bid to overturn the election—were found outside the Raffenspergers’ home.🤬
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Extreme idea of the week. If you were an outsider couldn't you look at the GOP and their leadership over the last four years as a criminal organization involved in sedition, money laundering, obstruction and subversion of the democratic process? #RICO…
I continually see mob like tactics in taking out those who won't swear to omertà, attacking critics, creating smear campaigns and trying to destroy the democratic process. Important note. I want the GOP to be a functioning party since taxpayers fund it.
Not a fan of Trump, Cheney or frat boy rapists. But Trump literally sent a rapey Florida errand boy to Wyoming to create a fictional protest. Trump is destroying the GOP. Which is almost one half of our government but a fraction of popular representation.…
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1. Looking at the documents produced under #FISA to @JasonLeopold @BuzzFeed and I spotted what may be a violation of federal law by Cambridge Analytica (CA) and arguably the Trump campaign in the 2016 cycle. Here are two pages of an email dealing with the contract in Sept 2015.
2. The email identifies "enriched voter data*" that could be produced by CA Connect, a "data manipulation and segmentation software platform."

It then goes on to explain what constitutes "enriched voter data."
3. At the top of the list on the second page is "Nationwide enriched credit file (400 data points for 220m individuals."
Assuming it's a reference to consumer credit reports, IMO this likely violates the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 U.S. Code § 1681b - Permissible purposes of
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Different groups have FOIAed this #Lyme crooks email over the years. On the surface it is appalling, but what does it really mean? “This battle cannot be won on a scientific front...we need reinforcements from outside our field.”

In short, it means they’re guilty. Of what? 🧵
They rigged the #LymeDisease case definition to conform to diagnostics that were designed to detect a small minority of cases that are genetically predisposed to produce a strong antibody response.
Allen Steere had done a ton of research on the association of various HLAs with different antibody responses in #LymeDisease. Everyone knew by the early 1990s that the people with an arthritic knee had a strong immune response but weren’t very sick.
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Voter fraud was used in the 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, & 2020 elections. We saw “found” ballots for one candidate in non-approved locations. We saw unexplained data anomalies. Evidence was substantial, but no investigations?! Time to end this... #MerryChristmas #Thread
#Election2020 Massive Voter Fraud & Election Fraud Orchestrated by Democrats & Conspirators, with Cover-Up Co-Conspirators in Media & Social Media platforms. This means #RICO , #Coup , #Sedition , & #Treason.
When you have this many election officials crying foul, data scientists crying foul over voting system data, voter crying foul over votes cast fraudulently in their name, dead voters, senile nursing home residents targeted, & people hiding machines & evidence, it is malevolent.
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1. A reminder, @POTUS @RealDonaldTrump as candidate is not the commander in chief. His corrupt inducement to #Michigan lawmakers is a crime for which @Trump and the lawmakers can be charged and, if a person with standing wants to file the mother-of-all-RICO's, those bribery
2. predicates can be added. I trust the @FBIWFO will have the evidence for the @JoeBiden @TheJusticeDept to be able to get rolling on January 20th. I would also think a lot of top @MIGOP will spend 2021 in court. And fun fact for @SenMikeShirkey @LeeChatfield. They just became
3. infected by the Trump #RICO. By joining his conspiracy they are liable for all the reasonably foreseeable crimes that Trump has committed or will commit. I would think the DeJoy @USPS attack would stick and that they have their fingerprints on it.
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Biden threatened a COG Coup with the Dark Winter comment...#TREASON

It is also notable that George W. Bush’s controversial and classified update to CoG plans in 2007, known as Executive Directive 51, was directly inspired by Dark Winter, and
Barack Obama’s subsequent executive orders on CoG gave near-complete control of American infrastructure to the Department of Homeland Security in a such a situation. At the time Obama issued those executive orders, O’Toole was
the DHS undersecretary for science and technology and also influenced those updates to the CoG plans. O’Toole is currently the executive vice president of the CIA’s In-Q-tel.

Inspired by Dark Winter...…
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1. Will there be a class action in 2021 to sue all of Trump enablers as part of a yuge! #RICO? All the donors, lawyers and politicians rolled into a single action to bankrupt them all? Don't all the Trump convictions prove there is an ongoing Trump racketeering enterprise?
2. Members of Congress are generally immune for what they say on the floor or in committee. Do you think @senatemajldr @GOPLeader have done anything to support the RICO liability in their homes, offices or in the cloak room? Once one of them flips wont' they're all be toast?
3. Do we now know why @JonesDay election law section guru Ben Ginsberg cut the cord? He's a smart competent lawyer and perhaps wanted to get his withdrawal paid at least a year before the firm files Bankruptcy. IMO McGahn will go down with the ship. Remember who always wins
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@ericgarland *Speaking* of arson, agents provocateurs and covering tracks...

How *interesting* we were hearing about cartels and organized crime at the news conference. The. Next. Day.

Guess what the most-classic #RICO crime is?

@ericgarland So if you're burning records, or just need manpower to create chaos, what's the *one* kind of organization you *don't* want involved while law enforcement all the way up to the @FBI and @DHSgov are watching?

Oh, yes. *Any* kind of drug cartel.
@ericgarland @FBI @DHSgov Now, before you start babbling about an all-powerful Barr to prosecution/living Mob security blanket, or what have you...

Remember, if you're burning buildings in a city and committing local, state and Federal crimes...

You're looking at local, state and Federal prosecutors.
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@camorris @TheRickWilson Not sure when the crackdown will happen on all the illegal social-media operations, but it's even more trackable - with court-admissible evidence - than it seems.

And yes, the @FBI has that information...

On the other hand, "It's not hearsay if they're a co-conspirator."
@camorris @TheRickWilson @FBI And what better way to prove #RICO operations than documented communications, exchanges of funds, etc?

Could there be a downside of using existing criminal networks to further espionage operations?

Narcotics are an ideal RICO conspiracy, as it happens.
@camorris @TheRickWilson @FBI "I picked all my guys up on the Darknet. Jus' trollin', man. What could go wrong?"
--Hansa Dreams: Why 420,000+ Profiles and Associated Bitcoin Wallets May Have Been A Slight Snag, After All...
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