I understand the criticism that "pegging" is a homophobic term and that there's no reason to distinguish between a cis man getting strap-on fucked and any other form of anal play, but please, at least know where the term comes from
Pegging is a 20 year old term that entered the lexicon thanks to a Savage Love poll; it was one of three options submitted by readers (the others were bobbing and punting). thestranger.com/seattle/Savage…
I think it *does* matter that it's a twenty year old term because the discourse around ... all of this ... was very different at the time, and the term pegging (or, uh, the entire Bend Over Boyfriend series) was intended to be celebratory and liberatory
Has it aged well? I mean, pretty much nothing from that era has.
But I remember the genesis of the term and I remember the rationale and ethos behind it, and given that a bunch of queers were involved in this discussion — not just Savage but Jackie Strano, who wrote in to the column to advocate for bobbing — "homophobic" feels like a stretch
Also I would argue that saying that a man — and esp a cis het man — taking it up the ass from a cis woman is a different sex act than other forms of anal is not automatically saying "no homo!!!!!"
Does a sex act being different from other sex acts necessarily warrant a term all unto itself? Perhaps not, but I don't know that homophobia is the specific problem with the term "pegging."
Also just to be clear: Dan Savage didn't create the term pegging. Dan Savage responded to a reader request for a term specific to the act by asking readers to submit suggestions and then letting readers vote on which term should win. And we got pegging as a result.

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15 Sep
You can’t say digital is just as valuable as print if you’re not paying digital writers the same as print writers. Full stop.
To be clear: I’ve never written for the New Yorker but I have done both print and digital for Wired, and print *was* more work, at least in my experience. But if that’s why print pays more we should say that.
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15 Sep
Did it hurt? When you learned that vegetables are also carbs?
I find it truly hilarious when people talk about their carb-free plate of broccoli… babe, it ain’t protein or fat
Anyway your body needs carbohydrates. The problem arises when you’re only consuming heavily processed carbohydrates with no fiber that your body breaks down super fast.
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15 Sep
Seems wrong that Republican governors can needlessly imperil the lives of their citizens and everyone goes, “Welp, what did you expect, their base will love it”
Like all the headlines I’m reading are wringing their hands about whether Democrats will hold on to Congress in 2022 when the opposition’s party platform is literally “die scum”
Love the two party system!!!!!!
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15 Sep
I know Millennials are supposed to be fragile babies who love telling the world about how traumatized we are, but one of the things that I have realized as I’ve gotten older is how *difficult* it has been for me to acknowledge that I have trauma.
It took until *this year* — twenty full years!! — for me to consider the possibility that I have trauma from 9/11. For twenty years I assumed that because I’d slept through the attacks and was completely safe, I couldn’t have trauma.
And because I have loved ones who witnessed the attacks, I didn’t want to center myself in the story by claiming trauma.

But that’s *ludicrous*. Of course I have trauma from that time. It was a horrific moment, even if I didn’t directly witness it. My city was scarred by it!
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15 Sep
Congrats to California on avoiding the nightmare of Governor Larry Elder
You know how people are always like “we’re a republic, not a democracy!”? California — and this recall election — is an example of direct democracy, and it is sadly prone to a significant amount of abuse.
It’s not just the recall: ballot initiatives have sometimes done great things for California, but they’ve also done horrible things too (hello Prop 8). It’s complicated!
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15 Sep
Wow if you guys think the Met Gala is bad you do *not* want to hear about this party called the Oscars
From what I’ve been told they get all the Hollywood elite together to — get this — party and network with one another and celebrate their industry with *gold statues*
I’m on the record (repeatedly!) as saying that awards shows are stupid so I can make this joke without looking like a hypocrite 😇
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