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14 Sep, 6 tweets, 2 min read
I'll just say this...
Citizen Kane was shot with a very deep depth of field where just about everything was in focus.
If you feel a blurry background or ProRes limits your potential for creative storytelling, you probably were never reaching that potential.
It's a toy.
If you think a movie being "cinematic" has anything to do with a shallow DOF, slow-mo, LUTs, etc - you've been lied to. That's marketing. For YouTuber 576's LUT pack, for the new mirrorless/DSLR, for the new iPhone.
That misses everything that makes a film a film, and "cinematic"
Here's a book you can read on the subject:
Here's an incredible video essay from my mans Patrick Willems about it that breaks it down in a great way:
all of these things CAN be used. They're tools. Use the right tool for the job. But they've been over-inflated and over-valued to a hyperbolic level to create trends and gimmicks and multiple generations of kids growing up w/ YT have been misled about what "cinematography" is
It's cool that the iPhone has these new features, and they will be fun to use if you have it.
But being convinced to drop $1k on a phone for it is silly. And the contribution to the messy communication/education about this is what I have a problem with.

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14 Sep
Wellp, Portrait Mode background blurring for video, and assurance that we'll never hear the end of "cinematic" on YouTube. Everything is bad. The demo even looks bad.
Time to be sad.
I really don't know how anyone sits through these events. Even as my catalog of owned Apple devices grows, the events just feel like masturbatory fluff presentations w/ one bit of real information every 10 minutes, moving as slow as possible
& no rewind/pause on YT is dumb choice
I know some people love the "cinematography and presentation" but holy crap so much is wasted. Giant exploded view teardown to reveal a camera bump that looks mostly identical.
"We needed a whole new process to make blue"
I feel my intelligence being insulted watching this
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14 Sep
Oh man, this really sucks :/ he was finally sorta bouncing back from everything before.
I met Brandon at TheGameCon 2015 with Clara.
This was right as the Keemstar attacks were starting but he hadn’t quite had it too rough yet and he was still having a blast there.
It was only a few weeks later that Keemstar would see fit to ruin his life for entertainment,
Driven to near-suicide, trashed his relationship with Clara, and eventually sent him underground and off the grid for years. Years.
In recent years/months he finally started a new brand and trying to pursue his passions again and bam this.
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13 Sep
Let's talk about music licensing again for a brief thread:
Something that is often expressed by streamers about licensing radio-tier music is "just let me pay to license it like royalty-free stuff."
You probably could if you hunted the right avenues enough. You couldn't afford it
Your $15/mo (or whatever you deem reasonable) is the H of a H2O molecule on a drop in the bucket for music labels and publishers. A single indie movie you never see will earn them exponentially more.
Not only that, but licensing to you that cheaply would make it that much more difficult for them to charge the prices they do for big publishing licensing. They have zero reason to play ball with that.
Just doesn't work that way.
Even worse against your favor...
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30 Mar
Gear Matters. A hell of a lot.
People like to romanticize the creative process and "gear being irrelevant" and it "getting out of your way" in the same video that they recommend people use gear which WILL get in their way and will detract from said process and it boggles my mind
Watch the full review here:
While most people probably don't need to buy a $400 mic or $5000 camera - a lot of people do. Or even if they don't "NEED" to, it can make their jobs and life a lot easier.
Gear isn't a person. It's not your friend, it doesn't have feelings.
It's a tool. Choose the right tool for
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28 Mar
Holy shit I have spent a very long time trying to figure out how I feel about this kind of thing and never have the words hit me until seeing this.
Acknowledging that something you said came off wrong or may have seemed insensitive is the step. But beyond that people will try to force apologies from you for things you never said and nothing you do, short of vanishing will ever be enough. (And that will be wrong too)
Short form social also isn’t equipped to handle the nuance of a greater context of what someone says. The personal experience they have, the scenarios they’re thinking of, the mood which influences less tactful wording. Everything is dumbed down to a “take”, taken as a universal
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28 Mar
I will 100% turn off my Twitter if something like this happens with me. And I won’t apologize for it. It’s not cancelling yourself, it’s saying “hey I can’t deal with this right now and this is really the only way to step back for a bit” and that is okay.
Whole situation sucks.
I will say put little trust into random threads of alleged quotes from someone and consider what value you’re bringing to the cause you’re supposedly fighting for. We all say stupid shit in our lives, that doesn’t mean we’re making a philosophy or religion out of them.
We live in a society that is institutionally and structurally racist, sexist, xenophobic, among many other things. It saturates our media, politics, education, every aspect of life.
Therefore we are ALL also those things on some level.
We all think it say something that is
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