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As #iPhone11 is being released, we think it is a great opportunity to share lessons from one of the greatest salesmen in history! Sit back and enjoy. Also let us know if you learn a think or two from this thread. #marketing #Scalemyhustle
1. Make a great product - this is really important. Even with all the best marketing in the world, you still need a great product. The good thing is, a great product sells itself. ⁣
2. Do not sell products, sell dreams: this is important & is one of Apple’s core strategies. Apple sells a package of dreams, personal experiences & status. How will customers feel after using your product or service? Make sure that feeling shines through your marketing material.
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The 1986 #Apple merchandise catalogue... the gift...
...that keeps on giving! #AppleEvent
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Hope they announce an update for my Apple TV... #AppleEvent
And they need to update Garage Band. A lot! #AppleEvent
Don't even get me started on the iWatch... #AppleEvent
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It's that time again, folks: Apple Day 2019. Let's see what we're gonna get.

Follow along with our livetweets here, and check out the liveblog for even more:
The opening video is a reminder of Apple's more iconic devices, Mac, iMac, etc. #AppleEvent
Let's get right to it! First up: App Store #AppleDay
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🎶 Saw Lightning by @beck
Damn noice. #AppleEvent
Apple's music game is pretty strong if you ask me. Those are some really tight beats. #AppleEvent

My favorite? Rocket Fuel by @djshadow!
Give people wonderful products and they'll do wonderful things. #AppleEvent
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🖥1. Vale. Unas pocas pinceladas sobre mis conclusiones acerca de lo anunciado hoy en el #AppleEvent.

Apple News+ es el anuncio más flojo. No han conseguido ni al @nytimes ni al @washingtonpost. Lo de +300 revistas por ese precio ($9.99/mes) está bien, pero poco más. Meh.
@nytimes @washingtonpost 🖥2. Apple Arcade parece una respuesta cojonuda para aprovechar toda la creatividad que a veces parece perderse entre tantos juegos de estrategia/construcción que premian que te dejes una millonada en compras in-app.

A ver qué tal el precio cuando lo anuncien.
@nytimes @washingtonpost 🖥3. Apple TV y Apple TV+. Era lo más esperado de la jornada y no han anunciado nada que no se supiera ya salvo por Oprah, que me parece un fichaje tremendo del que se hablará muchísimo (ganas de ver qué quiere hacer con ese club de lectura).

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#AppleEvent Cutucando toda a internet lembrando que segurança é um dos itens mais importantes em dispositivos e softwares.
Revistas agora no Apple News #AppleEvent
Eis o nome da nova versão do Apple News, agora Apple News+
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I am watching this to see how they unveil their streaming service and what they say about the four billion shows they're making.
Tim Cook is talking about Apple News right now, not the streamer yet, but here's the bonkers list of the shows (so far).…
.@rtraister is one of the main voices in the video announcing Apple News+, its new magazine service, which features 300 magazines (and counting, I imagine). #AppleEvent
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Tim is on the stage. He loves New York. They’re in New York at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. #AppleEvent
They’re gonna start with the Mac and creativity. #AppleEvent
Oh wow, actually talking about the MacBook Air!

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Apache Point Observatory…

Lowell Observatory…

McDonald Observatory…
Mount Lemmon Observatory…

Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory - Whipple Observatory / Mt. Hopkins Webcams…

Mauna Kea Observatories…
AXIS 232D Network Dome Camera located in Sydney Australia

Webcams located at SOAR Observatory – The Southern Astrophysical Research Telescope located in Chile…
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This is amazing.... been watching the #AppleEvent all day, and noticed something very peculiar:

-Not ONE caucasian used in the photo demonstrations;
-Apple is pandering to China;
-Apple is pandering to environmental nuts;
-Live audience claps as a cult-like crowd;
And before anyone makes any STUPID comments that I am some kind of "white supremacist" let me just say this:

I am not. But I will call out the obvious. Apple is by design, pandering to everyone that is not caucasian. It is just a fact. Why? Who knows.
I am a firm believer that ALL ethnicities of America (and the world) should be represented in a product that has global reach. That includes caucasian and European descendants. People that take photos aren't just of Asian or African heritage (even though they are great portraits)
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Now *this* is more likely it. This is the kind of thing I was talking about earlier. An iPhone in multiple colors, aimed at younger people. #AppleEvent
Bit disappointed by the size. No need for it to be so big.
Not exactly cheap though.
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The new Apple Watch is a fairly beautiful device and an incredible achievement. Does seem increasingly focused on an aging boomer population though. #AppleEvent
I have been wondering a bit recently where Apple's focus on young cool hip people has gone. Feels like it's maybe migrated to Beats. What happened to this Apple?
Where did all the brightly colored iPod Minis go? Why is everything they sell something I can imagine my mum or dad owning?
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@tim_cook on stage at #AppleEvent

500 million visitors come to Apple stores every year.
Nearing 2 Billion iOS Devices shipment milestone
Apple Watch is "intelligent guardian for your health"

Apple Watch Series 4

⌚️Stunningly beautiful
⌚️35% larger Display
⌚️Thus needs a complete UI redesign (Devs sigh!)
⌚️Great custom complications on watch face

Wont be surprised if Apple Watch will attract many Android users to actually adopt iPhones :)
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It’s time for the #AppleEvent so um mute the hashtag.
Another video with ridiculous production values. Woman arrives n bike and oh dear please support biking directions on Apple Maps. #AppleEvent
Lengthy video in which a young Black woman arrives James Bond style, running through obstacles, delivering a clicker. #AppleEvent
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Here is our prediction for how Apple will support reading NFC tags in iOS 12. This theory was developed after much research of publicly available information. Please follow along and ask any questions.

#apple #iOS12 #NFC #ConnectedThings
If you haven't been following, Apple added an NFC controller to the iPhone 7 to enable Apple Pay (contactless payments). It wasn't until iOS 11 that support for reading NFC tags was added. That was a huge deal for the NFC industry.…
However there are some significant limitations in iOS 11 for NFC tags. The most significant of which is that (1) a 3rd party app is required and (2) the user experience requires an explicit user interaction to read NFC tags. More in link here...…
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Okay, #AppleEvent! I don't need new phone but I def want one 🤤
Tim Cook: Apple watch is the number one watch in the world.
Me: mmkay. Charging every day? No no no ┐(´_`)┌ #AppleEvent
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