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My October 2020 iPhone comparison sketch. #AppleEvent A sketch of the different iPhones in Apple's line up. It now
Here's a version of my iPhone sizes sketch with the ghost of the original SE, if anyone wants that size comparison. #AppleEvent A sketch of the different iPhones in Apple's line up. It now
To be clear, this is physical size, not screen size.
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LOOK: The new iPhone 12

The latest iPhone model has two cameras and is thinner, smaller and lighter than the iPhone 11. #AppleEvent

📷 : Apple
The 5G-powered iPhone 12 comes in black, white, red, green and blue colorways.

It also features an upgraded XDR display and a new, tougher screen material that Apple is calling "Ceramic Shield." #AppleEvent

📷 : Apple
Apple is adding a magnet to the back of the iPhone 12 to make it line up better with wireless chargers, for more efficient charging. #AppleEvent

📷 : Apple
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Are you ready to preorder? #AppleEvent

Ps - If you follow me for tech news & cloud security, pls note I’m currently raising awareness for police brutality in Nigeria;

especially as it affects young people who are profiled as criminals because they use Apple devices
Now let’s start with the iPhone 12. Starting price:

iPhone 12 mini - $699

IPhone 12 - $799

Dual-cam system still in place for iPhone 12. Seems you’d need a pro for more lenses

Now, the iPhone 12 pro seems like a beast. It has 3 focal lengths:
- Ultra wide
- Wide
- Telephoto

The Pro Max is 6.7 inches! My poor small fingers 🤦‍♀️

Comes in 4 colours

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Czyli jednak, pierwszy ładnie wyglądający iPhone od czasu 5S 😂 #appleevent
kontrolowanie stopnia kryształowatości xD

tylko u apple <3 #appleevent
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Empezamos "productos para el hogar" #AppleEvent
Así es el nuevo HomePod Mini #AppleEvent
Importante: Amazon Music y Pandora llegan al HomePod.

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У нас в редакції в усіх айфони, а це означає, що після презентації ми будемо запускати донати на нові.

Починається #AppleEvent. Привіт всім, хто нас буде читати з якоїсь причини!
Тім Кук презентує нову смарт-колонку HomePod mini
HomePod mini презентують під Glass Animals — Heat Waves

Це поки що найцікавіший факт про цей продукт.

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I will be livetweeting the #AppleEvent
OH IT'S AT NIGHT?????????????????
nvm its a morning shot
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Steve Jobs was a marketing genius.

In 1997 he gave what has been labeled as "one of the best marketing speeches ever."

He gives some key lessons on what product marketing should be about and how "Think Different" was born.

A quick breakdown of his speech👇🧵
1/ The problem

Apple is a top 5 brand in the world.

But even that big of a brand needs investment and caring if they want to stay relevant.

Jobs acknowledges Apple had been struggling with that back then.

They weren't finding the way to resonate with their audience.

They needed a communication shift, based on Job's first two lessons:

- Marketing is about values.
- In a noisy world, you have to be ultra clear on what you want people to know about you and your brand
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¡POR FIN HAY FECHA! El #AppleEvent para presentar el #iPhone12 será el Martes 13 de Octubre a las 12:00 horas, hora México. Te contamos todo lo que sabemos hasta ahora del evento más esperado.
Los rumores que escuchamos a principio de año comenzaron a comentar sobre cómo sería el diseño del #iPhone12 #AppleEvent…
Hace unos días también comenzaron a circular imágenes del #iPhone12mini, uno de los productos más esperados del #AppleEvent…
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El uso de animaciones en los hashtag (similar a lo de la Bola del Dragón) en Twitter tiene nombre :
Se llaman hashflag , y Tw los presenta desde hace años
De hecho es un producto comercial de Twitter para la publicidad
Los primeros usos de hashflags?
2016 Coca Cola Y Spotify
Me refiero con primeros usos a campañas. Los hashtag “tuneados” ya se usaron en 2010 durante el campeonato del Mundo de Fútbol
Recuerdan cuando se tuiteaba #Esp por ejemplo se traducía en un icono con la bandera española
Los hashflag por tanto tienen caducidad y son controlados por Twitter durante un periodo determinado
Algunos ejemplos ?
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Facebook Connect 7 is under way, & I'm covering the news here in this thread.

Oculus Quest 2 already leaked, Zuckerberg is talking a bit about their augmented reality glasses plans.

I have many open privacy questions.

Livestream here:…
2/ Facebook plans on releasing their first AR glasses next year. They didn't show any actual product, but they did show a number of pretty bulky prototypes in a promo video in their collaboration with RayBan

See episode #942 with @alexeheath for more.
3/ The Oculus Quest 2 (64GB) will be sold for $299, and the 256GB for $399. It has 3 IPD adjustments and a single LCD screen at 1832x1920 per eye - just shy of 2K per eye.
Oculus Move is a built-in fitness tracker included as well.
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Thanks to #MartinPeers and @Jessicalessin for their original contribution of this article

@Apple Gets into new ServiceS

#Apple unveiled its latest foray into the subscription business with a new fitness service that will begin offering studio-style workouts later this year
You might think it would worry @onepeloton #peloton whose business has lately been thriving, particularly as the new service, #Fitness+, will be included in a new discounted bundle of Apple services.
Most of Apple’s other entertainment-style subscription services unveiled so far have been not to put too fine a point on it—flops.
#AppleTV+ and #Applenews+ has seen little success
#Arcade has been total disappointment
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One takeaway from today's #AppleEvent is that the new iPad will be ditching the lighting cable in favor of USB-C.

A lot of consumers are still confused about Type-C connectors and how they differ from all the other connectors out there.

So here's what you need to know 🧵:
Type-C plugs can do the work of any other USB connector, but they are small enough to fit into mobile devices (like a phone or tablet) as well as computers.

They’re about the same size as Micro-B and just half of the height of Type-A ports.
That means electronics makers won't need to use the Micro, Mini, and other types of USB ports anymore.

As lightning cables and other USB's begin to be phased out, you should be able to pack fewer cables into your travel bag.
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Shipping times are slipping on the watches, but I got one I really wanted anyway — "The Graphite Stainless Milanese."

Apple Watch SE shipping times must be slipping, but I got one arriving Friday in all black. Will see! #AppleEvent
• Wired — Apple Watch Series 6
• Tired — Apple Watch Series 3 still on Sale

• Wired — iPad Air 4 is basically another iPad Pro
• Tired — iPad 8 still using "Lightning"

• Wired — Apple One bundle pricing
• Tired — Apple TV+ and Apple News+ still aren’t good 🤷🏼‍♂️

I don’t think the 11” Pro will live for much longer, they’ll refresh the 12.9” model in Q1 2021 and discontinue the 11” Pro.

iPad Air > iPad Pro ? 🤔
#AppleEvent Image
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"Liquid Retina" display on iPad Air with Touch ID integrated into the top button — #AppleEvent ImageImage
You can order the new Apple iPad 8th generation starts from today, here more detail :

• A12 Bionic — 40% Faster
• Neural Engine — Up to 5 Trillion Ops/sec
• iPad OS 14
• Apple Pencil support

#AppleEvent ImageImage
Also, you can order the new "Apple Watch Series 6" and "Apple Watch SE" starts from today and it will be available on Friday.

#AppleEvent ImageImage
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Available next month — starts at $599, a $100 increase from iPad Air 3.

#AppleEvent ImageImage
The expectation is that the Apple A14 Bionic will be in the next-gen iPhone 12 right? The first 5nm smartphone chip too.

#AppleEvent ImageImage
And also, Apple A14 is 5nm and 11.8 billion transistors 40% faster CPU and new GPU architecture 30% faster GPU.

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iOS 14 will be available tomorrow — #AppleEvent
iOS 14 rollout starts September 16 (US time) — #AppleEvent Image
— iPad Air 4 is the first device to get A14 CPU with an industry first 5nm chip.
— New S6 SoC in the Series 6 Apple Watch.

#AppleEvent Image
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The new iPad Air includes the A14 Bionic chip that we’re also expecting to see in the iPhone 12 lineup. This is first times Apple has introduced a new chip in an iPad.

#AppleEvent Image
All the new iPad Air Colors — #AppleEvent Image
Apple Watch Series 6 starts at $399
Apple Watch SE starts at $279

#AppleEvent ImageImage
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Heeft Apple ook nog leuke dingen voor mensen die een pleurishekel aan fitness hebben? #AppleEvent
Ik heb namelijk geen zin in een horloge die me gaat vertellen dat ik verplicht allerlei dingen moet doen waar ik geen zin in heb.

Als ik zoiets zou willen dan trok ik wel weer bij mijn ouders in.
Stappentellers zijn bullshit.
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apple walon kuch mere liye dikhao.. main pada rahta hun ghar pe din bhar #AppleEvent
mere dost puch rhe hain ye apple walon ne pichhe kis cheez ki fasal lagayi hai
ipad aa gya bawa
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What's coming next? Say hello to Apple Watch Series 6.

✅ New colors and watch faces
✅ Ability to measure blood oxygen level
✅ 20% faster than previous generation #AppleEvent
Some of the new watch faces available for the Series 6: Image
Apple unveils new stretchable solo loop and solo braided loop in several colors for the new Apple Watch Series 6. #AppleEvent Image
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Backyard with Tim. #AppleEvent Image
Apple Watch Series 6. Dark blue. Take my 💰, Apple
Watch untethered. With a Family Setup. Apple always walks its own path. #AppleEvent
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It’s been ages since I actually watched an #AppleEvent live. It’s a little rocky with the kiddo’s Zoom school, but I’m trying.

First thought: it is so cool to see a fancy campus absolutely filled with vegetation. I’m so used to manicured corporate lawns.
That being said, it is, as ever, so hard to watch the wealth assumption without cringing. Watches for every kid? Ha. #AppleEvent
Glad they’re considering sustainability of materials and power, but will they finally incorporate repairability? Doubtful still. #AppleEvent
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#AppleEvent | #Apple kicks off its Annual September event with CEO @tim_cook's keynote address

#AppleWatch #AppleEventAnnoucements Image
@tim_cook "Today's launch will focus on two products integral to people's daily lives": @tim_cook

#AppleEvent Image
@tim_cook #AppleEvent | "Researchers are using #AppleWatch to conduct #COVID19 research to detect symptoms before they appear": @tim_cook

#Coronavirus Image
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