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14 Sep, 31 tweets, 9 min read
Remember that January 5th Revival to Rally held at the Freedom Plaza the night before the Insurrection? This production requires a closer look Behind the Scenes, at the Extras, the Character Actors and Stars to put into perspective what is happening. A wee Jan *5th* thread.🧵👇🏻
Let’s take a look Behind the Scenes (📌1).
The event at the Jan 5th Freedom Plaza was hosted by Cindy Chafian. Chafian brought together a list of speakers for the event that is like a who’s who of insurrection. It’s seemingly a gathering of everyone. A wrap party if you will.
Here is a list of the speakers taken from the permit Cindy Chafian was granted by the National Park Service for the event the night before the Insurrection.
Oh, I’m sorry, that was actually the list of names the @January6thCmte wants information from. Here is the list of speakers from the NPS permit.
And yes, the best followers on Twitter have spotted that they are essentially the same, glad you noticed. There are a few exceptions (📌2).
The names on these lists are the team leaders that worked Behind the Scenes to make January 6th happen. There may be names you may not be very familiar with because the media hasn’t told you yet.
There are also people you know like Gen Mike Flynn who is leading an anti-democracy psyop (📌3), and some you don’t know, like the leader of the 1st Amendment Praetorian who keeps a surveillance database on protestors (📌4).
Here is a look at some more of the lesser known names like Brandon Straka👇🏻
On Jan 5th, these Behind the Scenes people are being recognized for their achievements and work as much as they are looking forward to the 6th. This is a victory lap. They are throwing a party for themselves.
Think about it. They had done everything they could do up to that moment. The next day was showtime. The curtain was coming up on the show they helped produce. These were the choreographers, the directors, the producers all taking their bows. Their audience?
The Extras

The crowd is full of people wearing trump beanies, holding trump flags, cheering at rally slogan propaganda, chanting ‘En-Ri-Que’ when Chafian tells them to. These are the people milling about outside the Capitol, trespassing after the breach, etc.
500 or so of these Extras have been arrested so far. These were the people the Proudboys would call ‘normies’. They hoped the normies could be used to incite. The Extras wardrobe consists of black jackets and dad shoes, trump hats, and pants fashioned out of American flags.
The Extras were brandishing homemade trump signs. The Extras role was to simply be there, get in the way, make the crowd size bigger so that they might be used to better hide…
The Character Actors

These are your Proudboys, Oathkeepers, 3%ers, and 1st Amendment Praetroian. Their wardrobe included helmets, body armor and ear pieces. They were brandishing bear spray, flag poles. Their role was to breach the Capitol, disrupt counting of electoral votes.
Their role required violence, resources and planning. They had bull horns, they had communication devices, they had training. They were there to play the tough guy. They were the Character Actors that move the plot along.
Those arrested from this category aren’t facing trespassing charges but CONSPIRACY charges. The Proudboys and Oathkeepers both have their own conspiracy indictments here:



Who might they’ve conspired with?
The Stars

trump, Rudy Giuliani, Mo Brooks they all spoke at the Ellipse on the 6th. Ted Cruz and Paul Gosar stood up to challenge Arizona. Andy Biggs, Tommy Tuberville, Josh Hawley, these are all names you know. They are the Stars on the Insurrection movie poster.
Jan 6th was showtime. The Amy Kremer production at the Ellipse had all the people closest to trump speaking to the crowd, whipping them up into a frenzy before they went to the Capitol.
It is a very good sign that the @January6thCmte has requested information from this particular list of people. These are the players who made the show possible. The people in this troupe have a really good chance of being named in superseding indictments.
Right now the Extras are released to home confinement, in court fighting trespassing charges arguing the prosecution hasn’t provided them with discovery and asking the court to allow them to go the car show.
The Character Actors are in jail, telling the court they need their testosterone, the hygiene is lacking and they can’t get a fair trial in DC due to DC people not having ‘American Values’. They think of themselves as political prisoners.
The people Behind the Scenes and the Stars? Well, they’re home. Free to continue to spread disinformation about the election, free to spread misinformation about vaccines, free to continue the Insurrection that is ongoing.
It is these two groups that draw the ire of those seeking justice. These groups that Merrick Garland needs to address. At least @January6thCmte is on the right path by asking for information. We can only hope DOJ is on it too.
📌1- Cindy Chafian kicks off the Jan 5th wrap party by telling the crowd ‘We heard you Mr. President we are here for you.’ She says ‘I stand with the Proudboys.’ She leads the crowd in a chant of ‘En-Ri-Que’ because Tarrio had been arrested and was unable to attend.
She shouts out the Oathkeepers, the 3%ers, the Proudboys and 1st Amendment Praetorian for keeping the crowd safe. Safe from what exactly? Having their flags burned? Because that’s what ‘En-Ri-Que’ was arrested and sits in jail for. Feel safer?
Then she introduces Robert Patrick Lewis from the 1st Amendment Praetorian. He says ‘freedom is only one generation away from being taken and here is our chance.’ He just told the crowd, Here’s our chance to take your freedom, and the crowd cheer him.
📌2- One exception to the Permit and Jan 6 committee lists aligning is Kenny and Keith MAGA Drag the Highway. Keith Lee from Texas is the reason you see trucks driving around cities with trump flags. He has organized this activity in all 50 states.
It is meant to intimidate. During a podcast he spoke about making sure liberals saw these flags driving around close to Election Day. Notice the other guest on this podcast is wearing a Walkaway shirt. You already know about them (see Straka 🧵above).
📌3- Mike Flynn, fired by Obama, former head of Defense Intelligence Agency, Former National Security Advisor, recipient of presidential pardon, unregistered agent for Turkey, spoke with Russian ambassador regarding sanctions, and Israel regarding settlements was also doing this
Folks, January 5th is important too. The Jan 6 committee wants info from those who spoke at Rally to Revival. The media can begin informing us as to why, right now.

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14 Sep
Katie Hopkins presence with Mike Flynn is cause for alarm. She was a proponent of Brexit. The Brexit connections run deep through Bannon and Farage. See more connections in the threads stitched below. Dr. Simone Gold appears on the whiteboard too.
This is the Mike Flynn Whiteboard thread.
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12 Sep
Joe Manchin’s daughter is CEO of the pharmaceutical company that makes Epipens, a life saving device. It used to cost $94, now they cost $700. Manchin is stopping Biden’s agenda because of ‘inflation’. Joe Manchin is doing Mitch McConnell’s work. Why?…
What’s changed about the epipen to make it more expensive? Nothing. In 2007, Mylan pharmaceutical bought EpiPen from Merck’s generic unit. Generic drugs are usually the cheaper ones because their patent has run out along with the exclusivity.
Mylan still has patent protection on EpiPen until 2025. They also have patent on the injector as well. Both the hardware and software so to speak. Did you know that the most recent innovation to the EpiPen was an Orange top? Hardly worth a +500% price increase.
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9 Sep
Remember when We learned about the Walkaway campaign designed to get democrats to ‘Walkaway’ from the Democratic Party and how they had speakers tied to Brexit? Remember it was a coordinated effort to suppress the Black vote?

Here’s a wee thread on Candace Owens’ Blexit.🧵👇🏻
Blexit, a cheap play on the name given to the UK crusade to leave the European Union, was created to do the same work as Walkaway. Instead of Brandon Straka trying to get Black voters to Walkaway from the Dem Party, Candace Owens tried to get Black voters to ‘exit’ Dem party.
Both of the these endeavors were designed to limit Black turnout. This is voter suppression. They were not trying to win people over, they were trying to get them to not vote because they assumed they would just vote Democrat. It is racist, cynical and divisive.
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8 Sep
There’s a case from Jan 6th where the defendant has chosen to represent herself. She is claiming ‘Sovereign Citizenship’ status and the court has no dominion or jurisdiction over her. Here is her 114 page motion to dismiss. (Warning-ice cream headache)…
You may have heard of Sovereign Citizens when they had a standoff against Massachusetts State Police. This isn’t just a one off. This is further evidence of the dangers of unabated misinformation.…
Or you may recognize them from the southern poverty law center’s write-up.…
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8 Sep
Listing in. One of the defendants attorneys argued they were exercising their 1st amendment rights. This was done as the judge was focused on a particular charge in the indictment (1512 c2). She may have just snatched defeat from the jaws of victory of having a count thrown out.
Judge Mehta just said, let’s not pretend these were picketers.
Interesting to hear the judges thinking on this count. 1512c2 he says, pertains to shredding documents, that wasn’t what happened here.
It sounds like Judge Mehta wants to know why the Government chose certain statutes to bring about Obstruction charges, that weren’t actually charges of obstruction (i.e 18usc 1503, 1505).
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7 Sep
@SenWhitehouse once said in a hearing on the topic of dark money being used to buy a Supreme Court:

‘…it’s like we’re on the football field and the other team brought baseball bats.’

He’s right. It’s time @TheDemocrats started playing hardball.

#WhoOwnsKavanaugh 👇🏻
It is going to take a multi-pronged Herculean effort to undo the stain that was left behind by the former administration. Time is running out and McConnell is lurking like a vulture to pick at the carcass of our democracy if @TheDemocrats are not up to the task at hand.
If @SenSchumer won’t act to protect women, or votes, or act as a check on the Judiciary, or ensure oversight of DOJ in the Executive Branch, or get his caucus to see the gravity of the moment, then he is tacitly relinquishing the powers of Congress & the seat he holds. Change him
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