Okay, fine. I'll give you some advice on how to sell the vaccine to the vaccine-hesitant.

1. Quit being arrogant, you assbags. You're not morally superior because you injected yourself with big pharma piss.
2. Quit making recommendations based on politics, unions, or the bad sushi you ate last night. Have better reasons for recommendations than "we think it will work this time." If it isn't proven scientifically, stop recommending it.
And I mean science science, not this bull crap appeal to authority thing. You were wrong about eggs and butter and salt and fat for years. Earn our trust by being right for a while.
3. Listen to why people are hesitant. Are there some wrapped up in conspiracy theories about microchips and all that? Yeah.

The vast majority just have questions about how this vaccine seems to be handled exactly opposite of every other vaccine ever.
It's not our fault we listened to you for years and now that you're changing everything you've ever said, we're the bad guys? No.
4. Stop lying about transmission. The unvaccinated don't spread asymptomatically. The vaccinated do.

"But muh viral load!" Whatever the load, it's enough for the virus to spread through the vaxxed, not the unvaxxed.
5. Talk to us like adults.

You bought off those who you could with your free donuts and lottery.
You threatened many with job loss.
Those that still didn't follow through you talked down to like children.

Fuck off with that attitude.
"But you're being selfish petulant children!"

You're the one saying the vaccine doesn't work if the vaxxed are around the unvaxxed.

Which brings me to point 6.
6. Your messaging sucks. Like sucks sucks. How can you possibly screw up a message like "this could save your life"? Because you morons did. And then you're indignant about us telling you to go screw yourself? LOL

Go screw yourself, bitches.
7. "Look, I know many of you are hesitant, and that's okay. I get it. Studies have shown that your chances of getting sick with the vaccine are much lower than if you don't have it.
Yes, you can survive without it. Yes, you can still get sick with the vax. But the numbers are more in your favor if you have the vax."
If this had been your message from the start, there'd be more vaccinated.

But no. You went for the power grab and force.

Great job. No, really. Great job.
Anyway, at this point, you deserve the shit storm coming. Your arrogance has been sowed. We'll see what you reap.

• • •

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15 Sep
I got an idea and you ain't gonna like it.

Maybe it's time for conservative white people to listen to conservative black people. And no, I don't mean Candace or Tatum.
You can say you're colorblind, but then Candace gets a push simply because she's a black woman. That's not being colorblind. That's just amplifying a black woman.

Maybe amplify Sonnie Johnson.
You don't care about skin color and I believe you. But then you promote Larry Elder because he's a black dude.

Maybe dip your toe into the waters of King Randall instead.
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15 Sep
I've got bad news and I've got good news.
The bad news is that Democrats control the election process and all the levers of power that you don't necessarily see on television. They have worked their way in to positions to be able to make calls that influence outcomes.
The good news is that so can you.

Run for the elections supervisor of your county. Work in a polling station. Be a "watcher."
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What part of conserving conservatism is defending treason?
NeverTrump out here acting like treason is a conservative principle.

We see you, you unprincipled jackasses
David French can't be bothered to tweet about it. He just RTs another NeverTrump that tweeted something about Pompeo.

Whatever Pompeo said did not excuse Milley's treason.
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15 Sep
For the second time in less than 12 months, an election has serious questions and Democrats will look you deadass in the eye and tell you there is no cheating.
“Prove there was cheating!”

How? When they control all the possible levers that would have to be pulled to get away with it, they’re not going to sell their side out.
Forget 2020. We watched them tell people “here’s a provisional ballot because it looks like you already voted.”

If that’s not proof enough of something hinky that needs an investigation, you’ll never think anything is.
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15 Sep
“Gen Milley did the right thing! He’s a patriot!”

Did your mother have any children that aren’t brain dead?
Like the president or not, he’s the CIC. Any act that gives an enemy a notice of attack is treason. Period.

“BuT tRuMp!”

If Trump ordered a nuclear strike, then Gen Milley could have gone another route. Instead, he committed treason based on his fevered dreams.
Anyone defending or excusing his actions is in no way a patriot, conservative, or principled beyond being in a political tribe.
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14 Sep
AOC is wearing a dress that says Tax The Rich around rich people who know there will be loopholes for them.
They don’t consider themselves “rich”. They’re above such labels.

You, however, with your two-income household that might break $250k in Tennessee? You’re rich. You must pay more.
AOC is in on the gag. She knows that you don’t actually bite the hand that feeds you.

You bark a lot. You snarl. You may even snip at it.

But you do not bite that hand.
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