1/3 “if we can fix this wealth distribution, because that’s really what we’re trying to do, we’re trying to fix how wealth is created and distributed around the world. Instead of it going to the 1% — I’m part of the 1% — if I want to fix that, giving donations,
2/3 “giving money to charity doesn’t fix anything. Why don’t we fix the whole problem, how money is created and distributed. If we can fix that, then everybody will have a much better opportunity to discover what they’re good at; because instead of working for the money, they can
3/3 “work for passion, they can work for their heart, they can work for what they’re really good at. And everybody is going to do better if we do that, it’s not like only some people are going to do better…” — Alex Mashinsky 


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14 Sep
1/9 "Again, Voice over IP, you’ll say, wait a second, over 4 or 5 billion people use Voice over IP. How can anything be bigger than that? I should be just resting on my laurels. But crypto, the blockchain, is even bigger, because if I’m right, it touches all the
2/9 “money in the world. So you tell me, what’s bigger; us being able to talk to each other or all the money in the world? All the money in the world touches every industry, everything that exists, because everything in one way or another is connected to money.
3/9 “We’ve had about 700 years of banking that brought us to where we are today, since the Venetians, or the Medicis, who kind of invented banking in Italy, we migrated to a world in which, again, the large banks are bigger than most countries.
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12 Sep
Lots of people say they wish they knew about CEL when it was $0.05. Easy to say now in hindsight. But let me tell you, it was extremely hard to pull the trigger back then. There were no AMAs, no Twitter Spaces, 30K members, 7,500 active users, $200M AUM, lots of FUD on Twitter
about @Mashinsky and @CelsiusNetwork let’s just say “not doing the right thing,” and people like me and @GinisAlexander have to spend days defending this platform with vigor. So it’s easy to talk now, but a lot of you wouldn’t buy CEL at $0.05 because you couldn’t propel
yourself into the future & say this project will be one of the best projects in crypto & worth me spending $100,000 & buying CEL at $0.05 and getting 2 million CEL tokens. The only way you pull the trigger & buy $100,000 worth of CEL is if you thoroughly understood the project.
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9 Aug
1/7 “Our mission, that 100 million people, it’s not about just getting 100 million. The key is to get these 100 million people to achieve financial independence, to achieve financial freedom. Today, if you go on our website Celsius.Network, you
2/7 “will see that we list our Top 500 holders that have either CEL token or equity with us, and almost all of them are millionaires, almost all of them who came and participated in Celsius got to benefit. It’s not just I benefited
3/7 “because I created this company, or the employees of Celsius benefited because they got on the bus; the whole point is to take the whole village with you, because the financial world we live in, the traditional finance world, doesn’t operate that way.
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9 Aug
Now all understand what @MarkYusko was saying: There are no Democrats or Republicans, there’s just ‘in’ and ‘out.’ If you’re out, you’ll do and say anything to get into power; and vice versa, if you’re in, you’ll do and say anything to stay in power.
Our current monetary system is nothing more than a giant Ponzi scheme, masquerading as acting in the best interest of its citizens, led by the @federalreserve, a private corporation with shareholders.
This is simply not a fair system. I do all the work but yet the government collects 65% of my wages in taxes. You say what, nonsense, @Otisa502, I only pay 30%. OK then. Let’s name a few of the taxes: Income tax 30%; property tax; sales tax 8.5%; capital gains tax 30%; tolls to
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8 Aug
1/8 Angie Lau (@AngieTVLau): “There is no doubt that as more people come to the party, the party is getting bigger, the liquidity is getting more exciting, but with that also comes neighbors who don’t appreciate that big party and somebody calls the cops. And in the regulatory
2/8 “landscape, we’re increasingly seeing that right now. And I’ll just note BlockFi, one of your competitors, just this week coming under legal microscope, a cease-and-desist order from New Jersey’s acting Attorney General, saying that BlockFi’s lending and trading
3/8 “services are unregistered securities that violate existing securities laws. I know it’s not necessarily like for like, but they are a competitor of yours, they are in a similar space. Are you nervous for Celsius [@CelsiusNetwork]?"
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28 May
1/39 RYAN (@RyanSAdams): “I want to maybe end on this question, which is: What advice do you have for the crypto natives? Like, again, a lot of people, as we started this podcast listening to Bankless (@BanklessHQ), crypto is really their first experience in investing.
2/39 “They're learning about investing through crypto, which is sort of bizarre. I think they're leveling up faster than they might in the real world. But there are still some timeless lessons that can be applied from traditional investments here. What are those? Share some.”
3/39 MARK (@MarkYusko): “So the first is, to understand the difference between investing, trading, speculating and gambling. None of them are bad or good necessarily. Just like introvert and extrovert; people are like, oh, introverts are not cool and extroverts are cool.
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