Well what a surprise. All it takes to see how a mail-in voter voted in the CA recall is to shine a weak cellphone flashlight through the back of the envelope.
Suppose you wanted to use this tiny flaw in an otherwise *perfect* election system to throw out the ballots of people who voted the wrong way. What would you do?
You would probably push hard to encourage voting by mail. You’d push to extend the voting period for weeks in advance of the election. And you’d push to allow ballots to come in for days afterwards (it’s 7 days in California!)
If one corrupt person can check one ballot manually every 10 seconds, that’s 360 per hour, or 2,880 per day. If the election voting period lasts *4 weeks*, then one bad apple can process 57,600 ballots.
But that sounds like a lot of effort! What if four people worked just *one* diligent 8-hour shift, flashlight-sorting a pile of 50-50 votes?

That would be 11,520 ballots processed — more than the official margin between Biden and Trump in Arizona, for instance. In one day’s work
Now, CA may be exceptionally incompetent and unusually corrupt.

But exploits like this exist. Anyone who says otherwise is lying to you.

Mass mail-in voting for mere convenience is insane and we should not tolerate it.

• • •

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21 Aug
A federal judge in Nevada just struck down the law that makes it a crime for deported illegal aliens to illegally reenter the country.

This is an obvious law that any self-respecting country should have, but the judge found it… you guessed it… racist!

This is a case study in the intellectual sickness of America's ruling elite.

It goes without saying that the ruling is horrible. (It even calls itself "unprecedented"!) Read it: s3.documentcloud.org/documents/2104…
The legal theory here is so bonkers even far-left Judge William Simon rejected it (Simon previously enjoined President Trump's immigration policies and gave the ACLU special riot passes in Portland). Worth a read, if you can look past the virtue-signaling. webshare.law.ucla.edu/CILP/Machic_de…
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2 Jul
Republicans are always celebrating small, often narrow legal wins as "MASSIVE VICTORIES."

Too much defense, not enough offense. This mentality ensures that, over time, the left wins.
Take yesterday's SCOTUS decision upholding AZ's ban on ballot harvesting. 100% the right result. It's good the AZ law was defended.

But it's purely defensive. If we lose a few state leg seats and get a Dem governor, boom: ballot harvesting is legal again in AZ.
This happens a lot with religious liberty cases.

Take the Bladensburg cross case, in 2019. Does a 40-foot WWI memorial cross on state land violate the 1st Amendment? No, SCOTUS said, 7-2, because... the cross is old and has a secular meaning. What? With victories like these...
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2 Dec 20
AZ isn’t Philly, but we do use Dominion voting machines, the Sec of State has the BLM hashtag in her bio, & she calls Trump supporters neo-nazis. Seems bad!

It's good to be skeptical (“scientific”!) about our procedures, *especially* if your instinct is to say they are perfect.
Easy improvement: get rid of proprietary election software.

Vote-counting is not a technical problem. We've known how to do it for centuries.

Counting should be open, transparent, prompt, and public — all obvious points, yet almost no jurisdiction delivers on them.
"But there’s no evidence that the system is insecure!”

OK. Half the country isn't buying that. First, there's lots of evidence (also noise), just no clear proof of outcome-changing fraud.

But of course: ballots are secret, once they're in the system... it's blind faith.
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3 Nov 20
I hope @realDonaldTrump wins reelection.

1. Here are some thoughts on why, what Trump is up against, and why I think it’s very bad for our country if he loses. A thread...
2. Joe Biden’s career has perfectly coincided with our country's decline. Sometimes he was an architect of decline, sometimes just a bystander. Today it's not clear he's any more than a prop, for an utterly failed establishment.
3. Four years ago, Trump arrested that decline with something very new. His election was the first thing that woke the zombies up. The 2016 win resonated for elites far more than the twin crises that preceded it: the financial crisis and series of endless wars abroad.
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