Let's welcome an extra special Nazi to New England!!! Everyone say hello to Adam Stelmack, a neo-Nazi from Orange Park, Florida who just moved to Bangor, Maine! Adam is a brand new recruit to a local neo-Nazi group so let's show Adam how we welcome Nazis to town!!
We first found Adam in a now deleted feeder chat for the New England based neo-Nazi group Nationalist Social Club-131 (NSC). Adam posted under the names "Mayor of Coolsville" and "Trad Rainman", and expressed admiration for the group.
For more on NSC and it's leader, Chris Hood, with whom Adam is friends, check out this article by @BMakuch


However, before we get into Adam's involvement with NSC, let's return to our old friend, the San Antonio, Texas neo-Nazi and former Marine Chris Pohlhaus AKA "The Hammer", who has created a sizable network of internet neo-Nazis.

Chris Pohlhaus has also been noted for his attempts to organize a neo-Nazi "migration" to upstate, predominantly white, Maine in the attempt to create a psudo-ethno state, similar to the idea of "pioneer little Europe"

Among Pohlhaus' group of followers that planned to relocate to Maine was Adam Stelmack. Adam was supposedly a well respected member of Pohlhaus' network and even bought a banner from him reading "No White Guilt" that he supposedly hung on an overpass.
However, the much appreciated plight of neo-Nazi infighting struck again and Adam was banned from all Pohlhaus' chats under suspicion that he was a fed. From there, already convinced of relocating to Maine, Adam connected with Chris Hood and NSC.
Luckily for us, Adam is a complete and utter moron and made it incredibly easy for us to identify him!Aside from constantly posting about personal details and posting pictures of his face, Adam shared a picture of his car that clearly displayed his name on the Bluetooth.
The name Adam Stelmack was easily confirmable based on details Adam himself gave, such as his birthday, his service in the Airforce, and the area in which he lived. By the way, happy belated birthday Adam!!!
yes, Adam is an Air Force vet. Adam served as an Air Force Staff sergeant between 2007 and 2016. As a veteran with military training, Adam's extreme neo-Nazi worldview is a huge concern, and rightfully so, as he has offered to conduct military style firearms training for NSC
And when we say extreme, Adam's neo-Nazism is very extreme and violent. In multiple posts, Adam has expressed support for mass shooters and neo-Nazi terrorism, expressing in one post that he wished more people died in the March 2021 mass shooting of a Boulder, CO supermarket.
In a new, now private, NSC front chat, Adam expressed that he was moving to Maine on Friday September 10th, he was also made an admin of the NSC chat, which indicates that upon moving to Maine, Adam became an honorary NSC member
Now for some action items!! Adam was kind enough to update his Linkedin profile to let us know that he is now working as a branch manager at JS Woodhouse, an agricultural equipment dealer. He presumably works at their only Maine location in Fairfield, Maine
Please politely contact JS Woodhouse's Fairfield branch, or email them at info@jswoodhouse.com to let them know a neo-Nazi is working for their company!! Please be polite, as they are likely unaware of Adam's affiliations!
To conclude, NSC's newest member Adam Stelmack is not welcome in New England, nor are any neo-Nazis. If you don't want to end up exposed like Adam here, we'd suggest you leave far right organizing now. And trust us, we'll be getting to know many more NSC losers very soon ;-)
PLZ boost and let anyone in the Bangor, Maine area know about Adam and his affiliations. Email us at afg161 @ protonmail. com with any tips on Adam, NSC, or other neo-Nazis!!!

• • •

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NSC-131 is a neo-Nazi group that was started in Massachusetts in early 2020 by Chris Hood. You can learn more about NSC and it's members in these threads:

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