7 kinds of dreams:

1. Drushya: Dreams of things which we have seen during daytime.
2. Shruta: Dreams about things which we have heard of earlier.
3. Anubhuta: Dreams about things which have been previously experienced by us.
4. Prarthitha: Dreams about things desired by us.

5. Kalpita: Dreams about things imagined by us in conscious state.
6. Bhavik: Dreams about things not heard of, imagined or seen earlier.
7. Doshaja: Dreams about disease by a bilious or phlegamtic defects.

The first 5 types generally do not have any real impact.
Such dreams fall under the sixth category and have real life impact (if the native does not forget it after waking up).

If this does not fall in first 5 categories (you are the best person to decide it), then put it in 6th category. Only you can judge if you have previously seen/thought/desired/heard such a thing and if it is so, this dream would not have an impact.

My Pranam to your father. The only things I would like to add here is an advice, which is for you. Please learn Jyotish from him.

• • •

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7 Sep

Those who follow me from long time, kindly read this in full. This is a thread for condolence.

I recently created a Telegram group and 1,400+ people became its part. Astrologers could help people posting their problems in the group. People discussed privately with them.

One such astrologer who started helping in the group was Shri Venugopal Kaushik (sorry, I could not ask his Twitter handle). He did not ask a penny in return and helped as many people as he could. People benefitted from his advice and reading. He was very humble.

In group, we learnt that he was practicing Jyotish from three decades. He had promised his Guru that he would not ask money from anyone. If people offered him Dakshina, he asked them to donate elsewhere.

He became the most active and popular member of the group in no time.
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29 Aug
Vedic Jyotish is not only about astrology but about astronomical observations+calculations too. In this thread, we will learn about a twin star system, Arundhati Vashishtha, which is different from many others in sky, that was observed by our Rishis millennia ago.

In twin star systems, one star is stationary and the other one rotates around it. However, the Arundhati-Vashishtha system is idiosyncratic in the sense that both stars are in synchrony. That is, both move around each other. This uniqueness was known to our enlightened seers.
Arundhati Mata was the wife of Maharishi Vashishtha and she is known for her pure character and dedication towards husband. Hence, viewing this twin star system by the married couple immediately after Saptapadi in many areas of India is considered very auspicious.
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25 Aug
Another small quiz. Do not use Google. If you do not know the answer, it's absolutely normal. You will learn from it.

Who recommended the name "Krishna" to Bhagwan Shri Krishna?

भगवान श्री कृष्ण को "कृष्ण" नाम किसके कहने पर दिया गया था?
Okay, very good to know that many people fot the correct answer. First reply to this tweet was itself a correct answer.

Maharishi Garg was the person who advised Nand Baba and Yashoda Ma to give the name Krishna. He was sent to Gokul by Vasudev.

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25 Aug
Follow this thread for 10 days.

Avoid mental and physical violence, jealousy, unnecessary anger. At same time, respect mother, father and such figures around you. They increase auspiciousness (and decrease malefic nature) of Sun and Moon irrespective of their positions in chart.
Avoid unwanted aggression in behaviour, do not use abusive words for females and meditate daily. Avoid backbiting at all costs. This will further strengthen the positive impact of Sun and Moon in your chart.
Avoid physical and verbal violence in all forms. Be kind to your friends. Keep kind and soft behaviour towards them. Donate blood whenever it is possible. It is will gradually reduce malefic impact of Mars, if any, in your chart.
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23 Aug
Shared that transit/Drishti of malefic Grahas on Janma Nakshatra not good for native. Today, came across text stating the same fact.

Notice that it mentions 'Nakshatra Peeda' and not specifically Gochar (transit) which confirms Drishti of Malefic Grahas is also troublesome.
The older texts of Vedic Jyotish comprehensively deal with the impact of Grahas in Nakshatras (without naming any Rashi). They mention how impact of benefic Grahas bestow on Nakshatras wellbeing while that of malefic Nakshatras gives tough time to natives/entities.
Since you asked, hope this snippet makes clear to you @Kal_Chiron ji. Even if a Graha is not transiting in a particular Nakshatra, it can still be able to impact that Nakshatra by the way of its Drishti. If such impact (by transit/Drishti) is not good, it's called Peeda.
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19 Aug
Always thank our forefathers for not abandoning Hindu Dharma despite massacres, violence, torture, fear and threats by Islamic invaders, rulers.

Considering what #Talibans do to different sect in their own faith, must have been very tough for them to hold on, but they did!!
How will Nth generation of a convert like this person know that from time to time, several kingdoms like Rajputs, Ahoms, Jaats, Marathas, Vijayanagara thrashed Islamic luteras. Some people indeed gave into pressure, like forefathers of this person!

Another Nth descendant of a convert admits that a God also purposefully misguides. Anyone who purposefully misguides is definitely not perfect. However, topic is different. Don't debate Mahabharat. You cannot comprehend its values. Stick to your crap.
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