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15 Sep, 6 tweets, 2 min read
apropos of nothing in particular, high-profile liars and cheaters and scammers fascinate me because the more high-profile they became before they got caught the more they reveal about what it is currently most profitable to pretend
i am thinking about elizabeth holmes but also anna delvey / sorokin, the fyre festival guy, the youtuber dream who cheated at minecraft, crypto scams generally
anyway please enjoy this very interesting video about a different guy who got caught cheating at minecraft, there's actually a cool explanation here of what tipped people off that the runs seemed fake

absolutely fucking brutal. poor kid
idk guys i guess i watched a lot of children's shows and sitcoms and stuff growing up where a character attempts to deceive other people for any reason whatsoever, gets caught, and is like "well that was a dumb idea" and i just actually internalized that very hard
like i legitimately cannot imagine being in a frame of mind where the idea of actively lying to other people for any kind of gain would seem remotely compelling. it's so alien to me. i don't think this is particularly virtuous of me like i just can't

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15 Sep
the last time i held anything resembling a real job i noticed i wanted someone in the organization to get mad at me for not producing very much output and hold me to a higher standard and no one ever did
there's a scene at the beginning of the suicide squad where bloodsport's daughter is visiting him in jail and she *wants him to get mad at her for stealing* and gets mad at him for not doing that, which reminded me of this

also reminded of the chapter in running on empty about permissive parents - they explicitly call out being too permissive and never saying no to a kid as a kind of neglect and this was probably the most surprising and unintuitive chapter to me in the entire book ImageImageImageImage
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15 Sep
poll (also would love to hear more detailed responses): have you ever "just decided" or "just willed" that you would change in some way, e.g. give up smoking or drinking, become a kinder person, a large change like that? if so, did it stick?
i'm gonna try to just decide to become a person who can just decide to change, i'll let you know if it does anything at all
wow this is the most informative poll i've tweeted in awhile, thanks everyone
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15 Sep
do they let you just barge into a gym and do some sets without signing up for a yearlong membership or whatever
absolutely gagging to pump some iron rn but not excited about paying for more than like a month at a time. i guess i can... just... ask?
phew. they give first-timers a free day and then they do either yearly or monthly. perfect
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13 Sep
tried to install minecraft shaders again and it is making me feel like an idiot somehow. i tried downloading forge and then optifine and forge was fine but optifine made minecraft crash, and now i can't find it to get rid of it because i... can't find the mods folder
i think it's supposed to be in /Library/Application Support/minecraft but there is no such folder and i don't know where else it would be

i really don't understand how a mac's file system works at all

anyone know where i should be looking?
this did it, thanks. the one under my username was hidden. jeez

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12 Sep
sometimes if i sit around or lie down doing nothing long enough i experience a thing i’m not sure i know a word for. like an interruption in my self-consciousness or self-experience? a discontinuity in my tracking of what is going on? anyone know what i mean?
i’m used to that thing being continuous so it’s weird to experience it even temporarily shut off. i might just be falling asleep, not sure. i don’t think that’s always what’s happening tho
hmm @meditationstuff is this “reverie”
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11 Sep
good art in a game can be a double-edged sword. if a game offers you a beautiful landscape and nothing to do with it, it’s more of a 3d painting than a game as such. imo there’s an art to “gameplay and art integration” that i’ve actually never seen anyone discuss
minecraft is a great example here; everything looks beautiful and you can interact with all of it. the structure of an ocean temple or whatever is not just pretty art, it represents a collection of blocks you can mine and repurpose. your field of view is full of game-relevance Image
compare to, to pick a random example, bravely default. my main peeve with this game is that when i’m walking in a town i can look at either the top or the bottom screen, and while the top screen has pretty town art the bottom screen is a million times easier to navigate by Image
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