Watching liberal media stars spend 5 years trying to thread the needle between "we are so grateful to the unelected but noble Generals thwarting Trump" and "only insane conspiracy nuts believe the US has a Deep State" has been quite dizzying.
The other bizarre aspect of the last 5 years was watching these same liberal media figures prance around as defenders of "norms" and "democratic values" while simultaneously swooning over every unelected military/intel official who purposely impeded or sabotaged Trump's policies.
In US Government jargon, "democratic leaders" has always meant: "leaders who do what we want regardless of how they came to power" (hence, pro-US dictators are "democrats" while anti-US elected leaders are "dictators").

That's the same definition liberal media figures have.
It was widely reported in major outlets like WSJ that CIA, on its own, was concealing classified information they didn't want Trump to have. They sometimes just ignored his orders in Syria. This was *cheered.*

If that's not a "Deep State," nothing is.…
Imagine if, in 2011, a right-wing General called Gaddafi and said: "Obama wants to bomb your country and usher in regime change against you even though the House voted *against* its authorization. I give you my word I'll let you know what he's planning & stop him from bombing."
Liberals are happy to be governed by CIA because CIA was where Russiagate came from and they see CIA (correctly) as their political ally. They'll never admit it explicitly -- nobody on the center-left wants to say they see CIA as the Good Guys -- but this is their worldview.

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16 Sep
Today's DOJ indictment of a Hillary/DNC lawyer who spread lies as part of Russiagate is a huge deal. And it's absolutely true: the NYT & @charlie_savage this morning -- before anyone could see the indictment -- cast it in the most favorable light possible, as it if were trivial:
Most media outlets mindlessly spread the fraudulent Trump/Alfa-Bank story because they spread anything they were fed without caring. To its credit, the Intercept -- led by @samfbiddle & @lhfang -- pointed out the glaring flaws in the story at the time:…
It wasn't just Hillary's lawyer who got indicted today, or their media servants, who spread this fraud about Trump's secret server with a Russian bank. Hillary herself endorsed and spread as her lawyer concocted the whole fraud in the first place:

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16 Sep
The Special Counsel investigating the various frauds of Russiagate, John Dunham, is about to indict a Perkins Coie lawyer for feeding a fake story about Trump and Alfa Bank to the FBI and media, then lying by denying he represented the Clinton campaign:…
The scam that Trump was using a secret server to communicate with a Russian bank was promoted by Hillary herself, and touted by media outlets led by @Slate. Like so much that comprised Russiagate, it was a total fraud concocted by the DNC & media allies:…
In sum, a DNC-linked lawyer -- partners with Clinton lawyer @marceelias -- fabricated a Trump/Russia link, fed it to DNC operatives masquerading as journalists, had Hillary trumpet it, then lied to FBI about who he worked for.

Russiagate in a nutshell:

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16 Sep
Democratic Party YouTubers trying to dictate to
@NICKIMINAJ what she can and can't say, who she is and isn't permitted to cite, what partisan box she must stay in.

It went poorly for @JoyAnnReid when she tried and I doubt it will go better for these 2 DNC socialist soldiers. ImageImage
The only thing that enrages liberal gatekeepers more than urging people to make their own decisions rather than getting bullied into obedience is refusing to submit to their partisan prison. But since she's who she is, she can say what she wants, making it more dangerous still. Image
In about two years, Twitter and Facebook will just be Chris Hayes, Amy Klobuchar, Jen Rubin and Adam Schiff arguing about whether Nancy Pelsoi is or isn't more awesome than Kamala Harris and everyone else will be banned.

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16 Sep
Democratic Officials Continue to Threaten Tech Companies to Censor More

The latest example is one of the most egregious: @SenWarren & Rep. @AdamSchiff demanding Amazon remove or suppress books on COVID:…
A few points to highlight about the above-linked video report we just published on the attempts by Sen. Warren & Adam Schiff to demand Amazon suppress certain books.

First, this is part of a year-long campaign by Dems to use their majority power in DC to mandate censorship.
There are so many reasons why this attempt by the Democratic Party to commandeer Big Tech censorship power for themselves is so dangerous.

Perhaps the gravest is that this is all about imposing a framework where dissent from or questioning of decrees from authorities is banned.
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15 Sep
Adoption of orphans and other children with no parents to care for them is one of the most beautiful acts humans have managed to create, and - as we saw during the Amy Coney Barrett nomination - these hate-filled, miserable, selfish ghouls are trying to degrade it as racist evil.
If you can't stomach looking at yourself in the mirror -- figuratively and literally -- because you know you do nothing in your life for others and your political values are empty words, the solution is to change, not malign others who aren't plagued by your selfish emptiness.
In 2017, I did extensive reporting in the Brazil context on the kinds of adoptions being demeaned and maligned by this deranged ideology. We produced a short documentary on an adoptive family which these theories are aimed at. Judge for yourself:

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15 Sep
One thing that interests me most are political projects that erode pointless left-right divisions, to unite people for actual results. @davidmirandario's police project in Brazil is to fund more mental health services for police officers: helping them & reducing brutality/abuse.
The chances that a police officer will be killed in large Brazilian cities is higher than soldiers in war zones. Many have PTSD, mental health pathologies & very high suicide rates: confronting hideous violence for low pay. Funding programs like this reduces brutality and abuse.
When Rio City Councilwoman Marielle Franco was assassinated in 2018 (still unsolved), many on the right accused her of being anti-police: until mothers of slain police officers stepped forward to say she was the only one to help: taking public buses for hours to provide aid.
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