1. The California recall was unsuccessful. But it was part of a much larger strategy to orient Republican politics around undermining & overturning democratic outcomes

Elder ultimately conceded. But he preemptive declared himself a victim of voter fraud

2. Elder's voter fraud claims were never going to reverse the results in Cali.

But that wasn't the point.

"Allegations of ballot-rigging help Trump-friendly forces build their base, in California and elsewhere."

3. Trump, of course, actively supported the Elder campaign's baseless claims

But he's also engaged in a much more alarming effort to put voter fraud conspiracy theorists in charge of election administration in key states like Georgia, Arizona, & Michigan

4. In Arizona, Trump just endorsed Mark Finchem for Secretary of State.

Finchem defended the January 6 riot and claimed there was "clear and convincing fraud" in Arizona in 2020.

5. In Georgia, Trump endorsed Jody Hice for Secretary of State.

Hice says he is "totally convinced that... fraudulent activity was widespread" in Georgia in 2020

6. In Michigan, Trump endorsed Kristina Karamo for Secretary of State.

Karamo has appeared alongside Mike Lindell of MyPillow promoting election fraud conspiracy theories.

7. Placing conspiracy-minded Trump loyalists in charge of election administration in key states is, to put it mildly, an existential threat to democracy

These institutions held in 2020. There is no guarantee they will hold in 2024.

8. There is an effort among some corporations -- and some in the corporate media -- to "move on" from the January 6 attack

But the January 6 attack never ended

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16 Sep
1. For the last three decades there has been an unprecedented concentration of wealth among the top 0.1% of families

Biden proposed some policies to make things a bit more fair

But very wealthy people can afford very good lobbyists

2. These lobbyists have convinced DEMOCRATS to kill some of the most important of Biden's proposals

For example, the House Ways and Means Committee has dropped Biden's plan to end the tax loophole for dynastic wealth

It's egregious

3. Right now, extremely rich people can accumulate billions in wealth gains throughout their lifetime through capital gains from stocks and other assets

But they can avoid paying taxes by passing those assets onto their heirs

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13 Sep
1. Texas is just the beginning.

At least seven states are considering copying Texas' draconian abortion ban.

The politicians behind this effort have overwhelming support from the nation's largest corporations

2. Exclusive new data reveals that in seven key states (AR, FL, SC, SD, KY, OK, OH) Fortune 250 corporations donated $5.7M to legislators that oppose abortion rights and just $1M to legislators that support abortion rights in the 2020 cycle

3. The data undermines the idea that corporate donations are inconsequential because corps give equally to "both sides." In the states where abortion rights are most at risk, corps are providing a 5-to-1 financial advantage to anti-abortion legislators.

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11 Sep
One of the most incredible political accomplishments of my lifetime is George W Bush casting himself as a "hero" of 9/11 even though he

1. Ignored intelligence warning him of an attack in the Summer of 2001

2. Responded with the disastrous war in Iraq

3. Never caught Bin Laden
We've been conditioned to believe that criticizing Bush for 9/11, and the response is "unpatriotic"

No, what is unpatriotic is exploiting the fear and anxieties that Americans had after 9/11 to launch an ideological war
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10 Sep
1. This is a quick story about how @ATT uses money and power to manipulate public perception of its brand and censor critics.

Follow along if interested.
@ATT 2. As I've detailed in popular.info, @ATT is a major supporter of state legislators pushing voter suppression laws.

For example, they contributed 575K to the sponsors of Texas' voter suppression bill

@ATT 3. Last Friday, September 3, @Greenpeace purchased a digital billboard in the Chinatown neighborhood in DC. The billboard is right above DC's flagship @ATT store.

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9 Sep
Reading through the DOJ's complaint against the State of Texas.

Follow along if interested.

2. "It is settled constitutional law that 'a State may not prohibit any woman from making the ultimate decision to terminate her pregnancy before viability.'"

Hard to argue with that. Cites Casey and Roe.

This isn't rocket science.
3. "Texas enacted S.B. 8 in open defiance of the Constitution...Instead of relying on the State’s executive branch to enforce the law, as is the norm in Texas and elsewhere, the State has deputized ordinary citizens to serve as bounty hunters"
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9 Sep
1. Billionaire private equity managers pay a lower tax rate on their income than everyone else

Closing this loophole could provide billions in revenue to support paid leave & other programs

But the billionaires aren't going down without a fight

2. The @USChamber, the powerful lobbying org that represents nearly every major American company, produce a report claiming that making private equity managers pay the normal tax rate would result in THE LOSS OF 4.9 MILLION JOBS

It's completely bogus

3. On the surface, the claim is ludicrous. Why would taxing private equity managers at a higher rate cost even one job, much less 4.9 MILLION, equivalent to every job in the state of Georgia?

But when you dig into the details it gets even worse.

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