With Election Day vote largely counted, "no" still has a considerable 64%, down from 67 at race call.
That may come down a bit--Biden fell about 1.5 pts between now and the outcome. OTOH, mail ballots over the last few days didn't seem as disproportionately GOP as 2020.
We'll see what it looks like in the end, of course, but at the moment I don't really see any signs that Newsom fared particularly poorly among Latino voters, as the exit poll suggested.
The results in relatively Latino counties appear about the same as 2018
And in the end, it may be that the polls underestimated 'no' by a fairly modest margin. Just typing that out, it's hard not to wonder whether acquiesce bias--the tendency for people to say 'yes' to be agreeable--might play a role. But there are many other plausible explanations
Looking at the trendline in this race, I think it's fairly easy to imagine why a yes/no recall question--seemingly just an up or down referendum on Newsom--could be an easy way to register dissatisfaction with him until Dems grappled with actually casting a vote to recall
I'm reminded, for instance, of those silly questions about whether someone deserves to be reelected, which always underestimates their support by a wide margin.
In contrast, you can imagine that Newsom might have always led by 20+ if the ? was Newsom, the D v. Elder, the R
It's worth noting that this would not be the same as 'this race was always a blow out and the polls were wrong,' which I see floating around. Here, the likelier explanation is that there was a significant shift in responses once voting got underway, even if it was inevitable

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16 Sep
A little early to tell, but if you squint at the numbers there's a case that Biden's numbers are inching back up a bit as Afghanistan fades from the news.
Here, Monmouth with Biden at 46/46
Sure, there's probably some nonresponse bias. There always is!
But the amount of focus on partisan nonresponse bias has gotten way, way out of hand on this website as of late
Way back in the day, you needed a little bit of evidence to claim non-response bias was at play. Stability in the YouGov poll, or another party weighted poll, would offer some evidence--even if not conclusive evidence, given other methodological differences
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15 Sep
The polls have closed in California's gubernatorial recall election.
NYT results here >>>
Expect Newsom to take an early lead, as the disproportionately Democratic early mail votes will be the first counted.
If the 2020 election is any indication, the 'no' vote could start out 5 pts higher than the ultimate result.
The exits show "no" up by around 18 points or so.
If so, those early Newsom votes may be enough to yield an early call
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14 Sep
A flash-back to around 1AM ET on 11/4, with some modest implications for following the vote tonight Image
The early dump of advance votes was overwhelmingly for Biden.
In the end, Biden won California by a more modest margin--a mere 29 points--as the Election Day and late mail votes ate away at his lead, as it did in Arizona.
When you piece it all together, the Election Day vote was basically 50/50 and the late mail votes were more like 60/40. The early mail dumps were 70/30.
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14 Sep
Looks like we're finally going to get to see the new Democratic voting rights compromise nytimes.com/live/2021/09/1…
In theory, it should put progressives more-or-less where they would have like to have been in February: unified behind a bill that Manchin could be a) enthusiastic about and b) convinced the GOP ought to support on the merits in a functioning chamber
If those two conditions are met, you theoretically open up that 1-in-10 chance--or whatever it may be--that Manchin could seriously consider reforming the filibuster to secure its passage
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8 Sep
In a lot of ways, this article retreads a fairly well-established and uncontested history. But there is a twist here that I'd like to make explicit: it centers the rise of four-year college as the driving and explanatory force behind the rise of edu/cultural polarization
In a slight contrast, consider this very good piece from @edsall today, which tells the familiar tale of the rise of postmaterialist values without really talking about the role of rising educational attainment in shaping the content of postmaterialism
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31 Aug
The part of Emerging Democratic Majority that everyone--even including its authors--forgot: "The key for Democrats [...] will be in discovering strategy that retains support among the white working class, but also builds support among college-educated"
The book didn't exactly have the answer, as the quoted passage suggests. It did imagine that a 'progressive centrism' was possible, on the assumption that working class and professional values were converging in post-industrial metros
Whether you think that convergence was a total illusion depends on whether you think of Trump era shifts more as a continuation of longer-term trends (just the latest in 70 yrs of D gains with col+, R w wwc) or a more fundamental departure from Clinton-Bush-Obama trend
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