NEW evidence implicates Xi's inner circle in Xinjiang's re-education campaign:
Central gov't institutions headed by top Politburo figures had multi-year close involvement in planning & approval of re-education in "vocational centers".
My report: /1…
Between 2015-17, Beijing's National People's Congress (NPC) was closely consulted for the March 2017 Regulation on Deradicalization that legalized & preceded the internments, & approved its 2018 revision that bluntly defined Vocational "Centers" as "re-education institutions." /2
This key Regulation standardized & legitimized the re-education detentions, mandating "centralized" "re-education" involving "behavioral correction".

It immediately preceded the internments in 03/2017 (see e.g. charts from my 2018 report for the correlation)./3
Also involved were the Central Committee Xinjiang Work Coordination Small Group, and the the State Administration for Religious Affairs (SARA). /4
For the Oct-2018 revision that inserted the mandate that re-education takes place through "vocational training centers," key Xinjiang officials made a "special trip" to Beijing to present the revisions to the NPC legal committee.

The NPC gave its "approval" & made amendments./5
This crucially implicates a core central government institution in the process of "legalizing" and legitimizing the internments./6
China's Politburo Standing Committee consists of only 7 members, with Xi 1st ranked and Li Keqiang 2nd. The 3rd and 4th ranked members head two of the institutions closely involved in drafting/approving the re-education legislation: /7
1. The chairman of the NPC Standing Committee (currently Li Zhanshu, 栗战书) to whom the Legislative Affairs Commission reports, is the third-ranked member of the Politburo Standing Committee (PSC). /8
2. The head of the Central Committee Xinjiang Work Coordination Small Group (currently Wang Yang, 汪洋), is the fourth-ranked member of the PSC, and also chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). /9
This figure illustrates the role of the Politburo Standing Committee as China's top decision-/policy-making body. /10
When introducing the 2017 Regulation (that legalized "centralized" re-education), Xinjiang's authorities gave a press conference on March 31, 2017, right before the internment campaign, and made the following blunt statement: /11
"[It was] emphasized that the Regulation … constitutes the implementation of the central government’s policy decisions and deployments, especially to implement the important instructions and requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping…" /12
This was followed by stern admonitions:
"...strengthen ... inspection of the implementation of the Regulation, increase the intensity of conducting thorough investigations, ... punish at every turn, discover problems, deal with them seriously, [in order to] create deterrents"/13
In November 2018, at the peak of the internments and after the revised Revision admitted the existence of "vocational centers" for "transformation through education," a leading Xinjiang official made the following blunt statement:

"[C]arrying out Vocational Skills Education and Training work [the camps] in accordance with the law [the revised Regulation] is an important measure to implement the CCP Central Committee’s strategy of governing Xinjiang, with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core." /15
When the adverse impact of the internments on XJ economy and society was peaking, key intellectual groups in XJ were likewise told that the campaign represented an implementation of the will of the central government - likely to legitimize it (& show resistance is futile): /16
In late 2018, Xinjiang University lecturers visited the camps and presented their findings to colleagues and students. Their collective response is recorded as follows: /17
"Everyone [all present lecturers & students] believes that the establishment of the Vocational Skills Education and Training Centers is a major measure taken by [Xinjiang] to implement [Beijing's] CCP Central Committee’s strategy of governing Xinjiang…" /18
Up to now, such statements linking the camps to the central government might have been viewed as mere platitudes. However, w/ the new evidence, it is clear that they are sincere, legitimizing the camps as implementing Beijing's will (rather than being a local excess). /19
Xi himself gave a non-published speech in March 2017 at the Two Sessions, weeks before the internments began. The report discusses the context, evidence and circumstances surrounding this speech. [I'll do a separate thread on that later] /20

• • •

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7 Jun
This crucial new testimony from a Han police officer stationed in Xinjiang in 2018 (now in Germany) is a textbook lesson on mass atrocity dynamics.

Police "are taught" to view Uyghurs as "enemies", and hence treat them as such: torturing them is normal./1…
"As part of my police training, I was taught to see Uyghurs as 'the enemy.'" - This dovedetails with my new research that concentrated Uyghur populations are seen as a threat and "human problem" that must be dealt with. /2
Uyghurs can be arrested at will. Police are encouraged to make up "credible" pretexts for doing so. /3
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7 Jun
BREAKING: Reuters reports on my new peer-reviewed academic paper, which provides substantial evidence of Beijing's intent to curb Uyghur births over next decades as the only way to achieve stated national security goals - curbing up to 4.5m births by 2040.…
This academic report provides answers to key open questions of:
1) Beijing's intent with the Uyghur population (why they must/will suppress births), and
2) uses that insight to quantify the "destruction in part" based on Chinese researcher's population projections./2
The "destruction in part" as per the U.N. Genocide Convention is the difference between:
a) the projected Uyghur population by 2040 with current family planning, and
b) the Uyghur population by 2040 if Beijing's ethnic population "optimization" / dilution goals are met.

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23 May
@drStuartGilmour: you a) falsely state I don't cite Chinese scholars, b) omit many of my most salient findings such as detailed sterilization plans for Uyghur counties, c) ignore the entire Xinjiang policy context, d) attribute 60% birth rate drops in 24 months to free choice. /1
I would argue that the threat to be put in an internment camp for violating birth control regulations, quarterly-inspected government-placed (non-self-removable) IUDs, or "dragnet-style" investigations to discover and punish unapproved births, would impact birth rates. /2
Interestingly, drastic birth rate declines in 2017/18 in all four southern Uyghur majority prefectures, draconian new policies, a campaign of mass internment etc., and former internment camp detainee witness statements about forced sterilization, all happen to coincide. /3
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27 Apr
@GolleyJane has publicly endorsed what she calls an anonymous "scholarly paper" on Xinjiang.

This "paper" is a sub-standard work of denialism that thoroughly misrepresents my work, and bills sterilization as XJ "finally implementing family planning."/1…
@GolleyJane prominently endorsed it on TV, saying it was "written by scholars", that she had read it "twice, including the footnotes", and that it was suited to "debunk" key claims about the atrocity.

Instead, it distorts the integrity of my work. /2
The authors of this "paper" either don't speak any Chinese or chose not engage with a single original source.

Instead, they cherry-picked from bits of my work, misrepresenting its substance and method, and managing to make multiple mistakes in the process. /3
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14 Apr
Breaking: Xinjiang's latest 2020 Statistical Yearbook lacks ALL crucial population data:
- No birth rates by region
- No ethnic population breakdown
- No total population breakdown by region
- No data on birth control

This raises grave concerns over what Beijing is hiding. /1 Image
This unprecedented move literally eliminates almost any type of inquiry that would investigate Uyghur or other ethnic minority population developments.

This is a very concerning development that raises the troubling question of what exactly Beijing is hiding in Xinjiang. /2
Below is an initial list of missing data:
3-5 各地、州、市、县(市)户数、人口数、...
3-6 各地、州、市、县(市)人口自然变动情况
3-7 各地、州、市、县(市)分民族人口数
3-8 主要年份分民族人口数
3-9 各地、州、市、县(市)城乡及分年龄人口
3-10 各地、州、市采取各种避孕措施情况

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13 Apr
Breaking: New evidence provided by me to Bloomberg implicates three of the world's largest polysilicon makers in Xinjiang's coercive labor transfer program - including some of the most blatant evidence I have seen to date:
A corporate official from TBEA, parent company of Xinte, is stationed in a village and participates directly in village-based work teams that go door-to-door, entering Uyghur households to recruit them into labor transfers.

TBEA also holds mass inter-ethnic weddings (photo). /2
A batch of Uyghur laborers from Qira County is shown swearing the oath of allegiance to the Communist Party, about to be transferred to several companies, including East Hope, a major polysilicon producer. "Don't cause trouble, hard" they are told before being sent off./3
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