Quick thread:

Here's the deal about this much hyped Saturday's "Justice for January 6" rally.

Users on the extremist forums that hyped the rally-turned-riot on January 6 are not so hot on this one.

They're telling each other not to go, fearing it's a honeypot from the feds.
In the days before January 6th, sites like TheDonald and 4chan were littered with pictures of people boarding planes, posting pictures of guns, their hotel rooms, even maps of the tunnels beneath the Capitol.

They're calling 9/18 an "FBI rally." You mostly see posts like this:
Pro-Trump extremist boards have basically conspiracy theory'd themselves into inactivity.

Everything is "glowing," their word for a setup. Everything's a "false flag" or "honeypot."

They realize now their own rhetoric has put them in a bit of a bind.
Still, the rhetoric on these extremist boards is insanely violent. They're telling fellow users not to go — but if they do, get violent.

It's standard far-right extremist fare: Beg other users to commit terror attacks, but, if it happens, say it was a false flag by the feds.
Here's where it gets extremely stupid: Ron Watkins (board admin from 8kun, likely Q from QAnon) told people not to go to the rally on the 18th.

Pro-Trump forums are sick of Ron because of QAnon/the Arizona audit's false promises. So some are back on board for Saturday.
Look, 9/18 has a different feel than the run-up to the 6th online.

Major Q influencers like Lin Wood and a chapter of the Proud Boys on Telegram are also telling users not to go to the rally on Saturday.

The feds are clearly on edge about this, but it's not the same vibe.
Here's a full picture of the run-up to 9/18. It's pretty comprehensive.

Public-facing forums are in a much different stance than 1/6. The rhetoric is as violent as ever, but the open organizing and revolutionary vibes? They're no longer out in the open.

(Apparently this thread breaks here because I posted a screenshot with a violent sentence in it and Twitter's algorithm did not like that. Until I get a podcast to complain about this nonstop, forever, you can check out my story below.)
After we reported yesterday that pretty much every far-right extremist forum, militia Telegram, and Q influencer is calling Saturday's Justice for January 6th rally a trap, former President Trump himself is now calling the rally a "setup."

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Quick thread: I don't think most people know what antivaxx posts on Facebook really look like.

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