10 Freelancing cheat-codes.

That will make you 6 figs.

This knowledge took me years to build.

I shouldn't be giving it away for free, but I’m certain a few of you reading this will put it to use.

All that I ask from you is that you RT the first tweet.

Fair enough?


Let's dive right in.
1) Don't be a Graphic Designer, Copywriter, App designer expert.

When a CEO sees that you do 5 things, he assumes you're an amateur.

You won't get hired.

When a CEO sees that you only do one thing, he assumes you're a pro.

You will get hired.
2) Play the long game (Get results first, Moneybags later)

Don't look for paying customers before you can get them results.

-Practice your skill
-Get testimonials working for free
-Build your reputation in the community

If you don't do this, you'll have to refund clients and you're risking damaging your reputation.

Not worth the quick buck.

Get results now and you’ll have moneybags forever 💪🏻🥂💰
3) Work for free until you can command a high price.

Bad freelancers:

-Work with cheap clients.
-Deliver bad results.
-Have to give refunds.

Great freelancers:

-Work for free
-Get testimonials while they're practicing
-Start charging later
-Earn 6 figs+ later
4) F*ck Fiverr (Social Media is your golden ticket)

In Fiverr you're competing with cheap prices.

Meaning it’ll take you much longer to earn a serious income.

With social media you can build a following and charge whatever you want.

F*ck Fiverr. (And Upwork.)
5) Make a home base to build and travel every few months to recharge.

As a Freelancer, you'll be able to travel the world and do fun stuff.

But just know that the lifestyle can mess with your focus.

There's a time for traveling.

There's also a time for building.

Balance them and you will enjoy both.
6) You get paid for results not time (break the employee mindset)

If a client is hiring people to build Websites.

Freelancer A builds it in 1 week.

Freelancer B builds it in 3 hours.

Both get paid the same amount.

It's about the value you're providing, not effort.
7) It isn’t about how long you work, but what you work on 💰💰

If you're trying to get clients.

Spend 1 hour a day learning marketing, 2 hours on outreach, 1 hour working on your skill

You need to be good enough to get results, you’ll master your skill in time.

To get more clients?

Outreach is 👑 (send those DM’s).

✅ You have to understand what you need to work on in order to move forward.
8) Lead with value first.

People are used to people trying to sell to them and take take take.

When you come in offering value first?

You’ll stand out.

Here’s an example…
DM 1)

Hey man, can you give me a job?? I work for cheap!

DM 2)

Love your content. Saw your website could use some improvement. It's hurting your sales big time. So, I took some time to build a new version for you. Here you go, it's free. Hope this helps.
Which DM is better?

Smart choice. DM 2 is the winner.

Lead with value and you will get more clients than you can handle.

9) They don’t care about what you will do, they care about how you will benefit them.

They don't care for your degree.

They don't care how much time it took to learn this.

They don't care how you're going to do it.

Clients just want one thing.

✅ Results

Focus on that.
10) Copy what works, but make it WAY better.

People have been doing what you want to do for years.

They know what works, and what doesn't

Why would you waste time learning it from scratch?
Copy the pros, and once you're good enough?

Add your own twist (that’s where the real 💰 is)
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Always the best,
Saint MoneyBag

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Quick PSA:

This thread contains knowledge that took me 5+ years of trial & error and tons of success and failure to learn.

I should charge $100s for this but I'm giving you the juice for free.

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