@CovfefeAnon Honestly we all know what the nash equilibrium of this game is. The forces nature (women) have been unleashed. We are in a defect/defect scenarioz the women will try to maximise their strategy by sleeping around and trying to catch a chad and if it fails settling with a...
@CovfefeAnon Safe provider (This is difference between dating early 20s vs late 20s women boys, be careful out there). While the men will be divided solidly into two camps winner (maybe 10-20%) and losers. The winners will go wild and either settle or don't, they hold all the cards..
@CovfefeAnon While the losers will ironically enter an alliance with women to try to corner the winners into "growing up" and "commiting already!". They will do this however they can. This is because we are a monogamous society (for now, women will fight hard for polygamy in the not so...
@CovfefeAnon Distant future) and for every winner in a committed relationship there is a dozen women who are now "available".
This is the hack we have developed after thousands of years, restrain the majority of women, and the top winners through marriage. This is how to get a stable society
@CovfefeAnon All that being said. We are in hell currently. All institutions are breaking down slowly and we are entering into full anarchy.
My advice for men is simple, be a winner (not that hard and you known it) and sweep thr board clean, you have all the cards do whatever you want.
@CovfefeAnon Do not get psyopped by losers (most men) and women. Theformer will tell you, your behaviour is "degenerate bro" and that you should "return to god" which somehow always trqnslate to stop having sex with hot women and marry the first roastie that deigns to look at your direction..
@CovfefeAnon Women will pretty much tell you the same thing but from another angle. The only tool in womens arsenal has always been shaming and scolding which they use to great effect. Women psychologies are schizophrenic, they want the winners but can't admit it so they need....
@CovfefeAnon To obfuscate that fact under layers and layers of language and bullshit speeches which all boil down to "I am very attractive and winners need to commit to me because xysz."
Humans developed language to deceive each other....
@CovfefeAnon do not ever listen to a single word of life advice out of a womens mouth and the same is for any man who gives you advice that your grandfather who lived a 100 years ago would give you. Those are platitudes that sound good in theory but never hold up in the real world...
@CovfefeAnon And will only cause you grief.

TL;DR: DEFECT DEFECT DEFECT! Pursue your own self interest, everybody else wishes you harm and to benefit themselves, especially the moral busybodys, never let them scold you into submission.

• • •

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