It's lame when you can choose X additional starting languages and the choices don't matter. "I can speak Elven and Goblin," doesn't mean anything if you never see elves and goblins.

I'm a big fan of languages that have broad uses. Here's some I've come up with. Looking for more
Common can be understood by everyone. Literally everyone. It's a magical language that forces its meaning into your brain. If you don't speak Common, this is very uncomfortable.
Dwarvish is untranslatable. Spells like Comprehend Languages/Tongues automatically fail. If you don't speak Dwarvish, it's an untranslatable code.
Elvish is comprised of psychic syllables. Speakers are totally silent, but if you speak Elvish and are looking at the speaker in the eyes, you can hear them. You cannot tell a lie in Elvish.
Dark Elvish is a corruption of the Elvish language. It's also totally psychic and silent, but you can actually lie in it.
Draconic is hot. Speaking Draconic literally warms you up. In even mild climates, speaking Draconic is uncomfortable for humans since it raises their body temperature so much.

You cannot write Draconic on paper - it catches on fire. Only stone can bear the heat of its glyphs.
Halfling argot sounds like the local language, but has coded meanings that other speakers understand. "Say, is that a barn swallow?" might mean "The ugly human is listening. Let's mug him."
Birds and plants can understand Gnomish. They don't really care, they just, like, understand it.
What other examples of impactful languages are there that you like?

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27 Aug
People seemed to like the Tolkien art thread yesterday, so here's a another one.

The international editions of the Hobbit are funny things. Fantasy conventions haven't yet been established. Each illustrator filters the translated terms through their national fairy tale lens. Image
The result is bizarre but charming.

What did fantasy look like before Tolkien? How did people picture elves, dwarves, dragons, goblins?

Tove Jansson, who made my beloved Moomin, pictured Gollum as some sort of huge lily-pad wearing giant Image
The Japanese edition pictures Gollum as a more Creature of the Black Lagoon monster. Image
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26 Aug
Y'all know this account is like 50% RPGs/50% yelling about Tolkien. Time for some Tolkien hollering today.

This week I found two new-to-me Tolkien illustrators: Anato Finnstark and Denis Gordeev.

A thread of me yelling about why I like their art.
First, Anato Finnstark
All pics from their Artstation:

Has a real focus on servants of the Shadow, contrasting with the bright vivid colors of Middle-earth. He pulls on threads of details (like the crown of the Witch King) and evokes them in other scenes
Like, I love the mace of the Witch King here. It's not just a shapeless ball - it's the face of a grim old king. Perhaps himself in life?
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