The Indictment of Hillary Clinton's Lawyer is an Indictment of the Russiagate Wing of U.S. Media…
The DOJ's new charging document, approved by Biden's Attorney General, sheds bright light onto the Russiagate fraud and how journalistic corruption was key.

Yet amazingly -- or revealingly -- the journalists most responsible for this fraud have not even acknowledged this.
All four statements from this Hillary tweet 8 days before the election -- all four -- are complete lies. This scam was cooked up by her own campaign operatives, then fed to her media servants who laundered it, as she pretended she learned it from them:

Emails obtained from the indictment of Hillary's lawyers -- an indictment approved by Biden AG Merrick Garland -- make clear that even he knew the story was without basis. They peddled it anyway, to the FBI and gullible reporters, and many to this day keep pushing it. ImageImage
The key point: **Not one American** was indicted for criminally conspiring with Russia to interfere with the 2016 election: the core accusation that spawned the Mueller probe.

The criminality and corruption were from those who pushed the Russiagate scam:…
Just as was true with the Iraq War and @JeffreyGoldberg, the journalists who lied most shamelessly and frequently in service of the CIA and DNC's Russiagate narrative were the ones most rewarded by the industry:…

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21 Sep
POLITICO reporter @SchreckReports has a new book *confirming* the emails from Hunter Biden's laptop about Joe Biden's business deals in China & Ukraine are genuine.

People complaining about pre-election censorship by Google in Russia cheered Big Tech's censoring this reporting. Image
I have a copy of Schreckinger's important book and will write about it shortly. 2 points:

1) Kudos to him, as a young journalist, for reporting facts most in the corporate media don't want to hear.

2) Big Tech/Dem censorship of this story before the election was a grave assault
As a reminder, this is what happened:

* It was obvious from the start the Hunter docs were authentic.

* They concerned *Joe's* activities, not Hunter's.

* CIA lied, saying it was "Russian disinformation."

* Big Tech & media united to *censor* the reporting to protect Biden.
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20 Sep
This is an absolutely amazing speech justifying why, as the Mayor of SF, she was completely justified in violating the city's indoor mask mandate that applies to ordinary citizens. Top notch:
And her argument that it's unreasonable to demand she use a mask while eating and drinking -- aside from being hilarious since everyone saw the video where she was not eating or drinking -- directly contradicts Gavin Newsom's October edit the serfs to mask between bites and sips: Image
I can't fathom let alone express in words how authoritarian a mindset someone must be plagued with to believe that it's fine for political, cultural and financial elites to exempt themselves from the rules they demand everyone else obey.

Anger at that is practically instinctive.
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20 Sep
Meanwhile, numerous influential institutions are subjecting fully vaccinated people to extreme levels of control and surveillance.

The worst are academic institutions. They require vaccines, then take their pool of vaccinated 18-22 year-olds and use COVID to control their lives.
The only way to be free of control and coercion if you're vaccinated is to be a celebrity, a guest at Nancy Pelosi's donor lunch, Obama's indoor bash, the Met Gala, or the Emmys (though vaccinated staff must keep their faces hidden).

Only an authoritarian mind justifies this.
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19 Sep
In new video from Vogue, AOC and her boyfriend passed through a large team of masked servants -- all while they remain mask-free indoors -- as they prepared to attend a ball like the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Liberal discourse on COVID has zero relationship to science.
Someone please explain to me the scientific rationale for requiring servants indoors to have cloth covering their face, while the celebrities they serve are mask-free?

And what's the socialist praxis for this two-tiered mask system of servants and the served indoors?
Each time a Democratic politician arbitrarily imposes some new COVID restriction that not even the most restrictive countries (like NZ) have -- here's the NY Gov. using her new power to randomly requiring *2-year-olds* to remain masks -- we just submit:

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18 Sep
The Pentagon's Lies About the August 29 Drone Strikes Were Spread For Days By An Unquestioning Media

Over and over, US security services lie and corporate media spread them uncritically. This is a particularly vivid case. Watch:…
It's hard to overstate how common this behavior is. I'm not speaking here with 20/20 hindsight now that the Pentagon admits its story was false. I published a video on August 30 - one day after - criticizing the media for its complete lack of skepticism about these drones strikes
The only reason the Pentagon was forced to admit its drone strike story was false is all eyes were on Kabul, which enabled the NYT's superb investigation proving the story was false. But usually, the same thing happens and they don't get caught - thanks to media stenographers.
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17 Sep
There was nothing unusual about what the US did in Afghanistan: extinguishing an entire family and then getting friendly NYT & NBC reporters to ratify their lie that they killed terrorists but no civilians - except this time the whole world was watching:…
One of the most embarrassing tweets from a major media figure in years, though highly illustrative of how they so often do the propaganda work of the CIA, the Pentagon and other security state agencies:
Anyone honest knows what happened: the Biden WH, facing rage over the attack at Kabul Airport that killed 13 Marines, was desperate to do *something* -- anything -- to make Biden look tough, so they wiped out a whole family to avoid a bad news cycle accusing him of weakness.
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