I highly encourage every #dnd5e DM to consider PATRONAGE as a kingly reward in their games.

Having a rich, Noble, entitled ENTANGLEMENT that also benefits the party is SO GOOD.

Here's a few of the patronages I've done in the past:
Countess Hauldese saw a young swordswoman (swashbuckler rogue) defeat two bandits and kill an attack dog in a back alley of Luskan.

She offered a patronage - a swordplay exhibition for her guests in exchange for 10 gold a day for a year, to be repeated indefinitely.
Vraxis Amberglass was saved a great deal of embarrassment when a paladin (Devotion oath) apprehended his lover before she could murder a house guest.

He offered the paladin full patronage up to 1,000 gold a month, so long as the dragonborn lived and stayed within the law.
Felrit Hit-Harder, a retired boxer from Cut Curry Harbor ran across a young monk who happened to be an urchin himself.

Felrit, who married a rich governor, gave a writ of relinquishment to the monk - anything for sale under 100 gold the monk saw fit to take in the city was free.
Covering the cost of an inn stay, some potions, horses, whatever - it makes little difference to the game but having an NPC appreciate your PC's reputation enough to patronize them? That feels GREAT. And the more they give, the more they may see fit to DEMAND... it's perfect.

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22 Sep
Okay, #dnd5e hot take.

I think every subclass should start at level 1 like the Cleric does.

A whole lot of games start at level 3 because it's "when you get subclasses" but there's little reason to withhold it so long, EVEN IF, all you get at level 1-2 is flavor/fluff mechanics
If level 1 is the most dangerous level and DMs/Players hate it (in general) then adding robust subclass features to that level would help define the character's playstyle AND help prevent them from being murdered before they did anything cool.

"Hurry to level 3" shouldn't exist.
"They don't want to give too many options!"

I hear you loud and clear!

Like... choosing what style of weapon, style of armor, fighting style, and spells. Wait - we gotta do that already. But at least you can change them!... just like you can a subclass... uhhh... BUT STILL!
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22 Sep
I know I've got a brain thing going on that never used to be a problem, because if an NPC talks for more than about 30 seconds in a Videogame, I find myself squirming in my chair screaming "GET TO THE POINT" in my own head.
"Yes... I see... There is a magnitude to the reality that has been......... forced upon us............... but our efforts may make.......... all the difference."


"We can alter... the fate we-"
I admit it's usually when I'm in a cutscene or an idle screen and all I can do is read their voice text or quest text and listen to them talking - because I generally read all the text very very quickly and am left sitting there listening to them perform their lines.
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6 May
well son of a bitch...

If you're on Windows 10 - do i have the DISCOVERY OF A LIFETIME.

Uncheck this box and restart your computer. My idle memory use dropped 2 gigs!

Ive got 4 tabs, snipping tool, and Skyrim SE running and it's barely 50% - before the change it literally hit 100% while I was using photoshop and dumped me back to desktop and crashed everything.

I'm kinda mad at it, tbh.
Literally all i want y'all to do is tell your friends about this. Don't let them suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune as is made manifest in this little checkbox.

Save them.
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4 May
They're at work so I'll obviously never say anything, but the security guard watching over the doors at this vaccine wait area looks SO GOOD in their blazer, tie, and black slacks. Not a single hair out of place, eyebrows that would kill a man, creases sharp enough to shave with.
It's even more comical that there are a dozen teenagers in bikinis at the beach club to my left and I'm swooning over this queen adjusting her tie clip. Haha
Oh god, I glanced up and she looked me right in the eye, bury me in a shallow grave.
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4 May
Of cooooooooooourse it's hedge trimming day at 7:40am on a Tuesday.

i've complained for a year, but the order of operations by the lawncare here irritates me to no fucking end.

7:30am - Weedeat, trim hedges, blow trimmings.
9:00am - Mow, blow trimmings AGAIN
10:30am - rake silently
11:00am - wash siding silently
12:00am - silently wash sidewalk
so they wake everybody up: nurses, doctors, remote workers, essential employees - everyone who's working those 8pm-3am shifts that keep the world working, by ROARING with 8+ leaf blowers and weedeaters and mowers for 2 hours, then they quietly do sprinkler maintenance and shit.
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22 Apr
I miss playing pool, going to the gym, shopping with friends, and going shopping without looming fear.

It's one if those things where I was getting antsy in March 2020. And now I'm just... Ugh.

Butt gerblins.
Used to be: Friday, see if Phoenix wanted to go shopping around town, maybe Bed Bath and Beyond, Ikea, pick up stuff from Sam's Club on Saturday or Sunday when Brandon was free, too. Go to the gym every few days, remind myself what real weight feels like.
Go to one of those oldschool pool halls where the regulars sit at the bar all night and watch sports or talk about old times and I'd just rack up 3-4 games and play alone, smell the french fries and beer on the air. Maybe invite a friend.
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