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Jess has a very good thread. And she is right.

I’m putting on my Army Strategist hat while I smoke from my game design pipe. Here is why she is right. A thread.

#dnd #dnd5e
First off, real world military structures cannot be used as a comparison in fantasy world military structures. This is actually a HUGE flaw in game design.

Militaries since the beginning of time have been evolutionary. They exist to defeat and overcome obstacles and enemies. Every time an enemy blocks an army from achieving success, the army evolves. Military innovations arise, and new tactics implemented.
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creators who are looking to try writing for things other than #dnd5e...pace yourselves? Rome wasn't built in a day, and I for one am certainly not making any decisions that will bankrupt me out of principle, I'm no good to anyone if I ruin myself. learning new stuff takes time
if it takes months, or years, then that's how long it takes

if you need to keep writing what pays the bills in the meantime, then it is what it is

slow and steady wins the race, and a consistent message is better than a flash in the pan
there are some people that will never be happy, and everyone has their own way of going about improving their surroundings

you can disapprove and think things can be better without a meaningless boycott that removes your ability to feed your family
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#Race in #DnD:
Racial Essentialism is the view that talents, behaviors, and&personalities can be generalized across groups of people simply in virtue of their 'racial' category. It's the core of real world racism.

So why is it an central part of #DnD5e?
#ttrpg @wizards_DnD
I know, orcs & elves aren’t real. But folks who have suffered racist harm often recognize racial essentialism when they see it, & seeing it when they are trying to make their PCs for #DnD can ruin their fun and alienate them.

#ttrpgs #DnD5e @Wizards_DnD

Imagine including another form of social violence as a necessary part of PC creation in #DnD. Imagine if you had to encounter sexual assault when making your #DnD5e character! Yes, it's pretend. But that still can ruin someone's experience.
#ttrpgs @Wizards_DnD
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A note on #racism in #DnD:

#Race in #DnD5e is essentialist. That’s what’s wrong with it. That means it ascribes things like ability, alignment, language, & skills to race, when those are clearly cultural/learned.


Now is biological essentialism always bad? No! If you play Pugmire, your PC just is a doggie by birth and that’s the point.

Indeed, it’s not by itself racist or bad to play D&D as written. You aren’t a bad person and those who created it aren’t either. But!!

But the problem is that racial essentialism UNDERLIES RACISM IN THE REAL WORLD. And lots of folks who have experienced real racism recognize that and it makes the game no fun for them.

Real world racists ascribe goodness or evil, innate smarts or violence, to whole races. 3/?
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When you're writing an adventure for #dnd5e, try present the quest/job/bounty in the following order.

Tagline: "The gargoyles have come to life!"
Reward: "For each of the creatures you slay, I offer 80 gold pieces. If you find my missing men, I'll double the reward."
Guidelines: "Their roosts is irreplaceable. If damage comes to the repaired church, you'll answer to the Duchess."
Description/Background: "One of my men, Salfax, saw the creatures coming to life with his own eyes. There was no enchantment, no mage casting spells, just a stroke of lightning that hit the church. A moment later, death descended on the town."
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Thread of things people criticize #DND5E for not having rules for that’s actually in the rules:

(1) Variable success/failure on ability checks. DMG p. 242
(2) Rules for social interactions:

DMG p. 244
“The default setting for D&D is Forgotten Realms. I don’t like Forgotten Realms.”

(3) Rules for designing your own setting

DMG p. 25
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One of my #DnD friends wanted to try DMing, but was worried it might be too much work. I shared some tips that may be useful to other aspiring (but lazy) Dungeon Masters:
Wear a wristwatch. Pretend the minute hand is the hour hand, and that's your in-game time. A two-hour game will last 24 hours for the characters. Whenever your players ask, "How long has passed?" you can tell them the exact time.
Steal movie plots. So far my players have visited a dragon zoo before the dragons escaped (Jurassic Park) boarded a ship on which everyone has been killed by a mysterious creature (Alien) and protected a woman who was prophesised to give birth to a great general (Terminator).
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Going through Explorer's Guide to Wildemount right now. I've reached Dunamancy spells, going to live tweet my impressions in this thread. 1/16
#dnd #dnd5e #Wildemount #dunamancy
Cantrip: Sapping Sting
If we compare this to Frostbite, it does less damage, less range, a weaker secondary effect (subjective), and no real upside (arguably necrotic is a bit more reliable than cold). Not a strong spell, even for a cantrip
1st Level: Gift of Alacrity
I wouldn't invest a spell slot into this at low level, but using a low level slot at higher levels to provide a significant buff that lasts all day and doesn't use concentration? Yep, sign me up.
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Y'all told me you wanted it, so without further ado, let's talk about the #Eberron: #AshesoftheLastWar #dnd5e groups on what they've discovered on their journeys so far!

There's a Friday group and a Sunday group, which will each be getting their own threads. Let's begin!
- Anemone, Khoravar (Half-Elf) War Wizard @_praxidikai
- Arend, Khoravar Axe Sculptor @rmalena
- Leonus, Halfling Plague Accursed @Uberelephant
- Milo, Halfling Swashbuckler Rogue @sigmanuggets
- Pepper, Halfling Bard @PleasantDoom
- Valon, Valenar Bond Druid @WillRamsay5
They work for Morgrave University in Sharn, where a couple of professors - the gnome Farblen McGlurk, Chair of Folklore & History, and human Yasha Patrice, Professor of Astral Physics Theory - have assembled a specialized research group to study topics unavailable during the War!
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Cover for Mythic Odysseys of Theros
AD Kate Irwin #dnd5e
My 3rd Dungeons & Dragons cover & another incredibly fun one. This however I felt was strongest in the middle, and while I ended up slightly (only slightly) disappointed, I leaned a thing about my comps. Lets go thread! ->
Brief! unlike the other two I've done that offered a singular focus with lots of detail/clutter, this piece would be a challenge of managing all of the important elements. how much space does the hydra take up? where is this statue? Can everything fit together nicely?
Early thumbnail sketches. I was a very fun challenge to try to get the fight working because I was relieved from having two characters fight one another (an awkward thing that usually requires you to show both faces) but also I have this giant ... thing taking up a lot of space!
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So I played a round of #dnd5e last night that was 6 months in the making.

Buckle up, kids, and let me tell you the tale of Drezzar...
My bestie DM Troy (who is a set designer) and my friend Peter have always loved visual extravaganzas. This is an example of a typical Wednesday night for our group
Well, Peter and Troy has the idea that you can stack sets and make a dungeon. They found an old dresser on the side of the road and got started. Six months of complete secrecy later, they rolled this out
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#PlotHooks Episode 2 is out Saturday morning at 10 EST!

And as promised yesterday, here’s what to expect! (mini-thread)

#DnD #DnD5e #dungeonsanddragons #RPG #roleplaying #collaborativestorytelling #podcast
In “The Prime Material,” Samuel and Matt begin a series about using the Upper Planes of #DnD’s cosmology in your story. We discuss using these planes as a whole, and then zoom in specifically on Elysium and Bytopia. We’ll look at more of the Upper Planes in a later episode. (/2)
In “The Wilds,” we take a look at different ways of using the classic Mimic in your narrative, outside of just using them as chests. (/3)

#Mimic #PlotHooks #DnD #DnD5e #dungeonsanddragons
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If you enjoyed my Avatar Thread / #YubiViews / Anything else I do and u wanna support me, here's a small thread of how you can! You are never obliged to do so, and I am exceedingly grateful for all and any support in all its forms!

Let's go! 1/7
1) The simplest way? Retweet stuff. It helps so much! I do a lot of stuff in the #DnD and #TTRPG circles, so it's great when people see my stuff!

2) I have a Ko-Fi: Slinging me a coffee means so much to me and I am so grateful for each one!

3) I have a podcast! It's a #ttrpg #podcast DM'd by me, a pan, #nonbinary human, with a main campaign in #DnD5e and loads of other systems! We're full of #LGBTQ rep in cast and story, we've got goofs, plot, giveaways, and spook galore! @TheMortalPath for eps!

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Controversial #DnD tweet (don't @ me until you read the whole thread 😅)

In my opinion, most #dnd5e #ttrpg #rpg streams shouldn't exist. Not saying they should be cancelled but I think people need to think a lot more before starting one. [...]
The reason I say this is based off my exp in the cannabis industry, which is surprisingly similar to this new #rpg #dnd industry.

1) They were heavily stigmatized for years
2) People are super passionate about them
3) They are now having a renaissance of epic proportions [...]
Both industries now have TONS of passionate people who want to create and make a living from their passion. That's great.

What's not great is that, unlike most products, a consumer of streams can only watch one stream at a time, and it takes up their time/attention. [...]
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I made a little #TTRPG / #dnd5e zine for the con the other weekend, and now you can read it online for free.

Here, have a critter (or 5!). Fight them, thrall them, or befriend them! No rules, just right!
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Alright Twitterverse, listen up! I want to try something CRAZY. You and I, we're going to play some #DnD5e together. I'll be the DM, and all of you together will be the player. Each day I will post a new 24h poll. Your answers will determine what happens next in the story. 1/...
Should be fun, am I right? You'll all be like a hydra character, having one body but with many minds. The more people playing the game (number of votes), the more interesting the choices will be! Help us expand the hive of players by retweeting with the hashtag #TwitterDnd. 2/...
The goal is to connect with people in a fun and engaging way and give them a shared experience together. If I can also show new players how easy it is to get into #DnD5e so much the better. We'll try to keep it simple with traditional rules and see how far our hero can get. 3/...
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Und weil es die liebe @chra war die mich wegen @KhazAndCrit drauf gebracht hatte, gibt's den #Duetgame Thread jetzt auch noch in deutsch für die #pnpde #ttrpg Twitter Blase 😘

Duospiele - 1on1 oder Duetgames - was ist das?

#Duetgame = 1 #ttrpg, 1 #GM / #DM + 1 Spieler

Du kannst ein Duetgame mit den Regeln von so ziemlich jedem #ttrpg spielen

#ttrpg #dnd #dnd5e #pnpde
Ich habe die meiste Erfahrung damit #DSA und #DnD / #dnd5e Duetgames zu leiten, aber ich habe auch schon #Duetgames in #Shadowrun und #Vampire the Masquerade gespielt und es hat super funktioniert und hat so viel Spaß gemacht!
#ttrpg #pnpde
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So, the #DnD kids have managed to come up with the best improvised weapon I've ever heard of. Henry the Hazardous, an angry scarecrow on a stick. Here follows the saga of Henry.
My #DnD5e youth group were attacked by a scarecrow. The barbarian decides to grapple him, and succeeds. He then wants to hold the scarecrow aloft by its pole, so it can't reach down and get him. Sure, but you have to roll Grapple again to restrain, I say. He succeeds.
So now he's got this scarecrow waving over his head like an angry Wacky Wobbler. But Emily, I hear you say, doesn't the #DnD5e scarecrow have two legs and move like a humanoid? Yes, but I described it as resembling a classic scarecrow tied to a pole at the start of this fight.
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In creating the planeshifter and survivalist, the biggest question we had to answer was, "How do you bring nature-focused classes to a science fiction game?"

In the traditional sense, nature plays a relatively small part in sci-fi. There's a heavier focus on tech. #ttrpg #DnD5e
We've been calling the upcoming supplement 'the nature book' because of the two classes that are its capstones. But how does that work in space? What's a druid to do? Not much flora and fauna to see if you're not on a life-sustaining planet.

So we started by redefining 'nature'.
The void is part of the natural world, and so are any creatures that inhabit it. Asteroids, moons, celestial bodies - all these constitute nature, even if they're inorganic! Add in spaceship and station greenhouses and weird beasties and plants and you've got plenty to go on!
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Rather than padding NPC text, I think WOTC should look at better presenting encounter areas. I suggest we need only ever have the following headings:... (1/x) #dnd #dnd5e
Area Name/#, Features (light, terrain, ceiling/dimensions), Creatures, Traps/Hazards, Exploration, Interaction (2/x)
Area Name/# is self explanatory: "1-5. Goblin Barracks."

Features includes light (natural, dim, dark, 'lit by torches' etc.), ceiling height (indoors), cover options, difficult terrain. Save more complex stuff for the Traps/Hazards heading. (3/x)
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Alright. I'll bite and try to give some kind of guideline to help you run megadungeons for #dnd5e (well, any #tabletop). General principles, at the very least.
- A thread -
There needs to be several reasons for your PCs to explore the place beyond "cool loot." While players LOVE loot, they don't want to, well, have their PC die.
CURIOSITY can be one of those things. "What new aspect of this story waits in the next level/room?"
That is how your PLOT (a dungeon, like any story, needs to have a plot or plot beats) should function. What about this megadungeon will drive my players to go INTO IT not OUT OF IT. "You're at the bottom fight your way out" is lazy and uninspired.
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(So 3rd attempt writing this thread. Now condensed)

#DnD World Building thread:

I'm writing up a largely sandy island for a #DnD5e campaign 🏝 The island is loosely shaped like a spear head, with a mountain ridge running along what might be seen as the spears ridge / fuller 🗡
I love the phonetic sounds of the Arabic language for this location. I'm currently thinking the island is called internationally as Al 'Ard Ramali. Which roughly translates to The Land of the Spear. Is that too many syllables for a countries name? Does it flow? ⁉
At the very tip of the island (the pointy end), is the capital, a large trading port city that is literally & physically split in two ⚓ It is known for trading in exotic items, precious metals & precious gems. Due to the desert environment that largely covers the island, food...
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My dads first DnD group back in the 80s reached max level and had all of their own castles. I am currently his DM and am going to run a dungeon crawl through his old castle since I found his old map. Going to see how long it takes him to notice! Very excited 😃 #dnd #dnd5e #ad&d
Wow thanks for the love everyone! I will do my best to record the audio of this and definitely will update you all on the outcome 😃
I am absolutely floored by the outpouring of support from everyone! Thank you! Game day is this Sunday so I will be tweeting what happens for everyone during our game night 😊
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As I start my descent on this flight from my gaming past, I would like to share verbatim a post I made on G+ in 2014:
I feel like D&D 5e has art that speaks to me.
When I was young and first getting into the hobby, I just accepted that the game was written by white men. 1/
...And based off fiction written by white men. When it came down to it, the art didn't matter because people can look like what I wanted to see in my mind.

Over the years, RPGs started being more inclusive in their art, including D&D, with Regdar technically being black 2/ well as the monk whatever her name was. It was hard to tell their ethnicity because they were light skinned. Still, I thought it was cool but it wasn't a big deal.
This art, however, is unmistakable. I love it! 3/
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