Ms Norah Okafor shares a frightening experience in her own words.
''At exactly 1:36am,I was alerted by my brother that there are armed robbers at my gate trying to make their way into the compound. Because it was an electric fence, I didn't bother enough because I felt they can't
make their way in. Alas, I was wrong. 2am on the dot they made their way into the compound. They came prepared. Over 25 of them with two hilux buses, masked and dressed in black upon black. A huge one climbed the fence, with a plier and immediately cut off a few of the wires,
jumped into the compound and with an axe, broke the gate key open and zoom they made their first entry into my apartment. As a nude sleeper, while they tried to make their way into the compound, I found something to wear while my brothers and I were thinking of a way of escape.
The worst case scenario for me is that they will rape or take the only valuable available (a car key) so I prepared my mind.
The next thing I realized was that about 7 of them were already in my room with shouts of "lie down, face down, on the light, where's your phone, where's
your car key, where's this and that.. Confused me. Seeing over 25 hefty men with different kinds of guns, meehn, e don be, be that.I handed the phone to them with the key, before then, they have already taken hold of my laptop. I turned to be sure these were armed robbers,
and they asked for my passwords to all the devices collected with masking tape to identify each. Still in shock, I heard someone destroying everything in the kitchen, my room, that of my brothers and all the drawers. I was still asking myself what's happening? They asked me to
stand and follow them downstairs, lo and beyond, they unmasked themselves, hmmmm..are these kind criminals? I asked. All my neighbours were already going through the same pain as I.
They have already given my brothers a beating of their lives, carried my neighbour downstairs and
tried unlocking all the cars in the compound. And after searching all the phones and laptops, three of their men walked in, lo and behold, it was EFCC. What? I screamed. Shut up, was the next thing l heard and when they couldn't open my phone, they asked me to, I did and after
a while I just asked, please where is your office so I can come pick up my things on my way to work, they asked me what I do and I said "journalist", asked my neighbour he said "lawyer", the other "doctor". They looked at me, handed over the phones and said
" we just wasted our time".
These fools, spent over one hour molesting and destroying things in this compound. I feel so pained and embarrassed right now.
Is this how EFCC operate? How did we get here? Who is the informant? I am just confused right now.
Thank God my mum isn't here...''
-Ms Norah Okafor.

• • •

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Thankfully, most, or nearly all of my core societal values, dignity and critical views on leadership (till today) were formed, nurtured, instilled in me as a young boy
while at Deeper Life Bible Church.
Albeit, Felix Ojobor and I never stopped asking tough questions on the church's doctrines which we saw, then, as personal and cultural influences on how members were expected to act, behave and live their lives as Christians.
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was for just one tin.
“Just one?” I thought to my self
I knew I could easily get that on the street, so I wasn’t bordered.
But she wasn’t done...
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“Why travel all the way to the market? All for just a tin of tomatoes?” I thought to my self.
Like I said, I had no idea what was coming. She really made sure I understood the instruction perfectly. As if that wasn’t enough, she instructed me to be home soon( it was getting late
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''History and empirical evidence have taught us that if you give Miyetti Allah or their cohorts 5,000 sqm, they will use it as a springboard to continue their undisguised conquest and empire building agenda. Ask the people of Southern Kaduna, Plateau, Taraba and Benue states who
today have lost thousands of communities, with hundreds of thousands of their people in refugee camps in the last six years alone.
If the DTSG must invest in livestock farming, let it be strictly state-owned and operated by trained indigenes and investors operating strictly on
business model. It should never be given to an alien ethnic group with a historic track record of violence and spurious claims to the ownership of other people’s ancestral lands. No sane person deliberately invites a virus into his home.
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