1) by my early teens, the darkest, tortured days of Stalinism were over. I can say in complete honesty that what the western world is now experiencing is far worse than the Czechoslovak style of communism in the 60s. The forced inoculations, the threats of lost livelihood
2) the ever present censorship, the atmosphere of repression and fear and, most of all, the docile population, are more akin to the darkest post war years, when Stalin's unlimited reach had all of Eastern Europe trembling.
The compliant populace, the boot licker "expert" class, the ostracizing of apostates, the shaming of folks who must publicly recant and submit to the medical terror if they want to keep their career, the State usurpation of parental rights
and indoctrination - all of it worse than Eastern Europe post the 20th Congress (1956)
The speed with which all this happened is unbelievable. BUT: friends, there IS hope. The bureaucrats are weak and afraid. The power is ours. The tables WILL turn. Truth shall prevail

• • •

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29 Sep
1) The world has irrevocably changed. Can anyone believe Australia will be the same country in 2029 it was 2019? Will a last minute plan, hopping on a plane for a quickie vacation in Barbados be possible? Doubtful. Untold millions will be dealing with PTSD for decades
2) There may be supply line issues but therapists will do very well. In time, religious faiths will attract new followers and bring old ones back to the fold, for we will be looking for safety in numbers. I am a firm believer - as many here know - in "truth shall prevail"
3) and I don't lose hope, even though the days are darker and the nights longer. But I also remind myself where the phrase "truth shall prevail" comes from. It was uttered by a man about to be burned at the stake for heresy. Czech philosopher and Church reformer, Jan Hus
Read 11 tweets
25 Sep
1) Despite an avalanche of bad news, despite the calamitously awful Biden administration (worst in my lifetime and I go back to Eisenhower...though I was a babe-in-arms), I feel a certain amount of optimism. Let me tell you why - feel free to tell me I'm full of it
2) Bill Gates is nowhere to be seen. While I'm sure we miss his medical advice, it's better for the world if he shuts the fuck up for at least a decade or two.
Australia looks awful but may actually be a good portent. The government in Victoria is in full moral collapse.
3) They cannot deliver on Zero Covid and know their next step is firing live rounds into crowds. Australia not being China, the result would be quite different to Tianamenn 1989. I predict other cities joining in with Melbourne. Australia will be the locus of revolution
Read 9 tweets
6 Sep
it has become painfully and blindingly clear that our governments, having piled one unforced error upon another, have arrived at a deadly impasse. The mRNA salvation has pooped out. Now what? More coercion? More masking? More massive vaccination?
no answer is forthcoming from Messrs Fauci, Collins or Gottlieb or Miss Wallensky. When you have only one answer (vaccines) and no question is being asked to which the answer fits, you are royally screwed. Sadly, we've been dragged along down this mineshaft of disaster
and no leader has emerged who dares to say out loud what our overlords know full well: no pandemic has ever existed which could be traversed without herd immunity. Since they have now vaccinated us out of herd immunity, sooner or later someone must publicly admit
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16 Aug
I am SO angry, I'm beside myself!!! What are all these unelected nobodys, these dumb automatons, many past retirement (Fauci, Collins) doing? "Unvaccinated Americans are sitting ducks" "We are in for a world of hurt" "Skyrocketing numbers" "Delta devastating Floirda"
THIS is public health? THIS is how you talk to ordinary citizens - none of whom ever elected you, you clueless shitheads! If we are in a pandemic, your role is to calm people down (Psychology 101) "We now have treatments, we know much more about the virus
We have Regeneron, we have other meds. Cases are up, the death rate is way down from previous peaks" See? I can do it, and I'm a jazz musician. You have been entrusted with a sacred task: as doctors, *first do no harm* But NO! You choose to coerce, to excoriate,
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24 Jul
1) thread
I wish to make one thing clear. The recent speech by Israeli PM Naftali "The Clean" Bennet is the dregs of repulsive fascism. I do not hesitate to call it what it is and I call for this bastard's immediate removal from office. However, in light of my family history
2) I refuse to use the word "Nazi" or to use any direct comparison to Goebbels and the rest of the psychopath murderers of 80 years ago. The Nazis tried to kill my mother z"l in Auschwitz, as they attempted to annihilate the Jewish nation. As someone who finds the memory
3) of the 6 million murdered sacred, I will not lower myself to using direct comparisons or - even worse - calling Israel a Nazi state, the way Hamas and Hezbollah do. I recognize that medical fascism has gripped the whole world, as predicted by a few clear eyed historians
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15 Jul
(I) I've had some pushback for daring to liken our current state to fascism. In fact, I've been calling it "medical fascism" since March 2020; a term I picked up from the Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben (though I believe his term is "hygiene fascism")
(II) As the child of Holocaust survivors and as a person raised under Communism, I dare say I have more insight into our current predicament than do observers and commentators who have never lived under a tyrannical regime. I get scolded for using the term "fascism" lightly,
(III) which - it's being alleged - disrespects those who fought and died fighting the *real* fascism. I think the confusion stems from the fact that a lot of American and Western members of the commentariat equate the term with gas chambers and electrified fences.
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