(I) I've had some pushback for daring to liken our current state to fascism. In fact, I've been calling it "medical fascism" since March 2020; a term I picked up from the Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben (though I believe his term is "hygiene fascism")
(II) As the child of Holocaust survivors and as a person raised under Communism, I dare say I have more insight into our current predicament than do observers and commentators who have never lived under a tyrannical regime. I get scolded for using the term "fascism" lightly,
(III) which - it's being alleged - disrespects those who fought and died fighting the *real* fascism. I think the confusion stems from the fact that a lot of American and Western members of the commentariat equate the term with gas chambers and electrified fences.
(IV) It doesn't need to be that way, at least not initially. Fascism is the obsessive governmental focus on a problem (a problem that is magnified and augmented by relentless fear campaigns). As a result of this obsession, the government then curtails basic rights
(V) - travel, assembly, expression - which it claims is vital in order to defeat the problem. Individual rights cease to have importance because now we are "all in it together" and must remain united until the problem (enemy) is vanquished. This dictum remains identical
(VI) across Communist or fascist tyrannies: for the Germans, the unifying problem were the Jews ("vermin") For the Soviets, it was "class enemies" (incidentally often Jewish as well). For Kim Jung Il it's simply anyone who doesn't see he's God. Unity must be maintained
(VII) and in the name of that unity, all measures and proscriptions are permitted. In 2021 the "enemy" is a respiratory virus but governmental methods do not differ, except in severity (so far) Vaccine passports, limited opportunity, curtailed speech (lest it be "misinformation")
(VIII) I'm here to tell you that the Communists also always labeled any morsel of truth that penetrated the Iron Curtain "misinformation". The term "medical fascism" is entirely appropriate. Do I foresee concentration camps in the near future? I do not, although some of
(IX) the so-called "quarantine hotels" aren't hotels, let's be honest with ourselves. If we avoid calling things what they are, if we pervert language (George Orwell warns of this with extreme lucidity), the fascists have already won. And that is why I refuse to mouth slogans:
Fight the language and you'll be fighting your enslavement. Go along with these "necessary measures" and you are locking your own handcuffs with keys handed to you by your munificent rulers

• • •

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23 Jun
1) we are a society of self-absorbed, narcissist robot-children. We do not value family. We do not venerate old age. We either reject children or we treat them as cute appendages, like white poodles on a leash. We do not save or plan for the future and we forget the past
2) We think the past is just a boring regurgitation of phrases from history books. The words "communism" and "fascism" have no meaning and hold no threat or dread. We won't watch foreign movies because we can't concentrate on reading subtitles.
3) In the meantime, 40-year-olds zoom down our streets on skateboards, on their way to mom's basement to play video games. The past has nothing to teach us, the future is irrelevant and the present is boring. But we can alleviate our boredom by taking selfies
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20 Jun
1) The announcement by the EU that vax passes will be needed for travel as of July 1, 2021 is profoundly disturbing. The pass is being positioned as the "great liberator" which will allow people to take their "well earned holidays" It's nothing of the sort
2) It is a sinister move by the European Union, less than 80 years after the Nurenberg trials, to introduce discriminatory measures by dividing society into the "clean" and the "unclean" If we believe that the C19 vaccines are effective, then this paranoia is misplaced
3) Get vaccinated and you are protected. The vax status of the person standing next to you on the train shouldn't concern you. Therefore, the EU is signaling not only its intent to divide but also its lack of trust in the vaccine. I note with substantial sadness
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17 Jun
1) I started the year 2020 as your middle of the road conservative. Although I disliked Hillary Clinton and her venal Democratic apparatus in 2016, I was not happy about Trump's victory. I thought he was too rude, too crude, too ignorant of the issues.
2) I supported his Middle East diplomacy, which I thought was Nobel worthy but thought his tariffs and his opposition to free trade was harmful and passe. I was raised by Holocaust survivors, two very modest people. The ostentatiousness Trump displayed went against my grain
3) To be honest, I thought the Southern Baptist crowd who thought Trump was the second coming, struck me as crazy. My thinking was more or less in line with the Bill Cristol crowd - Republican "never Trumpers". Then 2020 happened. The more I read about Covid, the more I realized
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13 Jun
I assume we all have a red line. The vax pass is mine. It's my hill to die on. My barricade. Czech friends tell me: get yourself vaccinated so you can visit. Are you crazy? Has Starbucks coffee and McDonalds burgers clouded your mind? 40 years of Communism forgotten?
Does your new found freedom mean nothing to you? And they say: That's your American hysteria talking. You must be a Trump voter (yes, even Czech friends are TDS infected) It's just a shot, you get your passport and we can go down a few beers in cozy Prague taverns
And I say: the fact that they've stolen your freedom and now they're selling it back to you piecemeal (until the next scary variant comes along) doesn't alarm you? And they say: no, we're not alarmed. We're in our late 60's now, not about to march to change the world.
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20 May
THREAD on creeping tyranny...I lived it
Prior to 1966, the citizens of Czechoslovakia required three things to be allowed to leave and re-enter the country: a passport, an exit visa and a foreign currency permit. In 1966 the authorities abolished the exit visa
for "fraternal socialist countries", such as Hungary or Poland. For travel to the West, one needed an official invitation on the basis of which an exit visa *might* be granted With exit visa in hand, one could get about $20 worth of hard currency - no matter the length of stay
This situation created two classes of citizens. Ones with relatives abroad had a chance of leaving the country, as did of course all Communist functionaries and apparatchiks. Everybody else was out of luck, though after 1966, a quick visit to Warsaw was ok
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7 May
In 1968, as we crossed the border from Czechoslovakia to Austria on a beautiful, sunny September day, my father told me: "My son, unlike me, you will live your life in a world of freedom. You'll travel where you like, say and publish what you like and associate with whom you like
For the next 50-odd years his prophecy was fulfilled. I have travelled freely and lived in six countries, acquiring the citizenship of a couple, learning new languages, touring as a musician and publishing short stories in Canada, the UK, Iceland, Switzerland and elsewhere
All of that came to an end 14 months ago. From my vantage point as a 68 year old semi-retired musician, the limitations put on my life now closely resemble the limitation put on my parents during Communism, limitations my father and mother did all the could to save me from
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