Yep, though it is possible to reverse this

I had a client recently that mentioned he would feel sick for 2-3 days if he ate junk food after just a few months following my dietary framework, when he before used to eat these foods daily
The key is cutting out hyper-palatable processed foods

These include fried foods, processed grains, iron-fortified foods, and foods with a lot of added sugar

For some individuals cutting out (cow) dairy may be necessary as well
Interestingly I've seen kefir have a significant impact on both reversing food sensitivity and helping individuals rebalance after cutting out problem foods

I believe this has something to do with the interaction of probiotics like L. casei with regulatory T cells
Influence of Dietary Components on Regulatory T Cells…

• • •

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3 Oct
N-acetylserotonin, the chemical byproduct of serotonin and precursor to melatonin, acts as an agonist of the TrkB receptor (the same receptor that BDNF activates)

This is another interesting pathway by which MAO inhibition may enhance the actions of neurotrophic factors
Increasing serotonin is also known to raise BDNF levels itself via activation of various serotonin receptors, we see this in SSRI's and other serotonergic supplements/drugs

This pathway could replicate a portion of these effects even if serotonin is not increased significantly
Mostly I find this interesting in the context of beta-carboline containing herbs which act as mild reversible MAO inhibitors, like ginseng or polygala

Most herbs with these properties behave well in rodent metrics of increasing neurogenesis
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2 Oct
I think I've found the mechanism behind the reports psychedelics reversing anosmia in some cases, I'll post the studies below

There's a strong association in rodent studies between the neurogenesis growth factors NGF and BDNF in creating new olfactory neurons
Psychedelics are known to increase these growth factors to what seems to be a remarkable degree, perhaps even lasting months after exposure

It seems that the elevated level of these growth factors improves healing of this segment of the nervous system
Hypothetically you could use foods and herbs which are also known to increase BDNF and NGF instead if you aren't comfortable or able to use psychedelics

If anyone has tried this I'd love to hear your experience so far
Read 8 tweets
28 Sep
I believe it's no coincidence that inhibitory neurotransmitters release chloride ions into the neuron while excitatory neurotransmitters release calcium or sodium

Chloride belongs to the halide family of elements and is highly electronegative, it acts as a dielectric blocker
What this means is that it reduces the dielectric constant of cellular water and limits the DC electric current between neurons

While we mostly think of signaling between neurons in terms of neurotransmitter release, they also utilize electric conduction
It seems chloride was selected for specifically because of its electronegativity which allows it to block both electric and chemical signaling between neurons

Calcium and sodium seem to have the opposite effect, perhaps due to their electronegativity being 1/3rd that of chloride
Read 4 tweets
28 Sep
Daily high-dose iodine supplementation (2 drops lugol's iodine) increases flouride and bromide excretion by 15x and 16x baseline levels respectively

This increased excretion is still present after 3 months of iodine use…
If you choose to use higher doses of iodine be sure to provide plenty of its cofactors selenium, riboflavin, and vitamin C as well

Magnesium and sodium may also be beneficial
I'd start with a lower dose and taper up intake, as I don't believe megadoses are necessary or advisable in many cases

Be aware that high doses of iodine can increase thyroid metabolism, and especially if not paired with proper selenium may contribute to thyroid disorders
Read 4 tweets
19 Sep
Berberine is notable among "anti-diabetic" herbs/supplements in the fact that it acts as a dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (DPP-4) inhibitor

DPP-4 is responsible for breaking down various peptides, including growth hormone, VEGF, and GLP-1, blocking it increases insulin activity
The "liptin" class of type 2 diabetes medication are based on this mechanism

Berberine shares other mechanisms with diabetes medications as well, such as activating AMPK (similar to metformin), but it is the only herbal compound I could find that inhibits DPP-4
DPP-4 inhibitors are known to increase satiation from food, lower blood glucose, and increase insulin release

AMPK activation may help to promote/maintain insulin sensitivity as well

According to one study, berberine may also reduce elevated total serum cholesterol as well
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14 Sep
Unfortunately, despite niacin raising HDL significantly, it doesn't actually improve heart disease

It originally looked very promising as a treatment for heart disease, but over the past few decades it hasn't panned out despite extensive research…
My theory is because in most individuals niacin raises HDL too much, putting it above the optimal range and actually increasing mortality

In theory, individuals with low HDL may still benefit by using niacin to put it back into this range
That said even in individuals with normal HDL niacin still does not increase heart disease, in the vast majority of cases it just has no effect, so there's no harm in taking it

Niacin is especially potent at increasing neuroplasticity, so there are many other mental benefits
Read 6 tweets

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