is this counter-psyops or are anti-NFT ppl just actually honestly and truly really stupid
imo theres no solution for mass re-education

the wealth inequality will just simply just keep increasing as the knowledge inequality increases

power law'd future, here we go
(i prefer not to say pareto because that usually implies 80/20, but i think itll be 95/5)

as a side note, i think this makes a very strong case for supplementary education on top of the basic curriculum taught at schools

if you want your children to have an edge over everyone else, you or someone else have to provide that edge
i will give my descendants the best training, the best library of knowledge, the best gear and i will duplicate my current world map with all my own footnotes and the footnotes of our forefathers

may the best bloodline win

• • •

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More from @DegenSpartan

5 Oct

deposit 1m DAI
take out 500k alUSD
convert alUSD to USD and cash out
buy house for 500k that pays itself off

risks: SC risks of alchemix and yearn

worst case: 1m blows up on chain, but you still have the house

best case: nothing blows up, free house in ~10 years
additionally, you can even go another step further and use the house to secure a HELOC with low rates and then bring back the USD to stables and earn the spread, accelerating the process and reducing the payback period

if it was me, i would do this extra step with cefi
lets say you get a shitty HELOC that can only draw down 50% and charges you 4%

you'd have:
500k home equity (with rental yield if not own use)
1M (principal) in alchemix @ 5%
250k (heloc loan) in cefi @ 8%
- 500k in alchemix @ 0%
- 250k (heloc loan) @ 4%

vs 1M DAI before this
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5 Oct
if true, what are the market implications?
who would be the winners?
wallets, bridges, aggregators, multi chain projects?
and the losers?
ancient SoV PoW chains? chain specific projects?
will they all win at the same time? or in phases?
the correct answer is 100% stables yielding single digits APY
in a multichain multi layer future with defi, nfts, stablecoins and competing SoVs in the form of various native tokens and security-like tokens, wtf is the value proposition of LTC or BCH
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4 Oct
DeFi Bear Market progress

Month 14 / 36
▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░░░░░░ 39%
u wldnt blv it Image
maybe i should call it "old eth defi"
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4 Oct
may explore this idea further one day

recently ive been intruigued about the possibility of re-tooling digital brains (eg. evernote et al) that are individual, to instead be communal / generational

generational makes more sense, 1 library, 1 maintainer

could also fork the DBs
sounds silly, but i think learning how to work a digital brain and to access old archives and make new notes might be the new and much more useful version of "learning grandma's secret recipe"

which funny enough, that recipe could also be in the archives, accessible forever
a bit of, give a man a fish vs teach a man how to fish vibes going on
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2 Oct
overengineered "defi" solution with potentially trusted assumptions across at times more than one third parties


CEX, probably regulated, works well most of the time
dont tell the decentralizooors that CEXes have very good chances of being the ideal hub

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2 Oct
we have so many bridges and routers, yet the "solution" of moving (asset A, chain X) to (asset B, chain Y) still does not have an intuitive formula to solve, with clear fees and bridging duration

not even talking normies here, this is still an issue for the crypto defi natives Image
possible routes (asset A, chain X) to (asset B, chain Y)

1. swap A to B on X, then move B from X to Y
2. move A from X to Y, then swap A to B on Y
3. swap A on X to B on Y

need info on
1) which route gives the largest final B on Y?
2) how long for each route?
3) bridge limits
even more advanced logic would search for unbalanced pairs on unbalanced chain bridges

and then tell you to detour from asset A to C to B
and/or from chain X to Z to Y

to maximize the final output amount
Read 6 tweets

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