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3 Oct
The Right:

"Covid is a scam, perpetuated by the Left to steal our freedom/autonomy, and to create a permanent state of governmental/physiological (microchipped vaccines) control."

Also the Right:

"Mexican/Central American immigrants are spreading a deadly virus across America"
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2 Oct
Imagine how the Right Wing Media Echo Chamber and Republicans would be reacting if, in 2016, Hillary Clinton (who conceded w/in 24 hours) claimed the election was stolen despite:

- Obama's Attorney General finding no evidence the election was stolen

- Obama's DOJ publicly finding no evidence the election was stolen

- Obama's Department of Homeland Security finding no evidence the election was stolen

- Obama's FBI finding no evidence the election was stolen

- And eighty-six state and federal judges, many of them appointed by Bill Clinton and Obama, and including a Supreme Court with 3 Obama appointees...finding no evidence the election was stolen....

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2 Oct
A really interesting thread using Ivermectin as a lens with which to observe tribalism/cultism, confirmation bias, cognitive processes, ego/identity investment, cognitive dissonance, etc. I'll marry the corresponding tweets/threads below: 1/
Let's start with cognitive dissonance:
Thread analyzing dopamine optimization, and how cult predictions or belief-debunking facts may actually reinforce dopamine optimization, and therefore cause people to re-invest in the conspiracy/belief: 2/
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2 Oct
Not sure what specifically you're referring to that has been reported recently, but the "Social Dilemma" is a docu-drama about that process. It would appear to tie in with addiction model analysis that I've written and spoke about:
The relevant addiction model analysis of rabbit hole (dis)information, where the 50/50, anticipation to reward ratio gets triggered by increasingly more fantastical information....: 2/
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30 Sep
Observations about Covid, vaccine effectiveness, media portrayals/hypocrisy, and even Jan 6th to show the dangerous effect “trickle down irrationality”:

When disinformation causes otherwise irrational behavior to appear rational.

Let's unpack.....1/

In the video above, @rubinreport uses Johnathon Isaac’s response about being unvaccinated to correctly encourage people to
- avoid summarily demonizing people
- have a measured, good-faith interpretation of other people's potentially good-faith “rational” motivations/actions
I agree. Jonathon Isaac was very impressive in that interview.

We won’t make progress as a society by engaging in the same behavior that helped create the problem. And : 3/
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29 Sep
Thread: "Our political system presuppose a baseline level of adherence to the rule of law....essentially the system is built on a fragile, consumer confidence-like faith/belief in the people-conferred power of a constitutionally-based democratic system..." 1/
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