1/ I do worry that as companies get to be more successful, the number of attacks from press, politicians, and trolls on CEOs (and rounds of congressional testimony) makes the job not fun, and they leave from burn out. Gates, Page, Bezos...
2/ America could be losing some of its best talent from this, and it has some parallels to what is happening to successful CEOs in China. You don't get moved to house arrest in the U.S., but it is our own version it, putting something that gets too successful in its place.
3/ (which doesn't seem very American btw)
4/ Of course, every company deserves to have scrutiny and should take an honest look at what it's doing well and not well, but the market solves a lot of this for us. People vote with their wallet, choosing what to buy.
5/ And the best way to keep flawed companies in check is to have new startups come disrupt them.
6/ So how do you build a company today that is resistant to demoralizing attacks from trolls the more successful it becomes? I am not sure, but here are a few ideas:
7/ First, hire employees and build a board of independent thinkers who are insulated from biased third parties scripting their minds. Inoculate your supply chain.
8/ Second, give customers (not just employees) a sense of ownership. Crypto has pioneered this, with many companies and protocols giving users a piece of what they are helping build. Facebook would be facing a lot less hate, if all their users owned a piece of the network.
9/ If people felt like everyone was growing together, there would likely be a greater sense of unity.

• • •

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1 Oct
1/ It's been about a year since my mission-focused blog post. It wasn't easy to go through at the time, but looking back, it turned out to be one of the most positive changes I've made at Coinbase, and I'd recommend it to others. blog.coinbase.com/coinbase-is-a-…
2/ We have a much more aligned company now, where we can focus on getting work done toward our mission. And it has allowed us to hire some of the best talent from organizations where employees are fed up with politics, infighting, and distraction.
3/ One of the biggest concerns around our stance was that it would impact our diversity numbers. Since my post, we've grown our headcount about 110%, while our diversity numbers have remained the same, or even improved on some metrics.
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17 Sep
Bitcoin has become legal tender in El Salvador.

Now that one country has tipped, who will go next?
Reminds me of what I wrote in my post on what will happen to crypto in the 2020s...
"In the 2020’s, I think we will see cryptocurrency adoption in emerging markets scale to hundreds of millions of users, with at least one country “tipping” so that the majority of transactions in their economy happen in cryptocurrency."

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16 Sep
1/ I've been getting more interested in the longevity space along with others in crypto. There is some really interesting research going on.

One of many interesting studies out there is being done by Matt Kaeberlein on Rapamycin peterattiamd.com/mattkaeberlein…
2/ Here is some more detail on the particular study they are running in dogs. They needed an additional $2.5m to get a statistically significant result on a ~9% increase in lifespan.
3/ A human study would be quite a bit more expensive and take longer, but dogs are a nice intermediate step in a higher order mammal. Unlike lab mice they share our environment, are not sedentary, etc. So if it works here, this is great data to then pursue a human trial.
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14 Sep
Apple taking a 30% cut on all digital payments on the iPhone is a bad policy that harms its customers, and it's great they are finally seeing pressure to change this.

It's so silly the number of things you can't buy without dropping going into a mobile browser (Audible books, etc). Many people who have been on iPhone a long time don't realize how much better this is on Android (Google enforces this less strictly, although not perfect).
If Apple had the courage, they should probably see the writing on the wall, and make this change voluntarily instead of having courts slowly force their hand over many years. Short term pain (from loss of revenue), but it would probably come back to them in spades long term.
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8 Sep
1/ Some really sketchy behavior coming out of the SEC recently.
Story time…
2/ Millions of crypto holders have been earning yield on their assets over the last few years. It makes sense, if you want to lend out your funds, you can earn a return. Everyone seems happy.
3/ A bunch of great companies in crypto have been offering versions of this for years. Coinbase came out recently and said we would be launching our own version.
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27 Aug
1/ One thing we're working on at Coinbase is improving our "crypto forward" hiring and culture. A couple quick thoughts on this…
2/ As we've grown as a company, we sometimes haven't had the best reputation for being on the cutting edge of crypto. This makes sense - we grew so quickly, that a lot of time went into just scaling and operationalizing the existing products we have, which was existential for us.
3/ We didn't always have the time to focus on the cutting edge stuff, when we were just trying to keep the existing stuff running. A high quality problem to have, but a problem none the less.
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