Individually: choose to do something where you can be Right Side Energy as much as possible. Which sometimes means choosing to bring Right Side Energy to whatever it is you happen to be doing.

Societally, make same possible for as many people as possible.
It’s painful how many institutions are designed not just to be oblivious to Right Side Energy but to either a) assume it is something that doesn’t exist in world or b) treat it as actively suspicious and have people whose literal jobs it is to stamp it out.
I’ll observe that I’ve been both left and right sides during my career and probably both within most single jobs I’ve had.
(I was asked by some African entrepreneurs recently what as an American I would choose to export as a practice from Japan and answered “The societal expectation that all social classes can reasonably find meaning in work and that doing so is praiseworthy.”)
(Lots to not like about the relationship between Japan and working but that bit, that I unabashedly love. And I’ll observe obligatorily changing over time and sometimes practiced in the breach.)

• • •

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6 Oct
I am endlessly fascinated by my annual physical in Tokyo, which is staffed by approximately 15 nurses and 2 doctors and apparently has probably 180-200 patients an hour throughout, entirely through good process design.
Everyone is constantly in a hurry but no one is rushing,
You do a tiny bit of prework to fill out a scantronned medical history. You get issued a number (for patient privacy) and lead to a waiting room. For next 90 minutes you listen as a string of nurses call your number and lead you off to separate room for diagnostics.
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4 Oct
The corollary of this is that with notable internal transparency, highly motivated and large teams of professionals, and well-know evidence-of-everything systems available, all whistles blown are consistently about hard problems and political disagreements not actual criminality.
That should update one’s priors if one thinks that it is probable that AppAmaGooFaceSoft are simmering hives of fraud and malfeasance.
“We sent thousands of spies into the target org and all we can find is dissatisfaction over the perf process and long debates over society-scale issues which there is no easy answer to. Clearly, must send more spies.”
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2 Oct
Few writers manage to make poignant and trenchant observations *anywhere* as frequently as @ByrneHobart manages in *his footnotes.* Image
The one about the realities of competition in environments where there is a brutal genetics and diligence filter to compete at all is good, too.
One of the reasons people who believe success is a lot about luck and people who believe their success is earned don’t see eye to eye is the first have a point and the second remember the 15+ years of hard work and hoop jumping.
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2 Oct
If you enjoy graphically minimalist classic roguelikes, Rift Wizard is pretty amazing.

It has *amazingly* tuned learning curve as the sole method of progression. The only way to get better at the game is to get better.

Sessions are short (15 minutes for me… when I’m smart).
It has been interesting as I’ve aged within this hobby to note that the set of things which pushes my buttons changes rather little but the form factor of them has changed a lot as e.g. life factors impose constraints on play sessions / etc.
“Give me an immersive fantasy themed world where I can spend 16 hours on a Saturday progressing in a 100 hour plus journey!”

*25 years later*

“Kids are finally in bed; can I get a dopamine hit in 25 minutes or so without feeling like a mouse in a lab experiment please?”
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2 Oct
Interesting law I just hit: STOP Act, which (to combat, explicitly, fentanyl deliveries from China to the U.S. via postal service) requires Post Office to block all international mail that doesn't have information submitted in advance with sender/recipient/etc electronically.
On the one hand "Let's just ban handwritten address and customs labels and get everyone on the electronic platform" has some pretty obvious efficiency gains.

On the other hand, sigh, sigh, sigh.
"How'd you hit this?"

If you walk into any Post Office in Japan with a handwritten address label for the U.S., containing say tax forms, it will be refused.

(There's a recovery process in place because, go figure, Japan Post thinks sending mail is a fairly core activity.)
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1 Oct
More and more effective treatments for covid is wonderful news, particularly because they're often less supply constrained than the vaccine is on a worldwide basis.
Fluvoxamine has also shown a lot of promise in several clinical trials, and it is an abundantly available anti-depressant which costs less than ~$1 for a full course of treatment.

(VaccinateCA was honored to be able to help out with patient recruitment for one of those trials.)
"What did you do?"

Conversion optimized the patient intake flow, mostly, because the faster they could intake patients the quicker they'd get results and thus the faster they'd publish.
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