1.That isn't the controversial part @harryenten. What's controversial but shouldn't be based on data is that 1. the true swing voter pool is small in any competitive race outside the NE 2. along w vote choice swings, Indies have massive turnout swings & are ideologically diverse.
3.although perceived moderation can be an adv, it the perceived part is key. GOP paints all Dem nominees as radicals while Ds fail to return the favor and 4. what matters the most is the perceived vitality of the candidate by the party orgs, which signals IE support as well.
4. Moderate candidates get massive party and IE investment because of the deep seated belief they are stronger electorally. In the polarized era, people can't accept that candidate effects are typically non-factors. Case in point Amy McGrath. 5. and that's because we have a
5. post-sorting, coalitional electorate where party loyalty is much stronger than it was 20 years ago. So what becomes "controversial" is the idea that the party composition of any given competitive electorate is equally important to winning over the "swing" vote and indeed, bc
6. the true pure Indies tends to be less engaged they are mainly motivated by national trends. Great when that's on your side (out of power party) but much tougher when in-power as Ds are already seeing now in polling data. If you don't make your party popular, the prevailing
7. certainly won't do it for you. If the electorate changes, your electoral strategy and the tactics deployed to execute is must change with it. keep in mind, one party, the GOP, has already internalized this & won 14 seats in the House under the worst fundamentals imaginable.
8. and did so largely with ideologues as nominees. That seems weird if candidate effects are what matters, yes? That's bc what matters is the marketing (perceived) and in the deployment of campaign resources to dominate coalitional turnout.
9. Novel thinking, I realize, but when data tells you the world ain't flat- you gotta adjust your thinking.

(Side note: lots of grey area BT Ds old school embarrassed Dem model of "moderation" (Sinema) and the new school (Kelly)/ & running a liberal platform (Ossoff & Warner)

• • •

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6 Oct
1. The voter population's attitudes are shaped by the news cycle (remember, nearly always, public opinion flows from the top down, which is to say that media and political elites shape both salience AND attitudes within the now severe constraints of hyperpartisanship).
2. During Trump's term we saw a virtually immovable 2. approval rating of avg. 90% from Rs in polling on issues, events, scandals. It is 1 of the most stunning changes we've seen is inelasticity in approval. bc of high partisan support (even in Indie leaners).
3. What will be interesting to measure is any asymmetry that might emerge between Rs and Ds. For it to be symmetrical, we will need to see Rs at 90% avg on support on things like "handled withdraw from Afghanistan" and Covid handling, etc.
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These 2 aced their 1st free range nature hike Image
Scenes from Bend for those interested. Image
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24 Jul
1. Many of you have expressed concern/conveyed well wishes for my post-appendicitis health and I can't possibly say how much it meant to me individually so let this collective "thanks" suffice.

I also know many of you, like me, are concerned about the intense pain I still have
2. 2 weeks post-surgery. Esp concerning is that this pain became MUCH worse over the past 2 days, which led me to flee my sleepless night in my hotel room in DC this morning at 4am and make a mad dash back to coastal VA so I could return to the ER.

After spending 12 hrs today
3. getting poked, prodded, & violated in ways only Ken Cuccinnelli could think up, I am happy to report to you that every major organ in my torso is healthy as a horse- clocking in here at "mid-life." My appendix surgical area is getter better, not worse.

Yet, I continue to
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24 Jun
1. Thank you @JoeNBC for providing the CRITICAL CONTEXT that the GOP majorities in PA, WI, and MI refused to allow the SAME early count of absentee ballots used in FL, where the GOP created vote-by-mail.

They did that to help Trump set up his Big Lie. They hoped the margins
2. would be close enough in those states that they could then gum up those hostage ballots, challenge them, perhaps win another Bush v Gore style court challenge.

This was INTENTIONAL strategic planning involving a host of Republican leaders, pols, party figures, & Trump.
3. I should also add, this is why millions of Trump voters tout the lie of "Trump was winning those states and all the sudden hundreds of thousands of ballots show up?" Those ballots had been held hostage for weeks. People need to stop burying their heads in the sand about GOP
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18 Jun
This is Hammie's preferred drive through position.
The rest of the series
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1 Jun
1. Yes- as @WillieGeist just explained, when we were kids there was NO MENTION of the Tulsa massacre but there WAS a whole chapter on John Brown's "raid" on Harper's Ferry.

In fact, I had no idea about Tulsa until Juneteenth became popularized which was the result of media
2. diversification. Also from efforts across America to remove the "Lost Cause" narrative that proliferated K-12 curriculum for decades across the South. In fact, even my modern college students in the South (across 3 institutions) showed up w a "Lost Cause" spin to American
3. American history, often pushing back at the notion that the Civil War was about slavery & not "state's rights." State's rights being a whitewashed, spin euphemism to allow for a "politically correct" dog whistle for "maintaining slavery" and later, "maintaining segregation."
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