been struggling lately with position sizing

- sizing from a risk mgmt perspective

- sizing such that the expected return is worth the effort

no solutions, just sharing thonks
some people have mathematical formulas that tell them what % of their portfolio to bet, some has other methods

but usually the problem is that the optimal size projected is much larger than the current liquidity of the project

so do you skip it? go for it? size down?
if you skip it, it has to be an operational reason, since if ops capacity was available, you would take the trade, even if you needed to size down cos of liq

but most of us are retail and time and energy are our limiting factors, making it physically impossible to increase load
if you go for it despite liquidity concerns, you're elevating the risk because the play morphs to "do or die" as you lose the ability to gracefully exit without nuking it

many VCs accept this strategy and they simply have to hope / help liq grows enough by the time lockup ends
its no surprise that usually the largest winners are from this category

but plenty of -99% losers too. dont need to look back too far, theres plenty of "do or die" investments from the ICO era that are now "dead"

depending on your assessment, the r/r could be good or shit
if you size down, you probably are in the most flexible position, but now you're taking on additional load and the $ earned per time expended is suboptimal because of the smaller size

if the size is too small, its probably not worth it given the cost in mental physical fatigue
one thing i find that helps me a lot is not evaluating positions in a vacuum, but holistically along with the rest of my exisiting positions

particularly if theres an overlap in any thesis or segment, which helps me refine what is the LT war strategy vs the ST battle strategy
as i type this out, i wonder to myself if my positioning is correct

which stables have blackswan risks? do i have too much of those? are the stable farms ive allocated to safe from hacks or bugs? or solvency issues?

being 100% stables is tough honest work
as long as you arent facing the issue of optimal size > liquidity, you're in the sweet spot where you will enjoy economics of scale without capacity (capital, not operational) being another dimension that you need to worry about

just keep hustling, cos its worth it in this zone

• • •

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12 Oct
if ur sybil farming airdrops:

- dont transact with the same amount
- dont link addresses or clusters
- do other sorts of transactions to fake activity (like other airdrops)
- vary time of day and tx order
- dont roll it all back to 1 ENS or get caught
- rinse repeat
- rich, etc
why should i encourage people NOT to abuse the fk out of it?

imo unique address airdrop is a shitty cheap one trick marketing hype pony and i do not like them
dont hate the playa, hate the game
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11 Oct
early NFT artists getting shit from the non-NFT artist community, really reminds me a lot of

early crypto adopters getting shit from our tardfi peers

funny how those same peers that told me its a scam going to zero a few years ago are now buying fractions of a bitcoin this year
im quite indifferent about most things, but seeing such a familiar situation riles me up

i still maintain my ENS not to flex to CT, but mainly to flex on all the tardfi bros that told me years ago that crypto was a scam and i should buy stonks instead

7 figs now
8 soon

yes, the testing play address that i no longer do any activity on except basically SNX and AAVE staking
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10 Oct
me for the past 3 hours thinking where i should rotate my stables to Image
endless farms in the 10%+ range
plenty in the 20%+ range
a few large ones that are even higher, but im trying not to have a single point of failure
took a nap
dreamt of hentai
gained access to 4th dimensional realm
consulted with several oracles for the world's fate
received true visions of the future of parallel universes

i know what to do now
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10 Oct
yall still think its a meme that i have 100s of addresses or naw rily
i hate the assumption that 1 address = 1 user

skews both ways tbh

single users with hundreds of addresses
single addresses of a custodian with thousands of users
btw i think unique users is cute but ultimately useless and gameable vanity metric
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9 Oct
good thread and mental framework

"mo money, mo problems" absolutely exists

money should be used to blast away problems, not attract and breed them

if becoming wealthier has made you more unpleasant to be with, more unhappy, unhealthy or unsatisfied

you're suffering from MMMP
6529 talks about an aspect of L5 as being motivated by "the love of the game" and that resonated well with me

that's definitely one of the reasons why im still here tbh

to reach L5 post consumption / self actualization, i have some suggestions myself

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8 Oct
considering that ribbon is part of the VC's investment portfolio, i think its safe to assume that the analyst went rouge and this was not a sanctioned activity

makes you wonder if privileged information was discovered by the analyst which led to the execution of this strategy
i mean, unless they are all extremely spastic
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