Really? This is just a scam to profit some relative in the rail ministry... Why should anyone eat paan or spit anywhere at a station or train? Fine the Thookers 5000 bucks for each spit.. sab theek ho jayega.. instead of facilitating idiots..
You know.. for all the "Bio toilets" introduced Railways... most of their toilets are clogged with shit and cause unbearable stink... and this is across all classes & trains... And they are worried about paan-spitoons? LOL! @AshwiniVaishnaw @vschanna
There are hawkers who come into every coach and gladly sell gutka, cigarettes etc... nobody stops all this because there is no nucking law-enforcement in this country... thats all.. @AshwiniVaishnaw
Panparag, some Kesar and I think Vimal also sells non-tobacco "pan masala"... so they are free to advertise..
It does not occur to the brainy ones at Railways... that people wont like to carry a filthy mini-spittoon in their pocket, hand or their bag.. when the WHOLE platform, tracks and trains are a giant spittoon ... LOL! @AshwiniVaishnaw
I dont think @AshwiniVaishnaw or @NarendraModi have "secretly" travelled in any train.. including Shatabdis or Rajdhanis... Most of the toilets are clogged... full of shit, dirty water on the floor and stink to high hell... Bogus bio nonsense..
Stations are just "Transit points"... the ultimate test of cleanliness, discipline & on the train itself.. This is where GOI fails miserably.. Trains still stink horribly.. coaches crowded by unruly local passengers.. Its a disgusting experience..

• • •

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13 Oct
1/4.. The "Sultan of Selective Pain"> @narendramodi is telling others not to be "selective" in HR issues.. What a joke.. A PM who does not shed a tear over mass-murder of Hindus.. but whines over Shabana's ankle has no business lecturing on HR morals...
2/4... Your opinions on Afghanistan are just meaningless blabber and make no sense at all.. YOU WHINE for Afghans.. while for decades Hindus are suffering in Pak/Bangla but you dont raise one word for them.. You behave as if your family is in Afghanistan.. SHAMEFUL! @narendramodi Image
3/4... One strong word of condemnation and advice to the Bangla PM to respect Hindus and their religious freedom and HR will have a great impact.. But typically.. Indian PMs think Hindus are garbage while Afghans are their daughters in law... SHAMEFUL!
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12 Oct
Hahhaa.. Abey Madrassa grad... Shove the preamble up your dark crevice... Havent you ever read the notice "Right of admission reserved" in every establishment or event?.. Tomorrow you want someone to bring 25000 guests to your nikah as a "Right"?..#dhakkan
You are a bit off the mark .. Even "public" places like cinemas, barber shops, restaurants, parliament DO NOT allow any open entry.. "Right of admission is reserved".. And this dhakkan @AdvocateReevant has "Advocate" in his name.. What law did he learn?
The Preamble is a piece of Bullshytt.. IT MEANS NOTHING.. Only uneducated fools quote the Preamble as if it means anything without a context... Hahaha...
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12 Oct
Garba is done by residents within their society & rarely some guests come but ONLY Hindus & its a HINDU TEMPLE .. Garba is performed around a makeshift temple after an opening puja & finishes with Aarti.. Its not for Thookaneris.. Its not a disco dance..
Garbas are also organised by clubs & groups in Guj.. even they allow only Hindus by ID... Uneducated fools like @ndtv should know... Garba is a "religious ceremony"... and not a temporary dance club for Jigadis... LOL!
This whole UNEDUCATED nonsense of allowing Non-Hindus into Garbas is peddled by @ndtv @TimesNow @republic @BJP4India to abuse Hindu traditions.. Garba is a RELIGIOUS CEREMONY & not a dance club".. Those who want to do Qawali/Mujra can do at their locality
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12 Oct
Hahhaa.. I really think the reason why @narendramodi doesnt want to change any history books to truthful history is because the "Bal Narendra" comics are the REAL history that everyone should watch... Even the saddest, unintelligent man will start laughing
I particularly liked the episode in which Modi throws ink on 4 kids who beat up another kid.. The DUMBstock principal of the school doesnt ask the victim who beat him.. But applauds the intelligence of Bal Modi in throwing ink on them for ID... LOL!
Now I really understand why Modi and Pappu are the same persons... with the same intel...
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12 Oct
Hahhaha... All these utterances of Modi can now be played on Vivid Bharti... in their program called "Bhoole Bisre Geet".... #DeceptivePheku...
Although Javed is not generous enough to credit Modi with starting a "Space Mandi" for India's security... and there are even plans to hire some great foreign Space Consultants that will change India's security cover forever... Image
RSS donks like you who qualify everything as "hate" if your donkey is trashed.. are not entitled to comment to me.. GET OUT OF HERE...
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11 Oct
Even the Nobel has a lot of controversies when its science (incl Math in your list). Many have been denied for prejudices or vague excuses.. Jonas Salk (Polio vax).. Alec Jeffreys (Historical DNA application/commonalising) were denied for no good reason
In Science dozens of researchers work on the same project separately.. one goes further than maybe the prev one.. thats not a fair reason to deny an award to someone who creates a FINALITY for public application.. @db_is_db Even telephone & aircraft had multiple researchers...
Economics can be judged by wide application of a theory or mathematical model to judge its global success in solving a problem.. Literature and Peace are merely subjective bullshytt.. Yasser Arafat has a Nobel Peace..LOL!
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