Many millennials & zoomers declining to have kids based on AGW concerns, this is doubly ironic because not only are they winnowing out the people who would even care about such things (or, less charitably, susceptible to such mind viruses)...…
... but in all likelihood their "sacrifice" (insignificant as it is in the light of biological determinism) is all the more meaningless because, far from AGW crashing civilization, a warmer world will also likely be a wetter world, and a more agriculturally productive one.
Rage-quitting your bloodline in an insignificant effort to avert an apocalypse that will almost certainly never happen.

Main existential risk is AI.… I would even say that anti-natalism from fear of Roko's Basilisk is vastly less irrational.

• • •

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6 Oct
Russia's Nationalist Turn: How Putin Created the Russian National State…

I consider this the capstone to my "Russia watching" career since the "Russian Spring" of 2014. 9,200 words, so here's the summary. /1 Image
In 2017, I defined the aims of modern Russian nationalism as follows:…

1. Cessation of political prosecutions for "hate speech" under Article 282.
2. End to mass immigration.
3. The regathering of the Russian lands.

All three have been committed to. /2
1. Decriminalization of Article 282 in 2018 means no more prosecutions for criticizing federal subsidies to the Caucasus; you now have to try really hard to fall afoul of these laws. Freedom of speech now de facto at V4 levels; above W. Europe & US.… /3
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31 Aug
Why is it never a White man and a Black woman? 🤔 (rhetorical question)… ImageImage
Sushi chain Tanuki's Instagram team has been pushing Western Woke/LGBT and now #BLM subliminal messaging into Russia for a year now.… ImageImage
Things become more powerful. Russian feminist points out Tanuki owner Alexander Orlov is a shitlord who says he doesn't hire fat people & makes sexist jokes ("Do I have to kneel because I'm black?" "No, because you're a woman").
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18 Aug
Taliban Rule Is the Democratic Will of 13% of Afghans…

Support for sharia ≠ support for the Taliban! The *Islamic* Republic of Afghanistan had sharia, for that matter.
Patterns in pro-Taliban sentiment & "conservative"/Islamist sentiments, from high to low:
Regions: SW >> old Northern Alliance > Kabul > center
Ethnic: Pashtuns >> Uzbeks > Tajiks >> Hazara
Sex: Men > women
Age: ~equal
Income: High income > low income (but likely inflects at top)
Only the income patterns are a surprise, but congruent with @RichardHanania's observation that many Taliban are well educated.

Could be related to how petite bourgeoisie were core supporters of many European fascisms? 🤔
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10 Jun
Debates about white genocide miss the point. In reality, it will be a white counter-elite versus the existing one. It's not excluded that they could get very violent, at least in short-term. But over long-term, history suggests white supremacism will win.
In the geopolitical sphere, this could translate into a white neocon SJW like WASBAPPIN taking over the US and unleashing atomic genocide against "white supremacist" Russians. Since Russians are POC, this would ironically constitute a great victory for white world-supremacy.
Basically, both @clairlemon, @ConceptualJames, @a_centrism are all barking up the wrong true. It doesn't even matter what happens. Long-term, short of China simply sidelining it altogether, White Supremacism wins (SJWism, CRT, etc. being just a costly means of signaling it).
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30 Mar
The long awaited five year update to the index of Comprehensive Military Power (CMP), my attempt to quantify military power in a way that's comparable across time and space, is here.… Image
You can read the original 8,300 word post, complete with detailed methodology, here.…

Basic observation then was that China & Russia each at ~1/3 of US military power, while second-tier Great Powers were, in turn, at about a third of China & Russia.
Since then, China has continued forging ahead, and now accounts for 57% of US CMP. Hypothetical Sino-Russian bloc is close to parity. ImageImage
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4 Mar
The US might have the highest competence gap between government institutions & corporations of any country.

Anyhow, thanks to @elonmusk, it now has a unique technological (& military) capability that nobody else will match for at least 5, maybe 10, years.
Another example. For all the fears about China leapfrogging in AI, the US remains far ahead in terms of high-quality (publicly available) research.…

Widely considered to be the top 3 AIs - DeepMind, Open AI, Google AI - all Anglo-American. Image
One more possible reason that "Europe can't into tech"… is that the US retains a "can do" spirit that is utterly lacking in *modern* European culture.
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