Given the Southwest strike, a thread about why the remaining un*vaxxed Americans may be our only hope.

My thinking here is based on Rene Girard's mimetic theory and associated work on the anthropology of sacrifice/scandal.

This framework views plague as a social crisis driven by the loss of difference.

Plague means the distinctions which previously held culture together have collapsed, usually due to the arrival of an outsider whose presence reveals the inanity of the current order.

Digitalization and social media have driven a proliferation of these figures, Trump the most prominent among them.

But all across twitter for example, you see people walking away from the old system of distinctions (red vs. blue, right vs. left, etc.)

Girard's theory of plague explains why past attempts to generate panic over potential outbreaks of disease failed.

The social conditions were not right. Digitalization had not sufficiently undermined 20th century televisual culture yet.

With the Overton window now expanded, people increasingly see the inanity of the prior system, weakening it further.

Old opponents reconcile, & new alliances are formed in an unstable social landscape (anti-v*xx/BLM alliance, RWers support unions, left big corporations)

Scandals proliferate, and the community looks for a scapegoat.

The key is that the scapegoats must be marginal enough that their destruction or expulsion will not provoke retaliation, which would only continue the cycle of scandal/violence.

The marginal group is then murdered or expelled from society, founding a new order.

The current regime is transparently pushing the unv*xxed as the scapegoat.

The sacrificial expulsion will be the digital/medical ID system barring them from public life.

But right now there are too many of them to serve as an effective sacrifice. The internal passport system is not politically viable yet.

And as the strikes show they are fighting back.

This is why the regime is slowly applying pressure to get the v*ccine, but not simply mandating it.

A mandate would provoke massive resistance, and also get rid of the scapegoat group entirely.

Scapegoats exists at the margins of society, and the elite also occupy a margin, just at the top. Hence they are also a potential scapegoat.

If the attempt to scapegoat the unv*xxed fails, it is highly likely the regime itself will be in the crosshairs. Obviously this is ideal for us.

Thus the intensity of the pro-v*xx propaganda

We've lost the first battle to prevent the bio-security state from seizing power. But there is still a chance to win this battle against the digital/medical ID system.

The key is ensuring the the % of unv*xxed people remains large enough that they cannot serve as an effective sacrifice.

No sacrificial expulsion means no ability to found new, post-sacrificial order, aka totalitarian social credit system.

It is in everyone's interest, including people who got the v*xx, to prevent this.

Especially so in the USA, as it is the center of the regime's military power. The USA can't be allowed to collapse completely.

So a defeat of the digital/medical prison system here would be huge.

I now think supporting the unv*xxed, and helping them resist the many pressures coming down the pipe is the most critical objective rn.

As long as their are many of them, this thing can't move much farther forward.

Support them however you can!


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