I extracted all the attachments from the OathKeepers' email corpus.

Once again, let me assert that this all boils down to fiat currency vs. gold/crypto. The sooner people realize this and stop thinking in term of conventional politicking, the better off we'll be.
And more still. John Birch libertarian folks.

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12 Oct
One reason why Theosophy is key to modern fascism is because it was the heir of the slave tradition, and the forebear to subsequent cults like I AM and CUT.

It posits a hierarchical worldview, with "Ascended Masters" who reign supreme in heaven, and a similar hierarchy on earth.
This maps well onto the idea of a hierarchical, supremacist worldview, one in which the accumulation of "real money," (i.e. gold + its equivalents) is how the elite can prove their worthiness and justify ruling over the "taker" class.
Note well, also, that the "alt-right" is centered around this hierarchical theory of society. Replacement theory, incels, crypto all posit a zero-sum view of the world, with clear winners and losers.

Arguably, most people don't think this way.
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12 Oct
Progression of cult-libertarian-fascism in America:

1. Theosophy
2. Silver Shirts
3. I AM
4. America First
4. Freedom School
5. John Birch Society
6. Goldwater ‘64
7. Powell Memo
8. Heritage/Cato
9. Church Universal+Triumphant
9. CNP
10. Iran/Contra
11. Contract w/America
12. Stop the Steal ‘00
13. Ron Paul ‘08
14. Tea Party
15. Ron Paul 2012
16. Trump 2016
17. Stop the Steal 2016, 2018
18. QAnon; Pastel Q; UFO Q
19. Stop the Steal 2020
20. Jan 6
21. Dollar vs. crypto
22. Flynn quoting CUT

What’s next? We need to take control of our destiny.
Serious questions: this should all be obvious to professional historians. Why aren’t they writing about this progression constantly?

I get the feeling many just aren’t interested, which I find stunning. Many are, but we need more voices to reach more audiences!
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12 Oct
1/Some of you are asking why fiat vs. gold/crypto is at the heart of everything going on. Isn’t it also an attack on western democracies? These are the same things, in fact.

Libertarian extremists divide the world into two groups: “makers” and “takers.”
2/They believe that government has only one function: to protect private property. Therefore, any action by government that violates the rights of the individual is immoral.

This includes taxes and monetary policy. Any tax to which the minority does not agree is immoral.
3/Inflationary currency (fiat dollars) violate the rights of the individual by de-valuing them. So they prefer gold/crypto, which cannot be de-valued by governments, thus ensuring maximum “freedom.”

Never mind that gold standard makes economies brittle and subject to shocks.
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6 Oct
Hey so Michael Flynn is continuing to openly embrace the non-Christian "Church Universal & Triumphant" / I AM cult. We told you last year this was the gold-obsessed cult behind all this crap, and it's still true.
Here's info on CUT. Malcolm Forbes sold his Montana ranch to Elizabeth Clare Prophet.
And if you have not read up on the "I AM" cult, where Prophet got her ideas from, please educate yourself.
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6 Oct
Now that we are talking about getting FB to meet a bare minimum standard of not HARMING society, I’ll throw out the next demand: do something to HELP it.

FB (and don’t get cocky, Twitter, you’re next) possess massive datasets that can be used to better society…
To better understand and improve issues like racial division, income inequality, violence, and upward mobility.

If local city governments had access to insights derivable from social datasets, policy could be dramatically improved.

Obviously, people have privacy concerns…
However, making data available in anonymized or summarized forms to trusted parties is more than doable, and standard practice.

And let’s be real: why should FB/TW know more about our cities than *we* do? It’s uneconomic and unreasonable to ask others to duplicate this data.
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5 Oct
BGP is how the Internet knows where to find IP addresses.

DNS is how it turns domain names into IP addresses.

FB screwed up their BGP, which erased their servers — including their DNS servers — from the Internet.

So, temporarily, it appeared that FB didn’t exist at all.
BGP = Border Gateway Protocol. It handles routing between “Autonomous Systems” (really, big blocks of IP addresses) by telling routers which other router to go to to find specific big blocks.
DNS = Domain Name System. Without it, we would access everything online by IP address. DNS makes the Internet human friendly-ish. Anytime you use a domain name, on the web, email, whatever, you rely on DNS. If it is screwed up, you can’t use domain names.
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