1/ I tweeted some screenshots of a thread that (I think?) was tongue in cheek. And so I guess it's time to piss a lot of people off and talk about Idaho - or to be more precise, the way those of us in the PNW look at the way people who don't when they talk about Idaho.
2/ For whatever reason, over the past decade or so Idaho has become the place where people (and by people I mean 'men') of a certain age & demographic threaten to move to now that their state doesn't "like like it did before" anymore.
3/ You might think this would have led to a massive influx in population, but it hasn't - mostly because Idaho is more a place that people *threaten* to move to than actually move to. And all things considered, that's probably a good thing. I mean, Idaho's population is only
4/ so big, so really how many personal injury and divorce lawyers from Orange County do they really need?

But also, there's this sense that when you look at the people threatening to move to Idaho, it's pretty clear that they'd be miserable there.
5/ They mostly seem to be hardcore suburban dwellers who enjoy the big city suburban lifestyle. And while they may think they'd love a country lifestyle, seeing as how they drive a tricked out Ford 150 to Whole Foods and 24 Hour Fitness, it's pretty clear they know not of what
6/ they'd be getting themselves into.

For those of in the NW corner of the country, this has become kind of a cliche stereo type of a certain kind of So-Cal Bro - the guy who always threatened to move to ID but you know never will.
7/ Anywho, all of which to say I don't know if that threat was a parody of that person or was actually written by that person, but in either case it amused me greatly. The End.

PS - Oh and by the way, any of the PNW states are pretty awesome to live in, FYI.

• • •

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10 Oct
1/ I'm clearly feeling intense nostalgia this morning, and I'm pulling out the five CDs we had on a CD carrousel when we were just engaged and moved in together. Together, these CDs made up the soundtrack of our sale days.
2/ Honestly, at the time these were the only CDs we owned. I had a ton of records, but due to space we got a CD player and never set up the turntable.

I don't know that any of them are even the artists' best work, but they do hold a special place in my heart.
3/ CD #1: Perfectly Frank, Tony Bennett

A recording of Sinatra standards, but in deep, *deep* torchlight stylings. Great for melancholy rainy days. Image
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9 Oct
I don't really have an opinion one way or another about the guy, but this 'genius insight' seems like an incredibly common belief that just about everybody I've known in my adult life has held. Image
It was a central plot point in something like half of the movies and TV shows I grew up with for Pete's sake.
(Also I'm curious why this past week I've had a bunch of non-rooted tweets from different people about Fukuyama in my threads - all from people I don't follow and don't seem to be liked/retweeted by anyone I follow. Very weird.)
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8 Jul
@the_shoe_yes In my city they were required to live in certain neighborhoods. Giving loans to blacks to live outside those neighborhoods was a breach of the realty association's Code of Ethics.

Not in 1870. In the mid 20th century. Image
@the_shoe_yes In the 60s and 70s when those neighborhoods began to become economically vibrant, the city's response was to raze homes for other outside interests. ImageImage
@the_shoe_yes In 1981 police officers collected dead possums and laid them at the door of a popular African American gathering place. The officers were initially fired, but after public rallies supporting them an arbitrator ruled to have them reinstated retroactively. washingtonpost.com/history/2020/1…
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7 Jul
The State of Ohio just passed a law that will allow any medical provider, medical staffer/technician, or insurer to deny care to someone for being LGBTQ, either for religious grounds or if they just personally find non-straight people icky.
It should also be noted that this was not an issue that needed addressing. The medial community was not asking for this 'remedy.' Indeed, it's the opposite - they didn't want it.
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7 Jul
I'm sorry, I know this all took place a million years ago in Twitter years so my memory may be somewhat faulty, but I remember exactly zero journalists or well-respected media figures saying Liz Cheney was going to magically sweep in and take over/transform the GOP.
Reading that piece, it's mainly journalists reporting that Cheney said she 'hoped to do X.' That's not "The Media" declaring Cheney the victor, and dude who wrote that piece 100% knows that.
"You may not remember, but take my word for it that last April The Media all declared that the Houston Rockets would win the NBA Finals, and it was I and I alone who bravely stood against them and shouted 'but they've already been mathematically eliminated.'"
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24 May
But not in a Cancel Culture way.
Again, not remotely Cancel Culture.
Once again, this is not a case of Cancel Culture; it's just patriots standing up for Freedom.
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