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11 Oct, 14 tweets, 3 min read
Stunned at the stupidity that's infected our country, not just stupid, it's delusional at a cult level. These Magats make Jim Jones crew look reasonable. This has never happened in my lifetime. America always held itself up as a nation that handled the peaceful transfer of power.
We used to back each other up and although politics was divided at times, I only remember joking with someone that didn't agree with your political view. Not wanting to punch them. I'd watch Carson doing jokes about both sides and both sides would laugh at jokes about both sides
That America is dead now. We can't even agree on a proven vaccine. It doesn't matter what the facts are. Every excuse these zombies use to avoid facts are just another layer of bullshit sediment piled on top of each other, Never addressed, never explained. Here are a few.
Virus will go away like a miracle.
Virus is a hoax.
Virus can be cured with hydroxyWTF
Virus can be cured with a powerful light.
It's no worse than the flu
It kills less than the flu
The vaccine has a tracking chip
The vaccine is to poison you
The vaccine is a plot to kill you
The vaccine isn't tested
The vaccine isn't approved
No one knows what's in it
ICU patients are crisis actors
Only old people are dying
It's because of comorbidity's
Heat kills it
Cold kills it
Masks don't work
Masks poison you with Carbon dioxide
You're taking my freedom
Masks kill children and
cause psychological damage
I did my own research
The vaccine will give you covid
Herd immunity will spread it
Horse dewormer will kill it
snake venom will kill it
Biden faked his booster shot
I've had it, I'm immune

What a core sample of ignorance
None of the above layers of bullshit was ever addressed, even after they were debunked, disproven, and mocked. The people that continue to believe this crazy, just laid down a new layer of stupid, ignoring the layer below. They BELIEVE! But what YOU BELIEVE isn't a FACT. Period
The vaccine delusion will take care of itself, it already has. How many anti-vaxxers have died?Conservative radio has a hole in it because of the "Freedom fighters" and their stand on the vaccine. Eventually we will kill, cure and vaccinate our way out of covid. But elections?
Again, the layers of crazy are never addressed when it comes to the election. They just add another layer. And yet Trumps own people say it was a safe and fair election.
Heres the list.
Bill Barr
Mitt Romney
Liz Cheney
Adam Kinzinger
Lisa Murkowski
W Bush
John Bolton
They had 9 MONTHS to bring evidence, lost 68 court cases for lack of evidence.
The PAID BY @GOP Teenage Cyber Ninja Turtles spent 8 months, recounting, bamboo paper analyzed, and they found that Biden actually got 390 MORE votes.
Now they're recounting Texas WHICH TRUMP WON WTF?
The problem isn't Trump. Con men and grifters are a staple throughout human existence. Trump is just the culmination of years of shit education policy, the deifying of celebrity and wealth and the rise of and lack of regulations on social media and regular media. I'm worried.
There hasn't been a time I've been alive where people with zero evidence, facts, proof, and not a leg to stand on have backed up a rich daddy's boy loser. Trump would kick these toothless hillbillies off his golf course before they could get out their first "Yee Haw!"
They are talking about civil war, because of Trump. The worst president we've ever had, by morality and actual numbers, 500,000+ died under his ignorance. The trade deficit tripled and our worldwide rep got flushed because of this horror show. And he's running again? Jesus.
They still believe he won.
He keeps telling them he won.
He didn't
There is no doubt.
The election was free and fair and more people voted than ever had.
It might be the last time that happens
Democrats, get serious, or lose democracy.
No bullshit.

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28 Sep
The fear that Republicans generate in their base to hold onto them is criminal, and it’s being done by criminals. Gaetz, Carlson, Cruz, Hawley, etc, have been pushing “replacement theory” it’s what Hitler did in Germany remember “Jews will not replace us?” It’s not new.
In the 20’s Madison Grant wrote a book called, “The passing of the great race” which was the same bullshit that is being spewed by these weak panty waisted fuckers like @TuckerCarlson today. It’s not the first time inept, flaccid, insecure crackers have whined about losing status
In 1899, William Z. Ripley, an economist, concluded that Europeans consisted of “three races”: the brave, beautiful, blond “Teutons”; the stocky “Alpines”; and the swarthy “Mediterraneans.”
“White Supremacy.” It isn’t new it’s just back. Question: Does this fucker look supreme?
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29 Jul
I got a lecture from my lovely wife about being so harsh on this ridiculous platform of 280 character pundits. I find it better than screaming at the TV. We are in the weirdest time since I have been alive. In the past there was a constant, both sides had a base sanity.
Now we're infected, a virus of stupid. I watched people applaud because they can go against wearing masks. Crazy. I never gave a rats ass about politics until Obama. He took a country in freefall and turned it around, save industries, fixed unemployment & salvaged our reputation.
Argue with me all you want but the stats are the stats. Easily provable. Obama killed it. He got a shit sandwich and made shrimp salad. I get not everyone likes shrimp salad. Currently though, we have a political party that can't face facts, truth, has zero integrity, & no plan.
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31 May
To all of our veterans and current men and women serving democracy, who put it on the line for our freedoms, Thank you. The military members in my family are some of the best people I know, even when I don't agree with them. They still have the integrity to think of country first
Memorial day is for those we have lost in service to their country. Thank all of you who have served and are currently serving. This week my niece became a Marine. My Cousin, an EOD tech embedded with SEALS. My Uncle was UDT. Dad, National Guard. Father in law, Marine pilot.
The sacrifices they have made and the nightmares some saw while serving stay with them. Our military abuses their bodies, they do the jobs none of us want to do, they are sent to the most dangerous places, gallows humor keeps them going in the darkest times. They are our best.
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19 Apr
I actually dont. I am fully aware of the Constitution however, and how everyone seems to bastardize it.
I have voted republican 3 times in my life.
After W fukd the economy by letting wall street run wild, I got into politics, theory and statistics.
The economy almost ALWAYS
...does better under democrats., Ike aside. That makes me a capitalist. I have had my own business since 19. I employ people, capitalist. But after years of study because of my podcast, looking at history and what has worked, specifically the Eisenhower economic performance...
Ike extended social programs and did huge infrastructure. He didn't cut taxes. Debt came down, income went up, job growth was huge. Ike would be considered a Clinton Democrat. I hate today's clusterfuck of the @GOP. Reagan lied about government and trickle down and put ...
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13 Feb
So tired.
We are at a crossroads in American History, either we become civil and supportive of each other again. Or we continue down this road of power and "winning" at all cost. This trial has been mind bending to watch. That the @GOP doesn't just say, "He Did it," is crazy.
In four years, its stunning how unwound America has become. We could give a flying F about each other. It's actually a phrase "Zero Fucks Given" It's considered a sign of strength. I disagree, It's a sign of weakness. You're saying you're so small you only care about you. Cowards
The last 4 years really showed how little we care for each other, how little we try to understand each other and how committed to stupidity we are. We don't want truth or facts, we want what we already believe, verified by a 3rd rate website, because it's "convenient,"
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9 Jan
We told you before he was elected.
We told you after the “grab em by the pussy” incident.
We told you after he was sued for raping a 13 year old
We told you after he lied about the inaugural.
We told you after “shit hole” countries.
We told you after there were kids in cages.
We told you after “Nazis are good people”
We told you after “they’re sending they’re rapists”
We told you after Ukraine,
We told you after Kim Jong
We told you after Helsinki
We told you after the Trump tower meeting with Russians
We told you after “ it’ll go away like a miracle
We told you after “I like to downplay it”
We told you after “disinfectant and a powerful light”
We told you at 50 dead
We told you at 50k dead
We told you at 100k dead
We told you at 200k dead
We told you at 350k dead
We told you at “they rigged the election!”
We told you fuckers
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