Jesus: "Lay off the woman who anointed me with expensive perfume. She's going to have mad clout in the gospel."

Gospel authors: *don't bother naming the woman*
Simon the Leper gets a shout out, but the woman who saved her top shelf perfume for Jesus? This is bullshit.
And lo, Jesus was anointed by anon.

• • •

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11 Feb
There's this weird trend where people try to downplay QAnon by observing that only several million Americans endorse an absurd extremist ideology that fueled the capitol insurrection.

And they always ignore the fact that QAnon is an international movement for some reason.
Before there was polling, I remember worrying about the possibility that just 1% of Americans believed that an 8chan anon was dishing out secrets about the coming violent military-led purge of Trump’s political enemies. But these people are out here like "6%? That's nothing!"
A key part of downplaying QAnon is making the category error of claiming that QAnon is a mere conspiracy theory akin to "the moon landing is fake."

A big difference: moon landing truthers don't commit terrorism, murder, kidnapping plots, and insurrection.
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31 Jan
General appreciation thread for people who do great work investigating the origins of QAnon.

This is a challenging niche of Q research, which requires a great deal of skepticism, technical knowledge, and willingness to chase down many dead ends before uncovering useful info. 👇
If you're interested in how QAnon kicked off, you must follow @QOrigins.

He is one of the most tenacious, patient, and knowledgable investigators in this space. And a great guy to boot. I've personally learned a lot from his long threads.
I highly recommend following the @LogicallyAI crew: @nickbackovic and @TheOndrakGuy.

They dig into QAnon with academic rigor. The proof is in their track record: they successfully uncovered the man behind QMap (Jason Gelinas) and the true identity of Q influencer Neon Revolt.
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20 Jan
This is actually a sign that QAnon as we know it is collapsing.

All of the threads /qresearch/ board are deleted. This was allegedly done by an 8kun "rouge moderator." FastJack, the Board Owner of /qresearch/, blames Jim Watkins for allowing a staff member to destroy the board.
The true believers in QAnon largely won't go away in all likelihood. But if /qresearch/ dies, then one of the main drivers of QAnon conspiracy theories for years will be gone.
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7 Jan
If true, the woman who was shot dead in D.C. today used the QAnon phrases "the storm" and "Dark to light" in a tweet yesterday.

Which would mean she was a QAnon follower.
This is a tweet from the reported Twitter account of the woman who was shot and killed by Capitol Police today. Image
Ashli Babbit, the San Diego Air Force Veteran who died today after Capitol Police shot her inside the Capitol building, had previously tweeted a picture of herself wearing a "We Are Q" shirt with a fellow QAnon follower. Image
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6 Jan
The Q Shaman is among those storming the Senate chamber.

His cartoonist outfit and claims to spirituality were always a cover for his militant anti-democratic beliefs.
QAnon motivated and led the charge for this dark day.
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3 Jan
To mark the occasion of @mtgreenee entering Congress, I’m going to delineate her history with QAnon, based on two livestream videos and her own tweets.

This thread will clarify why I believe it’s fair and accurate to describe Greene as a “QAnon follower” or “QAnon believer.”
This thread will also hopefully help Rep. Greene and her team understand what they can expect from me during her Congressional term.

I look forward to working with you.
Some are under the misconception that Rep. Greene briefly flirted with QAnon but later disavowed it. At least, that’s what some of her supporters and staffers want people to think.

In reality, Greene promoted QAnon for years and hasn’t disavowed it in any meaningful sense.
Read 51 tweets

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