I finally spent a little time with Tesla’s FSD. A few thoughts… In general, it’s likely the right approach to do real world testing of a fleet like this, but I’m so glad this is a closed beta. The car still drives like a teenager and makes wrong decisions quite often [a thread]
My first thought actually doesn’t have to do with the car, the software or hardware, but with what I should be doing to maximize labeling for the neural net to work. For instance, the car tries to drive down the dead center of a busy street, not at all where I would drive…
It’s my assumption that by forcing the car out of autopilot by correctively steering over to the right side of the lane would be a negative reinforcement label that would help the NN know it was doing wrong. But this is not communicated by Tesla.
Tesla should be telling drivers to correct the car like you would a new driver and actively make forceful corrections so it knows where to drive, if that’s indeed the case. I assume that’s best but I don’t see many videos of drivers actively correcting for minor misbehaviors
At the same time, I have no way to positively reinforce the car and label a “wow great job! It nailed that!” And this is something I think could be as valuable as forceful takeovers. There are tricky driving situations and it would be great to have a positive reinforcement button
It’s also not communicated that if the car is doing something too slow, by applying some additional accelerator input to say “creep forward more” or “speed up”, I don’t know if my additional input is being logged or considered, therefore I’m not sure if I’m supposed to do it
It also feels like I should have an option to bookmark a section of drive and it then imports the video and the path taken into the Tesla mobile app. After the drive the driver can redraw the correct line the car should have taken. Do this enough and it’d be a VERY powerful label
In general, the best thing Tesla could do with this beta is train us drivers better to label things with more authority and influence. Teach us how to properly label things most effectively. Have a course we can take and be rewarded by our work with free supercharging
At the end of the day, I realize the INSANNNNNE mountain of work to be done for FSD to truly work on its own sans driver. It’s going to take an unbelievable amount of machine learning which can best be done with good human labeling to train the good in and the bad out
I’ll continue to be a vigilant driver while using FSD, because I believe it could be the solution to many untimely deaths on the road and a future I want to live in. I can’t wait for this to mature more and I’m excited to be able to help. Thanks for listening ✌️

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13 May
WE HAVE SOME DETAILS OF STARSHIP'S FIRST ORBITAL FLIGHT TEST!!!! 🤯 Here's some key take aways!!! [THREAD] [Source] - apps.fcc.gov/els/GetAtt.htm…
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Uhhhh SN9.... that’s.... not how you’re supposed to be standing!! Loud bang and I’m afraid SN9’s roll out and flight is now delayed. The stand it was on appears to have shifted. Hope everyone is ok. Image
Remember: DONT PANIC. This will be a small speed bump in the grand scheme of Starship. They’ll get it worked out and everything back on track like they always do. Just hoping everyone is safe. That’s a large vehicle.
It appears to be in good shape. The site down here is calm and collected. They’re already getting the lift mount ready to pick it up. Way too soon to know if it’s ok, even if not SN10 is literally on the way. Two more pics - ImageImageImageImage
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13 Jun 20
There are some emails that I just can’t handle. If an aerospace engineer is upset about a light hearted “pointy end up, flamey end down” or me streaming from a Tesla instead of a $100k mobile studio/diesel truck, there’s nothing I can do for you 🤦‍♂️ I’ll keep growing & doing me 💪
I’ll use this type of nay saying as fodder to do better and continually up my game, as I always do. I’m extremely proud of what I’ve accomplished in the last three years since this started. I think I’m doing just fine, Steve.
And this - “Either you are going to be a space reporter and enthusiast and influencer or you're gonna live in iowa. Get off your butt Tim.” Yeah, cuz I can’t do what I do wherever there’s internet and an airport, right.
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STARLINK @SpaceX Conference call Live-Tweet thread will be here 👇@elonmusk will be updating us before this awesome awesome launch!!! (PS. YES, I'm live-streaming it tonight!) 🙌 #Starlink
60 sats are production design, with no KA antenna. Some of them might not work, small possibility none will work. Crazy technology and they're very hard.
No LEO constellation has worked without going bankrupt 😳 No one has succeeded in a viable LEO constellation, but @elonmusk thinks they'll be successful!
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The @blueorigin event is officially starting with some cool Tycho-ish music and Apollo comms over it. I like. Should I do one thread here on twitter or individual tweets?
What would you prefer?
Lights went dark. Apollo 11 clips on two side monitors!
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