From 1609-1616, the British sent ambassadors William Hawkins & Sir Thomas Roe to the court of Jehangir to get access to trade routes & permissions. Their description of Jehangir’s daily life reveals a lot about how responsibly the Mughals took the role of “nation builders”
Jehangir’s day started with Islamic prayers, followed by a couple of hours attending public court, then 2 hours sleep, food & harem time. From 12 - 3 in afternoon, he would revel in watching games where gladiators & animals fought against each other to satisfy his bloodlust.
During his afternoon diversions, the bloodthirsty Jehangir would sometimes kill men with his own hands. If gladiators did not entertain to his satisfaction, the Mughal king had “fun” punishments like watching gladiators' bellies ripped open by bears or stomped by elephants.
After the afternoon “entertainment”, there would be more Muslim prayers & another meal followed after which Jehangir went to “a private room” The private room was just a euphemism for the drink & drug room for only special select invitees.
There, Jehangir would drink at least five cups of strong alcohol. This was after doctors had restricted his usual 20 cups of double-distilled alcohol, mixed with opium everyday, because he had started suffering from seizures & liver disease.
After drinking, he would take opium and slept for a bit. After two hours, the completely stoned emperor would have food thrust in his mouth by servants, because he was so high that he could not move the limbs of his own body.
His harem wives like Noor Jahan would mix drinks with opium for Jehangir & concubines would care for him through the night to enjoy the honor of his presence. Then he would sleep it off - till the next day of great nation building.
When Roe tried to talk business to Jehangir, the great Mogul was far more interested in how much alcohol Roe drank & deep philosophical questions about what was beer, how was it made & whether Roe could make it for Jehangir.
The fantastic administrative capabilities of Mughal emperors is obvious from the way they spent their day and night. In contrast, Hindu Mauryan kings woke up at 1.30 am & after a full day of administrative duties & self-improvement activities slept at 9:00 PM

European Travellers in India: During the 15th, 16th and 17th Centuries; The Evidence Afforded by them with Respect to Indian Social ... of Indian Governments (Routledge Revivals) 1st Edition
by Edward Farley Oaten  

Tuzuk-i-Jahangiri, 1: 308


• • •

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2 Oct
On Gandhi Jayanti, I present to you flowers of wisdom from the Mahatma's own lips.

Gandhiji on Rape:
Gandhiji on how Hindu or Sikh women who were raped during Partition should behave.
Gandhiji on how Hindus should face death cheerfully if attacked.
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25 Sep
Manyavar’s recent ad featuring Alia Bhatt demeans the Hindu marriage ritual of Kanyadan by claiming it objectifies women. In reality, no other marriage ceremony in the world honors & reveres the bride as completely as the Hindu Vivah (marriage) ceremony.
Apparently Manyavar never bothered to research the tradition of Kanyadan before labelling it regressive. Hindu literature is full of references showing that rituals in the Vivah Samskara are designed to empower both bride & groom as equal partners in a life of spiritual growth.
Undoubtedly, patriarchal distortions crept into Hindu marriages, due to the dark age of Islamic rule when women were raped, molested & killed relentlessly. Social evils like child marriage & dowry arose due to the desperation of Hindus to marry their daughters & protect them.
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18 Sep
The British Empire’s long list of crimes against Bharat includes slavery, racism, religious intolerance, plunder, & more. But did you know that the British systematically forced 1000s of Indian women to become sex slaves under the guise of “prostitution” for their soldiers?
In 1898, Elizabeth W. Andrew & Katharine C. Bushnell wrote “The Queen's Daughters in India”, revealing unforgettable details about how the British devised a system of prostitution & official brothels to use Indian women as sex slaves for soldiers of the British Military.
When the British first took control of Bharat, they built “Cantonments”, as separate mini towns for the residences of British soldiers & officers. Cantonments were not governed by the civil laws of India, but separate British laws allowing them to abuse the rights of Indians.
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10 Sep
Did you know that the success & “Golden Age” of the Roman Empire was primarily dependent on trade from India? It is estimated that by 1st c. CE, trade from India was financing almost 30% of the Roman Empire’s total income.
When Mark Antony was defeated at the Battle of Actium in 31 BCE, Queen Cleopatra prepared an escape to India with the treasure of the Ptolemais. She planned to escape accompanied by Caesarion, her son by Julius Caesar.
She had enough troops to guarantee the continuance of her royal court in the safety of India & made preparations to launch her ships into the Red Sea by dragging them across the Suez Isthmus. But the Nabataeans of Arabia were her old enemies.
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10 Sep
Today’s humble Bhog for Ganeshji:

Paneer Dahi & Coconut Roast
Saunf Baby Alu & Gobhi Dum
Kala Chana with Saag
Tomato peach chutney
Spicy Sorshe snow peas (with mustard paste)
Lauki Moong Daal
Chana Dal Dhoka (Steamed & fried cake)
Sweet dishes :
Patisapta (Rice flour pancakes with khoya & coconut filling)
Gurer Payesh (Jaggery kheer)
Mohan bhog (Suji halwa)
Puran Poli

May you all enjoy the bliss & sweetness of Shree Ganesha’s grace.🙏🙏😊
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4 Sep
Famous actresses such as Merle Oberon and Vivien Leigh of “Gone with the Wind” fame hid their Anglo-Indian ancestry. Merle Oberon claimed to be Australian despite being Mumbai born & Vivian claimed French ancestry. Many Anglo-Indians hid their origins to escape racism.
When the British first came to India, many of them took Indian women as “wives”. Over time, the Urdu term bibi came to mean mistress in British slang for an Indian "wife". British officers would “marry” Indian women for cohabitation but rarely married them legally.
These were often not actual marriages by social standards at all. British officers used their power to exploit Indian women & left them with children and no support when they went back to England. Often these women were left helpless & poverty stricken.
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