Well, I wasn't sold on Midnight Mass at first, but I just started Episode 7 and vampire Christians are running amok, searching their island for anyone who hasn't become a vampire and violently murdering and turning them into vampires

and yeah, this is barely a metaphor
"Just come to the service, Muslim Sheriff, just to be neighborly. Oh, you're not going to convert? Okay, take him out back and we'll eat him later."

I kinda want to ding this whole series for being too on-the-nose but
now the vampire-Christians are throwing molotov cocktails into the houses of people who haven't converted to force them to come out and hear the good news

also seems historically accurate
And yep, the "saved" get to literally drain the life out of the unsaved--if you aren't "saved," you are food


• • •

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11 Oct
Comparing the Pharisees, a group *resisting* a violent colonizing European power, to slavers is a hell of a move.

Like, imagine claiming that members of a people who've literally gotten genocided and pogromed and otherwise massacred because of these sort of antisemitic tropes are "crying wolf" when we object to their use.

Heh, @WorstSamaritan's Law (that Christians called on antisemitism inevitably claim Jewish ancestry) in action.

I mean, the most common way you can have a great-uncle, but not a grandparent, who's Jewish is that they're your relative by marriage.

Read 4 tweets
11 Oct
Different day, same convo:

ex-Christian: *says something antisemitic about Pharisees*

Jews: that is antisemitic, stop

ex-Christian: no it's not, Pharisees are bad

Jews: actually, no they weren't, and again, this is antisemitic, please stop

ex-Christian: *blocks all the Jews*
also, gotta love that the latest example of this is claiming to be an expert on what Jesus *really* meant
[insert bernie pic]

I am once again asking people who leave Christianity to do even the BASIC work of deconstructing their internalized Christian antisemitism
Read 4 tweets
11 Oct
I don't get what's so hard to understand about why a people that's existed a lot longer than the State of Israel and had stuff in our language(s) banned before might not be real comfortable with the idea that the way to fight Israeli human rights abuses is to ban Hebrew.
And before anyone jumps in to mansplain the language politics of modern Hebrew, yes, I fucking know.

And also that is not *all* Hebrew is, and that's DEFINITELY not what Hebrew is to most gentiles.
They're not parsing "this specific dialect of Hebrew and its relationship to specific concepts of Jewish nationalism"

They're parsing "Jewish language = Zionism."
Read 4 tweets
11 Oct
I say "Christianity has a consent problem" a lot On Here, but I feel like we don't talk enough about how American Christianity has a *deep* discomfort at the very idea of boundaries (selflessness, forgiveness, work ethic, joyful submission, etc.) and that's in our national DNA.
And of course, as these things always go, it's not actually discomfort with boundaries full stop. The patriarch gets to have boundaries, but that's not how their framed, so they don't register as boundaries. They're buried in the idea of giving him respect/deference/etc.
"Your father works hard to provide all of this for us, and he's tired in the evenings, so leave him alone."

(Who gets to have boundaries isn't JUST about gender, obviously, but gender is a heavy component. Mothers don't get quiet evenings.)
Read 12 tweets
11 Oct
this is probably going to get Mom Twitter angry at me, but the whole trend of showing a picture of yourself in a bikini and being like, "I EARNED these stretch marks and this fat" makes me deeply uncomfortable

like, you shouldn't have to earn the right to have your body?
It's obviously not just--or even primarily, maybe, I don't know--conservative women who do this but it's actually a deeply conservative move, because it reifies the whole Christian Virgin-Whore-Mother paradigm for women while *pretending* to be liberating/progressive/etc.
Like, to have people see your body, if you're female, you must either be prepubescent (Virgin), sexually gratifying (Whore), or a Mother.

(This goes all the way back to the medieval idea that the only possible lives for an adult woman were nun, wife/mother, or sex worker.)
Read 8 tweets
10 Oct

What are some of the normative Christian worldviews/assumptions prevalent in society (even outside explicitly Christian spaces) that you've noticed since leaving Christianity? Image
(People often tell me they're not sure how to deconstruct the Christian worldview they grew up with, and want examples, so I thought I'd try to gather some.)
I'm not necessarily talking about *practices* (unless they're something that's normal outside church/explicitly Christian settings) but about *assumptions*, e.g. for me a big one is that forgiveness is the normal and natural end of conflict between people.
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