History written by the victors, the colonialists, who stayed for 200+years,in this land of sanatana dharma,but never imbibed the essence of it. Their aim was to subjugate, command & loot. History the brits wrote was a adapted, modified, manipulated history to suit their presence.
After independence the Congress govt headed by Nehru, was quite comfortable in pushing the colonial narrative to integrate the socialist thought into education. Non violence & Congress freedom struggle is now entrenched into our minds.
The revolutionaries, put to death by hanging or shooting, or dumped into kaala paani were just a line in our books. Even as a democracy we need to amplify their stories. It is for the ppl to decide in favour or analyse further.
@vikramsampath has written an epic book on the great revolutionary leader, Veer Savarkar, incarcerated in the Andaman jail by the brits for 11 long years,and was tortured by them.Our true history penned by a historian with a degree.Even without wd not make him less of one.

• • •

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14 Sep
The hindu vote is divided. Each election reiterates this fact. There must exist many social, political & cultural reasons for it & experts have expounded on it. The first General Elections was largely a unified vote for the INC, winning 364 of the 489 contested seats.+
The vote share was only 45 % for the INC, ppl had overwhelmingly voted for the Congress!
In 2019, Modi led NDA won by a majority vote share of 45% ! So much for the Congress & state dynast parties raking up vote share! #Politics +
A hindu united vote is a dream of the BJP, but are they taking steps to realise it? Caste politics aside. Instilling a sense of oneness through shared history & tradition wd be the natural steps to achieve such a goal. A longer process, which must start at the school level.+
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30 Oct 20
For us, Hindus, temples are a place of veneration. We bow before the deity in obeisance. Temples are an emotive part of our existence. We visit temples on festivals, to celebrate happy moments and equally during challenging times.
Our temples मंदिर,are the foundation of our culture. Adi Shankaracharya discovered the holy Kedarnath in the 8th century, a temple believed to have been built by the Pandavas.
Our faith transcends generations and this faith is trampled upon by none other than the govt.
A hindu majority community has to suffer, as our temples are owned by the Government.
In a secular state, the govt has no business to interfere in religious matters. Indian govt follows this very diligently in matters of Islam and Christianity.
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17 Mar 20
@DrMAzam @shahid_siddiqui Thanks for your advice. Go check out the Rakhigarhi findings. Aryans are indigenous people of Hindustan. The word "Hindu" is an aberration of Sindhu, nothing to do with Arabs. As hindu religion is not an institutionalised religion, but a way of life, of people residing
@DrMAzam @shahid_siddiqui around the Sindhu river, no name was given. Hence it is referred to as sanatan dharma.
Or Sanatan sanskriti. Hence all people residing in India, regardless of their faiths are Hindu, as per the ruling of the SC. The vedas, are not about God, but about the way to live+
@DrMAzam @shahid_siddiqui They are rich in science, art, culture, philosophy. I am proud of my heritage, as you too should be. For, what is the point in denying your own ancient past and your ancestors. Why link yourself to Arabs, where there exists no dna connection?
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9 Feb 20
वाद म्हणून वाद घालायचा आहे. हे असले संदर्भहीन लिहून काय साधले?
आपला मुद्दा पटवायचा असेल तर खरे लिहायला लागते. जे काही लिहीले आहे त्याचा संदर्भ legally accepted sources चा दिला पाहिजे. एकाही म्हणण्याला सोर्स निल.
जनसंघाची स्थापनाच मुळी 1952 मधे झाली. राष्ट्रलढ्यात त्यांनी कधी मुस्लिम लीग शी संधान साधले? तुमचे विधान भाजप बद्दल होते. मग त्या संबंधात ही माहिती.तसे पहायला गेले तर तुमचे तोंड इथेच बंद केले आहे. तरी पण हिंदू महासभे बद्दल विषय काढला, rather, त्यांच्या संबंधीच बोलत होतात
स्वतःला एवढे ज्ञानी समजता तर महाराष्ट्रीयन लोकांना तरी माहिती हवी की RSS आणि हिंदू महासभेत मूलभूत फरक होता. सगळ्या हिंदू organisations ना एकत्र करून काहीतरी छापणे बरोबर नाही. सावरकरां बद्दल बोलताना विचार करून बोलावे, ते आमच्या महाराष्ट्राचे दैवत आहेत.
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