Bit of a thread on my thoughts of the causes of #Brexit.

What we’re experiencing at the moment, the supply-chain problems leading to empty shelves & dry fuel pumps are simply one of the numerous symptoms of the UK’s decision to not only leave the EU but importantly 1/
to leave the single market and customs union.

The removal of the rights associated with Freedom of Movement mean that, and let’s take the HGV driver shortage as an example where 14,000 EU National drivers left the U.K. from January 2020, 2/
have left the U.K. isolated when it comes to attempting to fill the gaps.

The EU can pool resources through the process know as Cabotage which allows any EU HGV driver to work anywhere within the Union. So yes, there is a Europe-wide shortage of drivers but the EU27 are able 3/
to balance their resources, hence no fuel or grocery shortages.

All of the current problems that the U.K. is experiencing were not just predictable but were actually predicted back in 2016. The food rotting in the fields, the livestock being slaughtered, 4/
milk being poured down the drain, supply chains breaking, costs spiralling, red tape making every industry challenged in recruiting the staff they need…5/
the list is almost endless. Perhaps the biggest impact will be on those living in Northern Ireland, our only land border with the EU and the challenges of maintaining peace and compliance with the Good Friday Agreement. 6/
What really interests me though are the root causes of Brexit, how did a seemingly tolerant modern and outward looking European nation state commit social and economic suicide for some nebulous, overtly racially based reasoning. Why would we do this to ourselves? 7/
What are the benefits? How do we recover?

If you’re of a certain age you might remember the the turmoil and infighting in the Tory party over Europe. This went all the way back the original formation of the EEC. So what were these reasons for this. 8/
A primary reason but not solely is class, or rather the ingrained class system. Those at the top genuinely believing they are the ones in charge and always looked scornfully at an equitable & socially inclusive institution like the EU. 9/
Move forward to the early 2010’s and the EU was working on legislation that would help to ensure that individuals who held funds in offshore accounts were liable for appropriate taxation. This of course would effect those at the top of the class system more than most 10/
and they certainly weren’t going to allow Jonny Foreigners to meddle with their tax avoidance. 11/
So the cunning ruse of the UK leaving the EU was dreamt up by the Tory inner circle and their splinter groups like UKIP and other far-right groups as a threat to the EU to back away from this legislation. Remember, most of the dodgy global funds find their way through London 12/
and this would have impacted not only their clients but them personally. 13/
They never in their wildest dreams imagined they would actually win. But, cleverly they pitched what would become known as #Brexit as a way to rid the U.K. of all those pesky continental workers who were “taking all your jobs” and 14/
“ The U.K. to become a self-governing sovereign nation again” Of course this was bollocks, we were always sovereign and as we’re finding to our cost at the moment and into the future those pesky foreigners were actually critical to the wellbeing of all of us. 15/
But, they didn’t count on a disappointing level of innate xenophobia, mainly in England it has to be said and just like the National Socialist movement did in the 30’s, they played this ‘Othering’ for all it was worth. And it worked. 16/
The result on 23rd June 2016, aided and abetted by a complicit right wing media led to a major problem…they didn’t have a clue what to do next, there was never a plan for success and they have spent the last 5 years making it up as they go along. 17/
So, how do we recover. Honestly, I have no idea. I do know that it will get a whole lot worse. If and it’s a big if the Tories are ousted at the next election we might have a chance of reversing some of the damage. 18/
Applying to rejoin the Single Market and Customs Union would be a start but I fear that @UKLabour will continue their policy of continuing to appease their Brexit voting constituencies. 19/
We’re in uncharted territory now. As the cloud of Covid lifts the focus will return to Brexit. The breakup of the U.K. is a distinct possibility. Becoming a much smaller country, financially, socially and politically are all likely outcomes. 20/
Whichever way you voted in 2016, we’re all going to suffer the consequences of a few wealthy tax dodgers for decades to come <end>

• • •

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