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1. The no deal #Brexit advocates are in full spin mode. They say we can trade on WTO terms alone. So anybody with a clue asks them about aviation and nuclear sectors etc where they mutter something about bilateral deals. That's an admission that we cannot trade on WTO rules alone
2. They then pretend we can have an amicable negotiated exit to WTO rules. We can't. This would be a package with all the bilaterals covering aviation and nuclear - there bare minimum to avoid civil emergencies. It would not include any mutual recognition on anything.
3. There is no way the EU would sign such an agreement without the existing agreements on citizens rights, the financial settlement and the NI backstop. There is no rowing back from that. The government would have to agree or there is no deal.
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Now we are down to name-calling, and still no safe or sensible plan. Is it a #disgrace NHS doctors like me are terrified of the impact of a No Deal #Brexit on our patients? 🤔 /thread
Is it a disgrace a No Deal Brexit means we will, even temporarily, be unable to import vital medicine? Like insulin?…
Perhaps it’s a disgrace that we only make enough insulin in the U.K. for 1-2000 patients, when 400,000 patients need it every year. Is it a disgrace we are having to stockpile medicine like this?…
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Are you a #Brexiter who voted in good faith for #Brexit, hoping for a better life for you and your family, and don't see why so many people now want a #PeoplesVote? Let's revisit the things #VoteLeaveBrokeTheLaw and @LeaveEUOfficial told you back then. 1/n
Then: "There will be no downside to Brexit - only a considerable upside" (David Davis).

Now, The "benefits" of brexit may take "up to 50 years to appear" (Jacob Rees Mogg), or "never" (Nigel Farage).

Hate austerity? Brexit = constant austerity.…
Then: "Turkey is joining the EU" (Psst If you don't vote for Brexit, Turks, Syrians and Iraqis will overwhelm our country)"

Now: @michaelgove admits they lied to you about it, and "regrets" this.…
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I am sick & tired of Corbyn supporters whining that Labour can't oppose the government on #Brexit. If Labour can't oppose a bitterly divided minority government pursuing an utterly bankrupt policy then Labour should dissolve itself and let others do the opposing.
And of course these particular Corbynistas are wrong about the facts. Labour has shown that when it is willing and it is joined by Tory defectors it can force the government into desperately close Commons votes on #Brexit.
Some other Corbynistas say that Labour is letting the Tories self-destruct. That is an honest account of what Labour might be doing. However, that tactic runs one big risk.
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Govt technical notes on the effects of a No Deal #Brexit will be released from next week.

Here are the areas covered, reported by @alexGspence
& @AlbertoNardelli
(How long does it takes to scroll the list?):

Air services

Animal breeding

Aviation safety

Aviation security
Batch testing of medicine

Blood safety


Chemicals regulation

Civil judicial cooperation

Civil nuclear


Commercial road haulage

Common Travel Area

Company law


Consumer protection

Cross-border gas trading

Customs and borders

Driver licensing


e-Commerce and geo-blocking

Electricity trading

Environmental standards

Equine movements


EU citizens in the UK

EU programmes and structural funds

EU space programmes

European regional development fund

European social fund
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Why did the European Commission not publish killer assessments of May's 'single market for goods' #Brexit pitch? How did the Brits get hold of them so quickly? Some thoughts. 1/THREAD…
First the bugging part. Did the spooks at GCHQ/MI6 have a hand in procuring the slides, or contents thereof, from the July 5 Article 50 Working Group?

Frankly, who knows? It's sure not impossible - recall Obama's NSA bugged Merkel - but EU concerns speak to the lack of trust/2
Just as plausibly one of those attending briefed the Brits that the Commission was about to fire a pre-emptive strike against May's expected Brexit pitch on the day of Chequers.

If that's what happened, it raises several interesting questions. /3
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A quick thread about 'PROJECT FEAR'. #brexit [1]
2/ before the referendum, both sides undoubtedly exaggerated their positions and stretched the truth. I.E. Vote Leave said Turkey was imminently going to join the EU. While Turkey was/is an EU official accession state, it wasn't and isn't joining anytime soon.
3/ Likewise, remainers claimed there would be an emergency budget and Recession immediately after a vote to leave. Neither have transpired, but it would be false to say there hasn't been a negative effect on the UK economy.
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As a #leavernow I have undergone a radical process of DeEducation and thanks to the resultant intellectual brexpihany I now have depth ignorance of a true Brexpert accordingly I would like to take to task the scaremongering remoaners who continue to pedal #ProjectFear THREAD
The CBI claims the UK car industry could face extinction after #Brexit but the CBI are just the representative body of British industry who lobby on behalf of manufacturing industry I have never worked in manufacturing so know its just #ProjectFear…
The city of London is full of remoaners deeply unhappy at #Brexit city lobbying groups keep pretending their businesses will be hurt and good jobs will be lost but As a #leavernow I say it is #ProjectFear so it must be because I say so…
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People keep saying we should have a vote on the #Brexit "final deal".

I don't think we should wait. Why not?

Two reasons-

1/ We already know there is NO version of #Brexit that wouldn't do us all (apart from the very rich) real damage. If we #RemainInTheEU, we can get on with
repairing the damage that #Brexit has already done, which is considerable, and carry on with improving things for all Europeans.

2/ I suspect May's plan is to run us out of time, so we crash out with no deal, and hence no time to vote on it. All her delaying tactics have been
aimed at that result, including trying to extend MP's extremely long holidays, to prevent them from stopping her crazy game.

I think we can't get Parliament recalled, as the usual way to do that would need the Government to ask the Speaker, and May won't allow that.
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1/ It has gone largely unnoticed that #Brexit is closely tied to climate change denial.

55 Tufton Street in Westminister is home to 8 right-of-centre organisations combining support for #Brexit and climate change denial…
#55TuftonSt #PeoplesVote
2/ Another article on the pro-Brexit and climate change denial organisations based at 55 & 57 Tufton St, including Vote Leave, the TPA & the IEA (linked to Raab) and some familiar names - Matthew Elliot, Owen Paterson, Nigel Lawson, Hintze & Gove.…
3/ A graphic showing some of the links between Brexiters and the transatlantic climate change denial network. Some familiar names - Fox, Davis, Gove Paterson, Farage and Arron Banks.
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1/"Ian Paisley apologises at supporters' meeting"… "Mimicking the actions of the Conservative MP Boris Johnson, a number of Mr Paisley's supporters served tea & biscuits to the waiting media."Does that seem like taking the piss' to you? #JustSaying #Brexit
2/ "The North Antrim MP could face a by-election if 10% of his constituents sign a petition. A recall ballot, where voters can sign a petition calling for a by-election, has been opened.The recall petition is the first in UK parliamentary history." #Brexit #Northernireland #Derry
3/ "In politics they say when you are explaining you are often losing the argument. In recent weeks Ian Paisley has been doing a lot of explaining.
This meeting was organised by supporters of Ian Paisley so the suspended MP was speaking to a very receptive audience. He was in
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Total Democracy is rigged to fail society..eventually.

Its a thread.

From @OxfordUnion by @mehdirhasan with @dambisamoyo.

This also includes three other people.

Number 1 was previously a politician who now works with policy.

The joint no 2s are well respected "whatyacallits"
First, I have to send my regards to the interviewer who always found to bring out the best, here or the worst , eg the end, the truth from all and every person interviewed.

The whole discourse was based on the seemingly crazy ideas of @dambisamoyo in #edgeofchaos
She argued that in order for Developing countries to have any chance of attaining development, #Democracy needs to be tinkered with.

She drove home the point by directing to China and the miracle they pulled off within one generation.

Initially a skeptic, I got to think.....
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1. I've noticed that threads debunking the WTO #Brexit option have become something of a cottage industry. They are all the rage these days. It doesn't do any good though because we are not actually dealing with people who respond to facts. We are dealing with a belief system.
2. Certainly it helps to raise awareness among those who are not intellectually subnormal but the people who most need to listen simply won't. They are not thinking it through and they are oblivious to the breadth of EU integration and just how much the EU really does.
3. That's because most of what the EU does is "invisible government". That which you'd never know existed unless it concerned you directly. This ignorance, however, is shared equally among remainers and leavers.
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1/ One reason for #Brexit:
Within living memory the English ruled the greatest empire the world had ever seen. The English were the master race, to which even the least of Englishmen belonged, making him superior to all others. And then in around 20 years it all vanished.
2/ So a child coming to awareness in the glow of imperial glory, reached young adulthood in a broken, dejected Britain crawling, for want of better, into the embrace of the EEC, a supplicant begging for entry into a club run by powers England had once comprehensively defeated.
3/ For those with no need for tribal affiliations, or whose affiliations were to other tribes this wouldn't have mattered. But for those who felt defined by Britishness, or more specifically, and relevantly, Englishness, this would have left a deep psychological wound.
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Let's do a little thought experiment in light of this tweet from @robfordmancs:

This builds on my earlier thread:

Prerequisites for this:
- someone ousts May in a Tory leadership election in Sept/Oct
- Govt majority lost, meaning a new GE in Oct/Nov 2018
(both of these are of course open to question - but bear with me!)

How do the Tories and Labour approach #Brexit in such a General Election campaign?

One presumes that the Tories (with 75% of their membership pro-Brexit) aim for a hard Brexit, something akin to the Chequers deal (or harder). They'd NOT want a #peoplesvote

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In my most recent blog post I argue that when a political crisis hits in 🇬🇧, 🇪🇺 is going to have to contemplate extending the #Article50 period.

Blog post is here:…

This thread examines some of the aspects of extending Article 50 (or not)

First some background - I have an older blog post here about why extending the Article 50 period would be a good idea:…

And the relevant part of Article 50 is shown here - unanimous agreement of EU-27 needed to extend

Extending the Article 50 period is not something either side really wants.

BUT No Deal #Brexit is the thing both sides should absolutely fear, especially 🇬🇧 but even the 🇪🇺, whose Member States (especially 🇮🇪) would take a major GDP hit.

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UK trade deficit widens as fall in sterling after Brexit fails to improve export sales…
Ah.. the Guardian 😂committed Brexit idiots spout, so you give them something from ‘The Economist’ @TheEconomist 🤔
You give them screenshot after screenshot . Still they say, start thinking for yourself instead of believing Remain propaganda!
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Thread 1/15 So you want to cash in big on #Brexit?

Here’s how.

Disclaimer. The following thread does not constitute financial advice. Before making any investment you should consult a professional financial adviser.
Just satire.
2/15 Now let’s suppose you have a spare £100m.

The first thing you need to do is invest it in non-Sterling denominated assets.

@Jacob_Rees_Mogg ‘s firm has a few funds, all investing $8.4billion in such assets, so ask him if you’re not sure.

He knows all about this.
3/15 For the sake of illustration, let’s make up an imaginary currency called the Wonga.

And let’s suppose that you get 2 Wongas to the Pound. W2=£1. The rate doesn’t matter.

So now you’ve got W200million in stocks denominated in Wonga currency.
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So, Twitter. In light of the ongoing clusterfuck that is #brexit, let me tell you a little about my white, Australian experience of dealing with the UK visa authority, a complete shitshow of a bureaucracy that is in no way prepared to handle what's coming.
My husband and I first moved to the UK in January 2011. He'd been given a position at a good university there - however, because the Tories had slashed the number of visas any uni was allowed to sponsor, they were unable to sponsor him even though they'd hired him.
Fortunately for us, my maternal grandfather was born in the UK, which meant I was eligible for an ancestry visa. A much more expensive visa than a sponsored one would've been, but it came with greater protections and my husband could work as my spouse. So we opted to do that.
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Dear @BBCNews

I am keen to know more about why you pay controversial “charity” IEA to come on @BBCNewsnight in front of millions & speak about how badly the NHS is doing & how it requires an “overhaul.”
Could you tell us more?

#BBCswitchoff #BBCBias
Lots going on for the IEA at present. Why is the @BBCNews paying them to appear on television? [yet not paying other thinktanks?]

See .@CHPIthinktank report

#BBCswitchoff #BBCBias…
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Getting Member States involved in #Brexit negotiations will not help the #UK. It will most likely fuel domestic politicization of Brexit in #EU27 countries. This will be detrimental to UK interests.
UK #Brexit strategists and commentators as diverse as @Jeremy_Hunt, @CER_Grant , @anandMenon1 and @fromTGA warn about the dangers of No Deal for British public opinion and call on #EU27 member states to get involved.…
The British people will hate the EU for a generation, they warn.

The idea/hope is that MS governments will be more willing to give in to British demands. I think this is a flawed argument that overlooks the dynamics of politicization.
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#brexit is a belief, a religion. There's no evidence to support it. It is just a blinkered faith. They believe what they want to believe. Their leaders are preachers, not politicians, & their reaction to doubting them is that of nothing less than a religious fundamentalist #FBPE
2. As such many will quite literally do this for some kind of reward in the next life or for a "cause" for their fellow followers. And when you read the words of some of their protagonists that is exactly what one sees.
3. And we must ask how it is possible so many have been converted to this religious extremism. In general it will the same as elsewhere, hardship, poverty, hate, a conditioned mind that is made to believe a specific group is the cause of their troubles.
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Just been called a fanatic by a #Corbynista #Lexiter for daring to suggest Labour need to back a #PeoplesVote for a #FinalSay with a #Remain option to thwart the Far Right #Brexit...2 out of the 3 likes he got were from the Far Right.
What have we become?!
Original Tweet...Far Left & Right all over me for daring to back an anti Rigjt Alliance & a Democratic #PeoplesVote for a #FinalSay with a #Remain option
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This @politicoeurope piece and infographic by @kbolongaro about the #Brexit and the ham and cheese sandwich has been widely retweeted.

Do read the whole piece - don't just rely on the infographic.…

But let's just say for a minute that, spurred on by national sandwich sentiment post a No Deal Brexit, the UK did want to make itself more self-sustaining in its food production, what could it do?

First some stats: Defra has useful stats on UK food import dependency here:…

The first Excel table shows how import dependency for food has been growing (the UK now imports 40% of its food), and the second Excel download lists value by food type.

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