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🚨🚨🇬🇧🇪🇺🎓🚌🇫🇷🇩🇪🇮🇹🎓🚌🇪🇺🇬🇧🚨🚨IT’S OUT: my latest #brexit briefing.

School trips to Britain put at risk by EU passport rule change via @FT tl;dr…stopping EU kids using ID cards will help erode U.K. bond with EU warn travel groups. 😢

Stay with me /1
@FT This is one of those stories where the impact of #Brexit is not quantified in £s or euros...but in the gradual building up of barriers between the EU and the UK.

In this case, stopping use of EU ID cards for travel into UK...which will hit EU school trips /2
@FT It might not seem like a big deal, requiring everyone has a passport to enter UK, but in practice companies that organise school trips -- one of the cheapest and earlies forms of cultural exposure -- say it will hit them hard/3
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Finally I can buy things in perches, pennyweights and pecks. So much easier.
Thanks #Brexit
All of these #remainers in my DMs saying the #Imperial System is difficult. Look, a scruple is 20 grains and a troy pennyweight is 24 grains. A minim is 1/60 of a fluid dram so expressing a fluid’s density is easy. I choose pennyweight/minim as it just makes more sense.
If a train is travelling at 5 rods per minute and burns off a gill of fuel every 5 minutes calculate its momentum. Come on. Sir Isaac Newton could do it.
#pounds #Brexit
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Ich frag mich ja schon, warum die #SPD, #Grünen und #CDU/#CSU immer so rumnölen über die Kritik der #Linke'n an der #NATO.
Das "Bündnis" beweist einmal mehr selbst, dass es am Ende angelangt ist, ausgelaugt und zerrüttet. /MS
Die "alte Weltordnung" ist faktisch tot. Die #USA sind isolationistisch geworden und fokussieren sich höchstens noch auf #China, #Großbritannien dreht nach dem #Brexit (und auch davor schon, siehe #FiveEyes) eh sein eigenes Ding, die #Türkei ist 1 Diktatur, die #EU zerstritten/MS
Die #Linke hat insoweit sachlich recht: die #NATO ist ein überholtes Modell, das in sich zutiefst zerstritten ist (alleine Türkei vs Griechenland), und spätestens seit den #Irak-Lügen der #USA keine Zukunft mehr hat. /MS
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🇦🇺🇬🇧🇺🇸 Hilo recopilatorio: #AUKUS

1) El gran anuncio de las últimas horas es la creación por parte de #Australia, #ReinoUnido y #EEUU de una nueva asociación pensada para contrapesar a #China y cuyo primer objetivo será el diseño y construcción de SSN para #Australia.
2) En un anuncio poco sorprendente, dada la postura habitual del país, la Primera Ministra de #NuevaZelanda, Jacinda Andern, ha afirmado que los nuevos submarinos no podrán acceder a aguas neozelandesas, al ser de propulsión nuclear.

3) Como anuncia el propio gobierno de #Australia en su web oficial, la intención del país es la de adquirir 8 submarinos de ataque de propulsión nuclear (SSN), mucho más adecuados para las necesidades del país que los submarinos convencionales.…
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@matt_fbpe Thread as requested:

OK, here are some observations after having lived and worked here for 14 years.

Brits are far more adverse to most change and warier of political change than Australians. Aussies tend to "Give it a go" whilst Brits are more cautious.
Even though #Brexit has been politically polarising, Brits for the most part are moderate in their political outlook both Labour and Conservative voters. The extremes, which the current @GBNews is trying to exploit represent a very small portion of the population.
In Australia and the USA this is not the case, there are larger numbers of people drawn to extremes than in the UK. In my opinion, @GBNews went too hard from the off, to attract and keep a large audience in the UK, you need to be balanced, even if your bias is in one direction.
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.@Keir_Starmer @RachelReevesMP

① The Tories are going to lose votes through these #Brexit-related shortages. They probably are already.

② You are not going to GAIN those votes until you start to be *honest* about the cause.

③ So you do need to cop onto this - PDQ now.
@Keir_Starmer @RachelReevesMP Shapps says that HGV-related shortages are nothing to do with #Brexit.

Is @UKLabour going to let him get away with that lie?
@Keir_Starmer @RachelReevesMP @UKLabour It is now said that #Brexit-related food gaps are likely to be "permanent", and that there will be shortages for Christmas.

The 'red wall' will know already that there is a strong Brexit component to this.

Does Labour want to lead on this? Or is it content to be a follower?
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So they’re removing the reversing element from HGV tests to make them easier to pass?

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but there’s only one way to get on a loading dock, and it ain’t forwards.

What could possibly go wrong?

#supplychain #hgv #brexit
I want to add a clarification here, as the Sky story on which my tweet was based my not have been the whole story.

Reversing is to be removed from the DfT examined test but will be ‘tested by a 3rd party’.
I’m not quite sure where an army of competent 3rd party examiners will come from, how standards will be upheld and overseen, or how the funding of this works.

I fully appreciate something must be done to solve the crisis, but safety must remain the number one priority.
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EXc: UK eyes removing EU’s human review of AI decisions.

Among ideas as U.K. gov consults on how to seek U.K. #brexit “data dividend”.

But privacy campaigners and EU will be watching. /1
This relates to Article 22 of GDPR, the EU data protection regulation which guarantees a human review of automated decision or profiling -- for EG online loan award a loan, or a recruitment aptitude test using algorithms to filter candidates. /2…
Art 22 has been a target for Brexiters like Iain Duncan Smith who led the govt's TIGRR review on how to seek a regulatory dividend from Brexit.

Their report argued A22 should be removed and replaced with a public interest test. /3…
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A consolidation of #GlobalBritain and #Brexit (lack of) success stories.

Take back control of roaming charges on holiday

Shutting the British Council (supporting British Business) all over Europe.


Flouting UN Convention on Human Rights. Good old banana republic failed state stuff.


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The possible inclusion of the #Left party in a German government will certainly not “spook markets”. /thread
As per my thread below, the #Left has moderated its demands on economics, welfare policies and taxes. Still leftist, but not extreme. /2
But will that not lower Germany’s #growth? Maybe, medium to long term. Raise unemployment a bit? Maybe. (The #Left income tax plans create 300k jobs, acc to ifo institute). /3…
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Brexit Thread of Recent News Articles highlighting widespread problems for the uk economy and infrastructure....[see thread]
#brexit #NationalInsurance…
'Britain's biggest supplier of influenza vaccines postponing deliveries due to a Brexit-related shortage of lorry drivers, delaying the government's winter inoculation campaign.'…
Brexit: 'Europeans bought the least amount of food and beverages from the U.K. since at least 2012 in the first half of this year.'
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NEW: ‘A blatant attempt to dodge accountability, the modern equivalent of shredding vital documents.’

This week’s newsletter has lift-off 🚀 with latest on our legal action against the use of disappearing Whatsapp messages in government…
Vital evidence of how the govt makes decisions – on #Covid19, on #Brexit, on private contracts – is being lost irretrievably. Not only is it undemocratic, but it’s unlawful. Which is why we decided to take action with the brilliant team @Foxglovelegal
This follows a 2 year campaign by @iainoverton to get an answer to the q: are special advisers using encrypted software apps such as Whatsapp to conduct govt business? The request was made under the #FOI act.…
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Turning to #LevellingUp, Clark ask what Levelling Up means for Bristol? Rees says Levelling Up "must be about tackling #inequalities in an aspirational way". #CityLeaders
However, Rees says that #LevellingUp "must be data-led & evidence-led" to deliver the best outcomes on investments, rather than "wet finger politics" to achieve results that are popular #CityLeaders
Rees is also concerned that #LevellingUp is becoming "dominated by geography". Says that this means that groups in need may not get the help they need as they are "victims of geography", not just in the South but also in the North #CityLeaders
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NEW: UK is about to extend "grace periods" for NI Protocol that has caused so much difficulty since #Brexit -- EU side will not object -- so that talks on UK Command Paper can continue....BUT (to be clear) two sides still miles apart /1…
So, take Lord Frost @DavidGHFrost speech at weekend (worth reading)... he repeats that “solutions which involve ‘flexibilities’ within the current rules won’t work for us”. But that is exactly where the EU is.../2…
@DavidGHFrost As Irish dep pm/Tanaiste @LeoVaradkar told @BBCr4today this morning there is "no appetite" in EU capitals for re-write:

“We don’t really see the case for renegotiating it [the protocol] so soon, we think most of the solutions can be found within the existing agreement.” /3
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İYİ Parti 5. kol faaliyeti yürütüyor!
Kurgu Partisi!

▪️Meral Akşener'in Hatay ziyaretinde ESNAF tezgahının arkasına geçip açıklamalar yapan Reşat Kayman'ın;

Hatay Büyükşehir Belediyesi Sosyal Tesisler Sorumlu Müdürü olduğu, daha önce CHP gençlik kollarında görev yaptığı ortaya çıktı.⬇️
Kurgu Partisi!

İYİ Parti, "halktan vatandaş" diyerek kurgu yapmayı misyon edinmiş!⬇️
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So, a thread about my neighbour. She has discovered #Brexit. Not unusual you might think. Except she lives in France where, generally speaking, the bizarre obsessions of the English regarding Europe are of little interest…
…However it was brought to her attention on a news programme which suggested that, in the most fruitful time of year, the British are running out of food. In particular fresh fruit & veg. This doesn’t seem so strange to us…
…accustomed as we are to the stupidity and craziness of the whole #Brexit fiasco. But to someone hearing of this from outside it is, indeed utterly batshit crazy. That a country would find itself in such a predicament, and be unable to do anything about it seems little short…
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Today's thought is, how is this scam possible?

At least one mobile network is profiting from an obvious scam by serving this message.

Others are paid by routing it.

And the message is very easy to detect and prevent.

Once Government is corrupt, everything rots.
To sustain society we must care enough to focus on it

That means planning
Encouraging integrity
Celebrating professionalism

We must recognise people who care enough to focus on details and notice small mistakes.

What if we have people in power who care for none of this?
You get Afghanistan.

Our failure to plan led to the worst betrayal of people relying on us since the second world war.

And the crushing of a British foreign policy reputation already on its knees.

Are you one of those who think it was unpredictable or unprecedented?
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🇬🇧 "Alors les connards, vous avez vu le #Brexit, comment ça CARTONNE ! +8,8% d'augmentation des salaires en moyenne"
🇩🇪 "Oui, bien sûr, dis-moi, puisqu'on est dans les maths, qui a été viré en priorité pendant le COVID ?"
🇬🇧 "Ben, les bas salaires"
🇩🇪 "Let's roll #withflags"
🇩🇪 "Donc, imaginons qu'on ait 100 personnes :
- 10 touchent un salaire de 1000
- 30 un salaire de 500
- 30 un salaire de 250
- 30 un salaire de 100,
Ca fait une moyenne de 355, on est d'accord ?"
🇬🇧 "Je sens que tu veux m'embrouiller"
🇩🇪 "Mais non, j'aime la compta"
🇩🇪 "Crise Covid, tu licencies 1 salaire à 1000, 2 salaires à 500, 7 salaires à 250 et 10 salaires à 100"
🇬🇧 "Ouais et ?"
🇩🇪 "Ca fait une moyenne de salaires de 384,37, soit une hausse de 8,27%"
🇬🇧 "Attends ... je ... "
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#CPC memory lane. Not 40 or 50 years ago. But the past TWO years. This is who they are. They encourage & stoke extremism & violent rhetoric. They pump out disinformation & propaganda through 3rd party front groups. Stoke xenophobia & of course, anti-choice cultish beliefs #Elxn44
#CPC memory lane continued. #Brexit was a malign influence operation, including Russian interference & disinformation. Who was a cheerleader for it? #CPC.

#NeverVoteConservative #Elxn44 #cdnpoli
#CPCMemoryLane continued. That time not even Andrew Coyne could pretend #ErinOToole hadn’t swung #CPC into far right territory.

#cdnmedia #NeverVoteConservative #Elxn44
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"I’m not going to start adding to frankly the fishing expedition beyond the facts I’ve articulated in a fulsome statement”

@DominicRaab repeatedly refuses to say if he’d already started his holiday by August 11 as Afghanistan fell

I guess that’s a “YES”.
“My name is Dominic Raab & I'm a Tory, I don't support the Human Rights Act & I don't believe in economic & social rights"

Terrifyingly, Raab is one of the key ‘masterminds’ behind the current govt’s goal of shrinking the state & deregulating the economy.
None of this is secret

In 2019, amid the detritus in @BorisJohnson's car journalists spotted a copy of Britannia Unchained, the 2012 free-market tract 'co-authored' by 4 current govt ministers: @DominicRaab @pritipatel @trussliz @KwasiKwarteng & Chris "God hates puffs" Skidmore.
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One thing I think is wrong about the outcry re: shortages is the assertion that to replace (for example) #EU lorry drivers, we just need to “train more of our own”. To me this epitomises how #Brexit, although many things, is about entrenching class, race and gender imbalances.
2/3 of the two lowest social classes voted for #Brexit. But they only accounted for 40% of the vote suggesting elite and middle class voters were far more critical in ensuring Britain left the EU. Now that we have shortages of low skill and low income workers, where do we turn?
Not to the other main #Brexit cohort, the elderly, and not to the children of the middle or upper classes. Implicit in the argument that we need to “train our own” is that it will be the children of poor people (disproportionately non-white) who will take these jobs.
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1. Finally, the British establishment is ready to admit that #brexit has failed.

The Brexit promised by Boris Johnson has failed to materialise, much same as his dream of a garden bridge.

When Cameron failed to win referendum he stood down. It’s time for Johnson to follow suit.
2. Britain needs a reset and it was the #AfghanistanDisaster which has finally woken up our defences to the reality we have fools in charge.…
3. History shows why only a fool would destroy food security to rely on goods from the pacific.…
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Guten Morgen - Tässle Kaffee? ☕️

Ein selten bedachter Aspekt von #Migration: Autoritäre Regime wie #Iran, #Türkei, #Russland, #Belarus… stabilisieren sich auch dadurch, dass sie Weltoffene in die #Emigration treiben. Vgl. #Deutschland im 19. Jht. 🧐 Für Einwanderungsländer 👍
So nahmen auch deutsche Emigranten am Kampf um die Demokratie der USA 🇺🇸 teil, z.B. #GustavStruve. Er kämpfte noch mit 50+ mit #Lincoln gg. Sklaverei. Zuvor hatte #Struve am 21.9.1848 in #Lörrach eine #Republik ausgerufen. Darf am 21.9.21 an ihn erinnern.…
Hier ein Überblick über das Leben des Republikaners #GustavStruve, der u.a. mit der unglaublichen #AmalieStruve auch für Frauenstimmrecht kämpfte, seinen Adelstitel ablegte, den 1. #Vegetarier-Bund in #Stuttgart gründete, Revolutionstruppen anführte u.v.m!…
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Le Medef mise sur les pays de la Francophonie pour relancer les exportations🇫🇷
👍 Son objectif est de créer une «communauté francophone d'affaires».
🌍 450 entrepreneurs de 31 pays sont attendus à son colloque de rentrée.…
Cette évolution correspond exactement à ce que dit et propose l'UPR depuis 14 ans.
🔎 Plutôt que de se focaliser sur le périmètre artificiel de🇪🇺 et d'affirmer sottement qu'il n'y a point de salut économique en dehors, la France a tout intérêt à se focaliser sur la Francophonie.
Nous avons une langue en commun et des liens innombrables avec la Francophonie, et la plupart de ces pays sont des marchés d'avenir.
La croissance économique y est très supérieure à celle de🇪🇺!
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