1. You never learn, do you. You knew nothing about tbe Holocaust because you can't read, you ended up getting in a nasty jam, and we were forced to listen to your teary eyed apology. A thoughtful person might have learned something. But not Majorly Traitor Greene
2. Nope, you've done it again. For those of us who read, there are easily attainable historic records, such as diaries and letters, that serve as factual historical record. Since the truth has never been important to you, you just ignore them, and make up your own story
3. Christopher Columbus was a monstrous individual 4who traded in, enslaved, raped, tortured and killed young indigenous girls. Genocide was among his favorite past times. In 1492, there were about 300k residents of Hispaniola-Dominican Republic and Haiti-no Marjorie, not the USA
4. Between 1494 and 1496, 100k died, half to mass suicide. The details become sketchy here, but if it led to 50k people committing suicide, the events had to be apocalyptic. A few years later in 1508, the pop was down to 60k, and by 1548,it was down to 500 people, TOTAL.
5. You guys LOVE to rail against an imaginary cabal of elite Democrats who "kill and eat babies." Here was a REAL demon who committed unspeakable acts against young children, and you laud him as a hero. I've known about this since I was 15 years old. Why?
6. Because I read his diaries and letters, and those of his fellow murderers. They are very easily available to anyone who cares to know the truth. It's taught in school that he came over on the Mayflower? You need to stop opening your mouth just long enough to change feet. ONCE!

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11 Oct
1. Saw a new client saturday. 1st appt. Male, 50s, white. I like to chat for 15 mins or so to get a read. After he's good and warmed up, he says "get this!" as if I were a compatriot. He goes on and on about his neighbors raising their 6 year old boy as a girl. Oh no, I think...
2. After 15 minutes, i told him that I was going to refer him to a colleague of mine instead. He became defensive, and asked why. I thought a bit, wanting to frame this just right. I asked him, "do you believe that a 6 year old is sexually aware, or understands gender complexity?
3. "No, of course not", he said. "Then think about this. When this tortured child is crying uncontrollably, confused and scared, asking WHY he has a male body when he's really a girl, do you not think you may want to pay attention?" He squirmed and finally said," I should have
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1 Oct
You're going to be hearing that the Socialist Progressives are gumming up the works, preventing the infrastructure bill from passing. Thats only partially true, and ill try and be brief.
2. 2 bills. One crap, the bipartisan 1.5TR bill, stripped away the climate change, extended child credits, free 2 years community college, dental and eye inclusions to medicare. All the good stuff, which we all need.
3. Second bill, Biden's vision, 3.5TR OVER 10 YEARS, still has all the good stuff in it. joe manchin is heavily invested in dirty coal, and last year made over $500k. His salary is $174k. krysten sinema is deeply in bed with big pharma snd others. Last night,she attended a
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1 Oct
Do NOT be fooled if you hear that the Progressives are balling up the works. The bipartisan bill, which is nothing more than a corporate handout, allowing privatization of corporate industry. This means no regulation. No upgrading resources for optimal function. TX saw how well
2. that worked, remember that? The bill has been stripped of ANY tax increase on the richest corps and people in the country. None of the climate change issues are in the bill. So here's how this works: If the bipartisan crap bill passes the house and senate BEFORE the good bill
3. goes to vote, it will die, because the thugs will have gotten what they wanted, providing zero incentive to even vote on the good bill. So the progressive caucus is saying, "not a chance. If we don't see the good bill pass the senate FIRST, we have the votes to block the crap
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29 Sep
@GovAbbott is officially the most disgusting male alive. Lets talk about government tyranny. The right are screaming that its government tyranny for companies to mandate vaccine to keep workers alive. What about a 14 year old girl who's been raped by her grandfather, being FORCED
2. to carry that foetus to term, in spite if the debilitating trauma and shame. Somehow, abbott doesn't see this as tyranny of any kind. This is the most blatant example of tyranny facing us as a nation. Wise mr abbott says that he's forming a "rape task force" to give support to
3. that already broken 14 year old girl. Tell me, @GovAbbott, how are you planning to "support" this little girl when you value a mass of NON VIABLE tissue more than her? You don't see the tyranny because you're busy pandering to the far far right whose support you're terrified
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12 Jul
1. @mtgreenee doesn't seem to retain her life lessons. After her absurd apologetic vid saying that she'd never make such a comparison again, merely 3 weeks later, she's at it again. Now she's calling the NON GOVERNMENT volunteers canvassing neighborhoods vaccine Brown Shirts.
2. First of all, the Brown Shirts were Nazi Gestapo adherents who terrorized and killed innocent people. Second, nobody is forcing anyone to take the vaccine, they are there to educate people about the Delta and Panda strains. Did you know that only .01% if vaccinated folk became
3. ill? Even you can do the math. That means that 99.9% of those admitted to hospitals were unvaccinated. This rubbish about your Brown Shirts is only a straw man to be used while you dish out your disgusting campaign of lies and disinformation. Your telling your imbecile base
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24 Mar
@madliberalmom @liberty_or_dth @FreeSpeechAmer 1. Liberty or death, after giving your sarcastic post more thought, I have a few well chosen words for you. You've no idea what we accomplished with ACTUP-NYC, and judging me as a "poser resister" is offensive and intolerable. Read about how we brought the RedCross to its knees.
@madliberalmom @liberty_or_dth @FreeSpeechAmer 2. All of their blood reserve was tainted. They refused to implenent any meaningful testing because it would throttle their revenue stream. By applying constant, noisy and very disruptive resistance, WE BEAT THEM. They finally agreed to comprehensive testing and the blood reserve
@madliberalmom @liberty_or_dth @FreeSpeechAmer 3. Became viable again, ending the deaths of thousands of hemophiliac children, needing constant transfusions. Save your pseudo intellectual rubbish. We DID what had to be done. What have you done? I won't let you cheapen the efforts of hundreds of activists who changed the world
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