In the Democrats' all-out War on the Middle Class, George Soros and his "progressive prosecutors" are the special operations command.
The Left's pro-crime policies are very much a part of their strategy for taking the Middle Class down. Just listen to them talk about it, especially at the height of BLM insanity - they're seething with rage at the police as the brutal racist guardians of "white privilege."
The Left absolutely hates that most of the country is protected from the pathologies of big-city crime. They want to wipe out safe havens where the hated Middle Class can live in peace, feeling insulated from the social issues that drive urban lefty crusades for "social justice."
Destroying those safe havens is a top agenda item in the War on the Middle Class. The Left wants those people to feel afraid and helpless. They want middle-class people to think only progressive policies can reduce crime and violence, not police, prosecution, and jail.
The Left is programming us to think enforcement and prosecution are unjust, racist, and do nothing to enhance public safety. The progressive quest for punitive "social justice" is the only answer. In other words: crime can only be addressed by punishing the innocent. /end

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14 Oct
Despite Biden's comically inept efforts to gaslight you over inflation - AKSHUALLY skyrocketing prices and empty store shelves are good! - the truth is that inflation is bad even when it doesn't outstrip wage growth. It's a corruption of the economic data stream, a virus.
Inflation further divorces money from value, which makes it harder for average workers and consumers to compare the value of goods to make intelligent purchases and investments. It's like your cable modem suddenly downshifting to dial-up speed due to a corrupted signal.
This is most obvious in hyperinflationary socialist hellholes like Venezuela or Zimbabwe, where people simply ignore the currency because it's useless for measuring value. Venezuela just lopped five zeroes off its currency because money totals no longer fit into spreadsheets.
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11 Oct
DNC Media will spend the next year telling you that you were evil and selfish for liking what you had under the Trump economy, and learning to live with less is the height of virtue. Resisting decline will be framed as rapacious greed.
If the Dems get wiped out in the midterms, the messaging might shift - but if they don't, the full-court press to bully and gaslight you into accepting decline will continue and intensify. They'll end up telling you it was selfish to think electricity would be available 24/7.
This kind of messaging is constant - we're ALWAYS getting lectures that the Little People are selfish for desiring pleasures and benefits that should be reserved for the socialist elite. But it's intensifying sharply as Biden craters. It's going to be EVERYWHERE.
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6 Oct
I've never understood the argument that Dems will hesitate to amass or abuse power because it could be used against THEM after they lose the next election.

Passive conservatives and the GOP Establishment spend every day loudly promising they would never do that.
There is no detente, no mutually assured political destruction. Every Dem plotting to abuse power for political gain and play hardball to advance their agenda can read a dozen op-eds a day from passive conservatives promising they would never dream of responding in kind.
Even now, even after everything that's happened, you can see the MUH NORMS MUH PRINCIPUHLS crowd recoiling in disgust from suggestions that the Right should start fighting the way the Left does, even as we teeter on the brink of a socialist and authoritarian abyss.
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5 Oct
"But" is one of the magic words that enables totalitarianism.

"It's wrong to harass women BUT if they vote the wrong way it's understandable," for example.

There are no principles, only privileges that can be revoked by the Party at its discretion to control dissidents.
Every totalitarian regime in history has justified its abuses by claiming its victims were Enemies of the People who forfeit the protections of society by choosing to stand against Progress. Every one of them claimed the "righteous" were justified in taking extreme measures.
The weird version of totalitarianism overtaking the U.S. mutated from the "crybully" movement that swept campuses a decade ago. "Oppressed" people supposedly had a right to silence speech that offended them. "Justice" requires using force to correct "the inequities of power."
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1 Oct
The most important task in the wake of the pandemic was to strip down our bloated, overfunded, underperforming, downright dangerous government and return more money, capital, and manpower to the American people. Instead we're getting the opposite.
I wanted Trump to run for re-election on that platform, combined with - and flowing very naturally into - the Return to Normal. I think that would have been a successful campaign, and it could have become the cornerstone of a strong conservative bloc in Congress.
It's still what we need to do, and the conversation we need to have, so hopefully someone picks up the flag and rallies the troops going into the 2022 and 2024 elections. It's about to become a couple trillion dollars harder to restore American strength and freedom, though.
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28 Sep
Joe Biden's War on the Middle Class - the war American socialism must win, before it can advance to the next stage - is a multi-pronged attack. Here are two of the prongs: reducing the economic freedom of the Middle Class and making it more dependent on government.
Believe me, Biden and his handlers have no intention of bungling the War on the Middle Class like they bungled Afghanistan. They will not retreat an inch, not with final victory in sight thanks to the Wuhan coronavirus. American socialism must defeat the middle class to advance.
How do you defeat the middle class of a huge and prosperous nation? Casting them into abject poverty with one massive economic attack doesn't work, because the middle class combines economic AND political strength - it's why socialists hate and fear them so much.
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