Happy to go with this definition of 'transphobia' although I think it should be qualified by 'excessive' in front of dislike. A phobia is after all an extreme fear, and shouldn't be akin to how I feel about for eg. milk chocolate digestive biscuits.
So. Lets now list some of the things that I have said which have caused others to call me 'transphobic' - along with 'hateful bitch', stupid c*nt, rancid te*f' etc etc.
Are any of these transphobic? If yes, please explain why.
1. Sex is real and it matters.
2. Medical transition should not be the first resort for gender dysphoric children and there should be better provision for the care of their mental health
3. Women have a right to single sex spaces
4. People may have whatever gender identity they wish as long as they respect the reality of sex and the need for single sex spaces in certain circumstances
5. It is not possible to change your biological sex
6. Biological sex is instantly observable in 99.9% of us
I think Professor Stock would agree with all of that; indeed I am not aware that she says much that is different. Save that she is a lot more 'compassionate' about pronoun use than many.
Nothing on that list is 'transphobic'. Nothing. But let me highlight what is going to happen when you have driven into silence every woman who has these perfectly moderate and reasonable views. Will you then have 'won'?
Nope. You will then be left with the REAL transphobes. The extremist agitators and hate mongers who you claim are our paymasters. You won't be able to cancel or frighten them. They are largely anonymous. They enjoy hurting people.
But by then you won't have any definition of transphobia that makes any sense at all. So good luck.

• • •

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14 Oct
Received confirmation that (I think) complaint #8 against me to my regulator for my conduct on social media has been rejected as
A) my comments were not designed to demean anyone
B) they were not in the context of a 'heated debate'
C) I am not responsible for what others post.
I will of course be keeping a careful record of who has complained against me and on what basis. It may be interesting if I am ever allowed to know the identity of those reporting me to the police.
Of course, if people genuinely feel that my behaviour merits investigation from my regulator or the police, I strongly urge you to make complaint; it is important that 'rogue' professionals are dealt with. I have experienced sadly first hand what happens when they are not.
Read 4 tweets
14 Oct
Reasons to be cheerful Part II.

I am well aware that Twitter is not ‘real life’ but a social media platform that seems to encourage the worst in humanity in terms of abnegation of critical thought and knee jerk reactions to insult and abuse. But it’s still interesting. Image
In my decade on this platform this has been my most popular tweet ever. The response to it, at a rough estimate were 80:20 in favour. Even more interesting, the nature and extent of the abuse was fairly mild. I was mostly stupid or needed to relax. ImageImageImageImage
I only had to block one person who kept insisting I ‘hated’ little boys in dresses. This was a deliberately dishonest statement. Of course this lack of abuse could simply be because over the years I have blocked the worst offenders. But could it be that the tide is turning?
Read 6 tweets
12 Oct
She signed this declaration - as did I. It does not call for ‘trans people to be mandated out of society’. It calls for recognition of the rights of women and for protection of freedom of speech and of children against medical transition. Read it here

womensdeclaration.com/en/ ImageImageImageImage
Nor did the @ALLIANCELGB ever make that assertion. There is never any proof offered for this. It’s just something shocking that’s easy to say. But there is widespread and reasonable concern about just what is meant to be included in the ‘Q+’.
Because we are told that this movement is about ‘acceptance without exception’ ‘I am what I say I am’ and that ‘inclusion’ trumps all, even fairness and safety.
Read 8 tweets
25 Sep
Phew! I was a bit worried that Helen Webberley was only being advised on endocrinology by Susie Green, but it’s ok - she took advice from her husband also.

Who is a gastroenterologist.

Not really the specialism at the cutting edge of dosing 10 year olds with puberty blockers followed by cross sex hormones.
She claims that his experience treating hypogonadism is relevant. Well yes, it involves testosterone. For a male body. Doesn’t seem to be relevant at all for a 12 year old girl.

Read 8 tweets
25 Sep
Sigh. Given that you seem to think a victim is anyone who claims it, I am sure the answer is ‘lots and lots’.

I grow increasingly tired of this. Yes, men are generally more violent and dangerous than women. But that does not mean we abandon the rule of law.
If you were accused of abusing a child, I bet you would want a chance to defend yourself and submit evidence to show the allegation was false. If you were a liar, trying to hide your abuse then it’s just as vital the allegations are tested so the right decisions are made.
The problems with the family courts are NOT that they delight in ‘giving children to abusers’. A significant problem is simply the lack of judges to ensure that finding of fact hearings happen quickly. Waiting months and months IS traumatic I accept.
Read 6 tweets
24 Sep
I have no asked this question four times and received no answer. Look - if your answer is 'because a male's need for validation is considered more important than a woman's right to safety and dignity' then just say so! I won't agree with you, but at least I know your position.
I am struggling to think what other possible answer there can be. We all presumably agree that people have a right to express their identity within the confines of existing civil and criminal law.
We all presumably agree that when different 'identities' compete in the same space and for the same resources, there is potential for tension and a need for monitoring, to ensure that one 'identity' doesn't overwhelm the other.
Read 6 tweets

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