1.) CANADA, there is a HUGE crack in the damn and there will be a flood soon. The TRUTH is coming out. Thanks to Kelly @rubiconcapital_ it is NOW a proven fact mRNA puts young males at a HUGE risk of myocarditis. Pfizer AND Moderna.

What does Ontario do?
2.) Kieran Moore comes out the NEXT day after Kelly exposes myocarditis risk with Moderna and "recommends" Pfizer for second dose.
3.) Last night @rubiconcapital_ releases a graph on Twitter that Pfizer is just as bad.

What will Kieran do now?????
4.) Five Scandinavian countries limit or halt Modern

5.) Southwest Airlines shuts down over Biden's mandates and ATC in Jacksonville Florida strand travelers all over the USA.

6.) David Kurten
The Johnson regime is now threatening school children in desperation to inject them with experimental mRNA that JCVI scientists say they don't need.
It is time for regime change.
7.) Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, Boris Johnson ALL want your children injected with mRNA with mandates. They all use the WEF mantra Build Back Better.

Are you catching on yet?
8.) Gov. Greg Abbott bans government mandates on COVID-19 vaccines regardless of whether they have full FDA approval

Get your boots ready the damn is about to break.


P.S.) Now watch Rick Nicholls talk about his expulsion from the Ford caucus in Ontario for NOT injecting. This will shed more light on the TRUTH.


• • •

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5 Jun
1.) ONTARIO, they are playing you again right NOW right in front of your eyes and you are blind to see it.

So I will open your eyes for you.

Doug did NOT open the schools but gave you all another carrot like golf and tennis and locked you down two more weeks.
2.) He gave you a bigger carrot this time. He is ALLOWING you to have an outside graduation. You all eat it up.

Then he comes out and says he wants to move to step 1 of his third BULLSHIT plan earlier than June 14. That makes him look like a good guy.
3.) Then the very next day cases go up cuz they are manipulating them and Dr. Williams says he is very concerned about the uptick BLAMING them on May 24th weekend. ALL the while they are screwing with the case counts and the PCR. Using old cases that they held back to use now.
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3 Jun
1.) CANADA, ONTARIO, our freedom is gone. Doug Ford put the nail in the coffin yesterday waging war on our children. ALL you adults injecting have given Trudeau and Ford the power. These are ALL EUA. They are using expired doses and mixing and matching. Image
2.) Extending the time frame to get the second dose long past manufacturer trial tests. Gov't has given them full indemnity. Now gov't has instituted an adverse reaction compensation plan. That same plan is funded by you injecting (taxpayer). Image
3.) Because you injecting these concoctions have been so compliant it is now the children's turn, next it will be your babies. Do you not see the insanity in all this? Thanks to YOU we have ALL given up our FREEDOM. This is ALL against our Charter of Rights. Image
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29 May
1.) ONTARIO, in an earlier tweet I asked what you think will happen in the fall when this all goes bad. Got many good thought out replies.

Here is my take on it after listening to your replies.
2.) This fall when the flu season starts even though many think influenza has been eradicated worldwide cuz people are wearing masks (lol). All the fully jabbed will get very ill. Elderly first mainly in LTC. ICU will fill up and we will be full lockdown again.
3.) Panic will set in amongst the jabbed. Once the spike protein goes into overdrive when exposed to the flu people will get sick fill the hospitals and many will not survive. The field Hospital at Sunny Brook was built for the fall not now.
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16 Apr
1/? CANADA, ONTARIO have you all lost your minds? Has reasonable thought gone out the window? Have you been infected with fear? I will try and put the pieces together for you.

First it is PROVEN this virus has a 99+% chance of recovery IF you contract it.
Second it has been PROVEN that masks are NOT effective as a control measure for pathogen viral infection.

Third infection of a pathogen does not lead to disease. Disease occurs when the cells in your body are damaged. You have an immune system.
Lockdowns have never been used before and were not part of ANY countries pandemic response plan b4 C19.

These vaccines are ONLY approved for EUA. Emergency Use Authorization.

mRNA while the technology is not new it has NEVER passed human clinical trails b4 now.
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14 Apr

Conspiracy? I think NOT!

Justin Trudeau, Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, Doug Ford have more in common than you think.

Next Elections

CANADA Oct 2023
USA Nov 2024
UK May 2024
ONTARIO June 2022

Justin, Joe and Boris all use the WEF "Build Back Better"

Justin is now saying vaccines are not enough restrictions are required comparing to UK where tight lockdowns exist.

USA ONLY Democratic states are locked down.
Justin and Joe do not believe in borders and are bringing in millions of immigrants during a pandemic.

Ontario the largest Province has the most stringent lockdowns in North America.

Klaus Schwab founder of WEF says EVERYONE must be vaccinated to be safe.
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10 Apr
1/? Doug Ford's Re Opening Act of Ontario is hypocritical as he has NO intentions of ever OPENING Ontario.

It is time for the citizen's of Ontario to take FREEDOM back themselves and defy the lies and his corrupt policies and laws. The Police are not following their Oath.
2/? Their Oath says "I will uphold the Constitution of CANADA". These Emergency orders do NOT trump the Charter of Rights.

We the people need to take back our RIGHTS and FREEDOM.
3/? The Peoples Act : The Opening Act of Ontario
We do that by:

Stop getting tested if you have no symptoms.
Do NOT inject with mRNA which has NEVER passed clinical trails.
Attend peacefully FREEDOM rallies in your area.
Do NOT live in fear of a virus with a 99+% recovery.
Read 4 tweets

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